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Year 7 News - 10th March 2017

09 March 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 7

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Year 7 Newsletter – 10th March 2017

We seem to have left the cold weather behind us now as we head into the final stretch of the second term. The weather has seen the student’s race off onto the field at break times ready to burn off their excess energy. Whilst the warm weather beckons I must remind you that the winter uniform is still ongoing and to encourage our youngsters to always be impeccably dressed for school.

The Careers Fair has been going on in school this week with all students signed up to see at least one event.

  • Wednesday 8th March – Acting (good for anyone interested in Performing Arts, Music, entertainment, public speaking)
  • Thursday 9th March – Engineering (for those interested in practical work, jobs with Physics and Maths)
  • Friday 10th March – Dentistry (could also apply to those interested in Medicine)

And next week the fairs are:

  • Monday 13th March – Human Resources (for strategic work within Business, also looks at CV and Career Planning)
  • Tuesday 14th March – Hospitality (service- oriented work in hotels, business or customer service)

Students have started their second assessment cycle this week which continues on through to next week too. I have attached a useful revision guide which may help you help your child at home if they are struggling with any aspect of how or what to revise. There are many tips which are transferable across the subjects.

Don’t forget that Shakespeare week starts on Monday 20th March culminating with a student dress up day on Friday 24th March, where the students can come to school dressed as one of Shakespeare's famous characters, or even as William Shakespeare himself. Possible characters could include: Romeo, Juliet, Macbeth, King Lear, Julius Caesar as well as many others!


Well done to the following students for achieving their milestones in housepoints. This shows just how much work you are doing in class and at home and you should be commended for your efforts.

50 Housepoints [Bronze]

  • Zainab Rizvi
  • Sasiresh Venkata Subramanian
  • Alexander Hansen

100 Housepoints [Silver]

  • Phoebe McLuskie
  • Tanya Wu
  • Lindsey Ren

150 Housepoints [Gold]

  • James Cartwright

Messages from Staff

Higher Education

It’s never too early to prepare for this, please see this message from Mrs. Watson:

Wednesday 15th March is the day for the Higher Education Fair with over seventy stalls from universities, to summer programs to SAT preparation.  All Secondary students will be given the opportunity to browse the stalls and speak to admissions tutors and parents are welcome to join us at any point between 13.30 and 16.00.  Come along to Sports Hall B, there promises to be a great buzz and a warm welcome.

Global Campus – Illustrator

We are designing a new, student-friendly safeguarding booklet and would like to provide Nord Anglia students with the chance to illustrate various aspects of this booklet. Please see below for additional details on this wonderful opportunity.

Opportunity for Students 

  • Open to any Nord Anglia student of any age
  • Students will be able to add this publication to their portfolio, and will be cited as the illustrator of the publication
  • The publication itself will be distributed to students across all Nord Anglia schools


  • Chosen student must agree to drawing all illustrations as specified in the “Requirements” section
  • Chosen student must also agree to respond to feedback from the Education team, which could include editing or re-drawing certain illustrations


  • 10 illustrations total (8 pages of the booklet will need to be illustrated, including the front and back covers)
  • The book will be A5 sized (148mm x 210mm)
  • We will need Mei Li Li and Norman Jupiter drawn in a variety of forms (i.e. together and individually) and with a variety of attitudes, including:
    • Worried/concerned
    • Angry
    • Happy
    • Smug
    • Interested
    • Confused

Submission Instructions

  • Students are to illustrate a cover image and one example of any other attitude listed above
  • Students will be required to give their illustrations to their respective art teacher.


  • Students must submit their illustrations (cover illustration + example of an attitude) by Friday, 15 April, 2017

View from the Classroom

Mr. Bailey – School Production

As we draw ever closer to opening night the pupils are really starting to get into each of their roles. Into the Woods is not an easy show to pull off and we are so impressed with how our pupils have really pushed themselves, taken on board the advice, instruction and feedback and improved rehearsal by rehearsal. We are now able to run the complete show and really focus and knitting the Orchestra and singers together. The picture shows the Step Sisters and Cinderella. Tickets are sold out for the last night with limited numbers now available on the other three nights, please get them quickly!

Mrs. Proctor who teaches DT has shared some fantastic examples of homework from our year group. They were asked to do a visually interesting step by step guide on how to make their note holders. Pinky, Jisu, Phoebe, Juliette, Yoko, James, Lilian and Ben produced some of the highlights in the year group. Great job!

Mr. Keenan shared with us a photo of the year 7 volleyball team from 1st March. Unfortunately they lost against SAS Pudong but it was still valuable experience for the boys.

Mr Guiney sent a photo of Louise He from 7C doing a book report. Please see the attached document. Well done Louise.

He also has published a movie clip which can be found here - The Black Death killed around 200 million people in Europe peaking in the Fourteenth Century. I carried out this plenary with my Year 7 class here in Shanghai to consolidate their knowledge of some of the key causes, events, and consequences of this historical event. It’s really just a contemporary form of the age-old 'freeze-frame' activity favoured by many English teachers but one which was popular with students once given a historical twist.

Ms. Gan said that two groups collaboratively finished Mandarin homework. First group noticed the common parts in different characters and concert different topics; whilst the second group presented the common characters in different expressions in sports.

Ms. Sparkes

My girls have been learning about circuit training in fitness and then designed their own personal circuits which focused on specific components of fitness. Check out how bendy some of the girls are on the photo!

Mr. Thomas

7C have made gargoyles from Papier-Mache which they have then painted. The work they have produced is outstanding and will be displayed around the school shortly.

Student Reporters

7B had their turn at writing a student report, thank you for sharing your classroom experiences.

Emma Lubrano – Science

See Emma’s amazing report with photos on the attached document – Thanks Emma.

Kaiyao Jiang - Mandarin

In the native speaking classes we did mini preparation, mini games, like multiple choice ABC questions. It was very fun and interesting. I especially liked writing a short story with the techniques that we have learnt. I did mine on my Chinese New Year holiday as we went ski-ing and I kept doing the splits. Grace did really well with her story writing and is even better than some of the local students. In our team competition games our team won which was Kathy, Elmer, Louise, Lenard and I. I was so happy.

Risa Imamura – French

This week in French, we have learned about different types of books and two important groups of regular verbs. After we mastered all of book’s name and regular verbs, we started to solve the question based on what we have learned on an electronic book. The activity that I enjoyed most was to find the caption for each book. It was very challenging and fun!

Amelie Zou – Guidance

Today we did Guidance; we learnt what budgeting means and how to be organized with your money. We made a chart; the chart was about if we had 100 rmb what would we spend it on? I chose to save it. Some people chose to spend it on candy and others on clothes and other things they liked. Then Mr. Howell played a song and at the end of the song we had to say some things our parents have to pay for e.g.

  • Bills
  • Taxes
  • Car
  • Insurance

And many more, after that we looked at 2 people that needed to buy things and we had to help them choose the things they only need. We looked at the price and payed as little as possible.

To conclude, in this guidance I learnt how to organize my pocket money and this lesson has taught me a lot on what things adults need to pay for, also if the thing you want isn't what you need then you have to save it. I enjoyed this lesson very much.

Ben Van der Putten - Geography

In Geography we are learning about Earthquakes – how they are made as well as volcanoes and mountains. We watched a video of what happened to cities in Japan that are sitting on a tectonic plate and all the damage that happened as well as the deaths that were causes. We have also looked at how they will improve the quality of the buildings to survive earthquakes in the future. Overall, it is a brilliant topic to learn about.

Elly Embley – English

In the last few English classes we have been preparing for our English test. Our English test is on the poem “The Kraken” and we have to write about the different techniques the writer used and how it can be used like personification which means when we describe an inanimate object with human actions or emotions. We have also been earning how to use a PEE paragraph which stands for Point, Evidence, and Explain. Every lesson we are given 10 minutes for reading. In return for all the hard work we do, every now and then we get given a treat; one of us is allowed to bring in something homemade like a cake.

Coming up in the next newsletter will have student reporters from 7C. We look forward to reading their highlights.

Into the Woods

NAIS Pudong production this year is Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. This year celebrating its 30th anniversary, “Into the Woods” is widely considered as one of the greatest musicals ever written. The performance involves students from Year 5 all the way up to Year 13 and is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a musical format that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Prince Valiant and Prince Charming- all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their request for items to rid them of a curse put upon them by a witch. The plot takes these well-known characters through twists and turns, to happily ever after and beyond….

Tickets NOW on Sale!

Red Carpet Event 27th March - 7pm

Adult 150RMB Child 100RMB            (ticket price includes 1 drink upon arrival and canapes)

Tuesday 28th &  Wednesday 29th

Adult 80RMB Child 50RMB                Refreshments will be on sale each night.

Please Note:

• Adult ticket - Year 12 and Year 13 plus anyone over 18 years

• A children’s ticket is necessary for each child who attends the performance and children must be accompanied by an adult

• The Red Carpet Event on Monday 27th March is open to students from Year 3 or 8 years of age

• Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first in first served basis

Upcoming dates are:

6th Mar – 17th Mar – Secondary Assessment Cycle 2

20th Mar – 24th Mar - School photos

27th Mar – 30th Mar – Into the Woods School Production

31st Mar – Last day of Term 2

With best wishes,

Paula Alderson

Year 7 Leader