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From our Community Group

14 April 2017

The Week Ahead: Monday 10th – Sunday 16th April 
A very warm welcome back to everyone! We hope you had a fun and relaxing break. We have an exciting and busy third term coming up. We hope you are all ready and willing to participate in some great events! 

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Coming up....

Curry and Quiz Night – Saturday 22nd April from 6pm

We would like to invite you all to our third Casual Night of the year. Please join us for a Curry and Quiz. For those of you who don’t know, the Quiz is not an official test set by school for parents to is a relaxed, enjoyable evening where you sit at a table with a group of people and answer a bunch of general knowledge questions. The questions could range from anything to do with ‘music in the 80’s’ to ‘who was the first person to climb Mt Everest’. Just anything really. But the most important thing about a Quiz is that it’s FUN!!!!

It is hosted by a Quizmaster who leads us through the questions. This time it will be our very own Mike Embley (Regional Director for Nord Anglia). We also have everyone’s favourite Curry chef, Payal Thakurani, to come in and sell us some of her delicious delights. This is not included in the price, so please don’t forget to bring some money for dinner.

If you would like to join us you can organise your own table, OR you can email us with your name and we will put you on a table. It’s a great way to meet other NAIS parents and make new friends. Tables work as a team to come up with an answer to each question. Each table then submits all their answers and then a winner or loser is determined. is the time to book your table. Following are the details in summary:

  • The Quiz will be at NAIS, C Block, in the Hub (student’s cafeteria) 

  • Doors open at 6pm 

  • Entry fee is 50 RMB per person 

  • Curry can be bought and served from chef Payal....this is not included in the 
entrance fee, so don’t forget to bring some money 

  • The quiz will start around 7:30pm 

  • Bring your own beer/wine/alcohol 

  • Tables can fit 8-10 people 

  • EITHER, organise your own table and email the table name and number of persons on it to us. OR, send us your name(s) and we will assign you to a table. 

  • We are welcoming friends of all NAIS parents, so gather a few to join you on your table 

  • 1st Prize is up for is the Wooden Spoon! 
Now is the time to book your tables!!!!! Email us on or 


International Wills talk – Tuesday 18th April

St James Place will once again be at school on the evening of Tuesday 18th April from 5pm till late offering their presentation on ‘International Wills and Guardianship documentation. It will be led by Asa Candussi Wilkins who is a Director of Phoenix Wills. Asa will provide a basic overview on the need for an International Will and the implications for expatriates with children in China who do not already have one in place. 
This talk will coincide with the Academic Review evening on the same night, in order to accommodate those parents who work and cannot get to school during the day. Wine will be served as you listen to or discuss your questions with the experts. 
If you would like to attend, please send an email to or the Community Group on 

Music on the Field – Sunday 7th May 12-4pm

This year we are introducing something new....on Sunday 7th May, we are hosting our first ‘Music on the Field’ for secondary children. We would like to welcome them along for an afternoon of dancing and fun. 
More details to follow later, but for now we are looking for parent volunteers to chaperone this event. If you can help out for an hour or more, please email us on 

Dads and Kids Campout – Saturday 13th May

One of the most popular events on the school calendar...the kids...with Dads....camping. 
Sounds like a perfect evening out for the Mums!!!! 
Details of this event will follow later, but for now, you Dads need to start thinking about tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and how you will cook the perfect bacon sarnie for the kids in the morning. 

Summer Fair – Saturday 10th June, 11am-4pm

The kids favourite...the Summer Fair. This year the theme is ‘Fun in the Sun’. Wear your 
boardshorts and t-shirts along to the Fair and get ready to have some fun. 
As always though, we can’t bring big events like this to the school without your help. If you can volunteer for even an hour on the day, please email us on Any time you can give would be very much appreciated. 
We would also love to hear from the parents of NAIS who have their own companies or businesses and would like to bring them to the Summer Fair. We will have a long ‘Shop till you drop’ Street, so please contact us for details and discounted table rates. 

From our parents....

CoResolve Parenting Course – Wednesday 3rd, 10th and 17th May, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that the CoResolve Parenting course will be running again this term. The course is run by one of our own NAIS parents, Belamie Peddle.

Belamie is a trained professional in the CoResolve parenting style and techniques. The main focus of the program is to increase your capacity to feel empowered and more capable as a parent by offering practical tools for working with those that mean the most to you, your family.

The course will be held at School over three consecutive Wednesdays from 10:30-2:30pm (venue to be confirmed). The cost is 1300 RMB for all 3 sessions. A light lunch and snacks are included in the price. The sessions will cover the following:

  • Session 1: Improving daily communication in the householdàcreating less stressful and more rewarding interactions 

  • Session 2: Decision-making à how to make decisions so the whole family feels heard 

  • Session 3: Conflict resolutionàhow to resolve differences of opinion (between 
parents and children/siblings/spouses) 
If you would like further details, please email Belamie on as soon as possible. 

All the third term events for your calendar....

  • Curry and Quiz Night for Parents and Teachers – Saturday 22nd April, 2017 

  • Secondary Music Festival – Sunday 7th May, 2017 

  • Dads and Kids Camp Out – Saturday 13th May, 2017 

  • FOBISIA Y5 and Y6 – Thursday 17th – Saturday 20th May, 2017 

  • Summer Fun Day – 10th June, 2017


We look forward to seeing you all soon at the planned events. 


Leanne Nigro

Community Group Chair


每周通讯中文版410日周一- 416日周日 

CoResolve 教养之道课程 – 2017 5 3 日,10 日,17 日周三

我们非常高兴我们将再次举行 CoResolve 讲座。这个课程由我们 NAIS 家长中的一员 Belamie Peddle 主讲。Belamie 经过专业的 CoResolve 系统培训。这个课程将提供你很多实用的工 具,使你能在更有效地应对家中许多重要的事情。

这个课程将持续三周的周三举行,时间 10:30-2:30,地点 NAIS 浦东校区 HIVE.费用三次全 部为 RMB1,300。费用中会包括一顿简单午餐和小食。三次课程内容见下:

第一次:提高家中的日常沟通- 创造轻松有益的互动 第二次: 做决定- 如何做让全家所有成员都感受到参与的决定 第三次: 解决冲突 如何解决不同的意见

如果你想要了解更多信息,请向 Belamie 了解课程下周开始。

• 咖喱和智力竞赛之夜--422日周六晚上6:00

我们邀请大家来参加我们的第三次的休闲之夜。咖喱和智力竞赛之夜,由我们学校地区 总监 Mike Embley 主持,还有大家都喜欢的咖喱大厨 Payal Thakurani.

1. 活动将在学校 C 楼,in the Hub (学生咖啡馆)
2. 开放时间 6:00 开始
3. 50/每人
4. 现场可以购买咖喱...但这不包含在门票里,请准备现金 5. 活动 7:30 开始
6. 请自备酒和饮料
7. 每桌可容纳 8-10 人
8. 组织你的桌子,请将名字和人数邮件我们
9. 我们也欢迎所有的校外朋友们参加!
10. 无论奖项,大家都会度过一个愉快的晚上!

如果你有兴趣参加,并预订桌子,请邮件 或

• 国际遗嘱讲座-- 418日周二

St. James Place 又特别为我们学校的家长在 4 月 18 日周二晚上 5:00 开始带来了关于 国际遗嘱的讲座。主讲人 Phoenix Wills 的总监 Asa Candussi Wilkins. Asa 将提供一些 关于国际遗嘱的基本概述,也可以为在中国有孩子的外籍人士提供参考。

这个讲座将安排在和家长会同一晚上。这样方便了白天不能够来学校的家长们。有小食 和红酒款待, 讲座结束后家长们还可以有时间提问和互相交流。

如果你有兴趣参加这次活动,请邮件 Miguel on or The Community Group on:

  • 音乐节– 57日周日下午
5 7 日,我们将举行全新的音乐节,我们将为我们的高年级学生举行第一次音乐节。我 们欢迎他们一起度过一个狂欢狂舞的下午。 将有更多信息在最近公布,我们也在期待有更多的家长志愿者来协助监护这次活动。如 果你愿意帮忙一个小时或更多,请与我们联系。The Community Group

  • 父女/父子露营活动– 513日周六 这可一直是我们最受欢迎的活动,孩子,爸爸,....露营。听上去妈妈也可以有个完美的 
具体的信息将在最近公布,就现在,爸爸们可以开始考虑帐篷,睡袋,床垫和你将准备 怎样的早餐了! 

  • 夏日狂欢节– 610日早上11-下午4点 这是孩子们最爱的活动了!!夏日狂欢节! 今年的主题是 “Fun in the Sun”. 穿上你的 
就像所有的活动一样, 我们需要您的帮助! 如果您能在那天帮忙,哪怕只有一个小时,对 我们来说也非常重要!请邮件:The Community Group


如果您有自己的公司或生意,想要加入我们的夏日狂欢节活动,请联系我们得到具体的 信息和优惠摊位。

下面是一些即将到来的活动,敬请关注..... 第三学期所有精彩的活动。我们仍在寻找帮助夏日节的志愿者,如果您有时间,请联系。我们感谢您的支持!

       -  咖喱和智力竞赛之夜 – 4 22 日周六 

       -  Secondary 音乐节 —— 5 7 日周日 

       -  爸爸孩子露营---2017513日周六 

       -  FOBISIA Y5 & Y6 – 517日周四至520日周六 

       -  夏日狂欢节--- 2017610日 
中文联系:Christine HU Liang 胡惠清 (微信号:christine_hu_liang) 
Leanne Nigro Community Group Chair