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Year 10 News - 28th April 2017

28 April 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 10

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Since I last wrote to you there has been a range of trips and sporting success to talk about. As ever the IA is reaching a new stage as pupils are finalizing aspects to send off. Meanwhile there have been Geography and History events and the year group achieved much success in sports.

International Award

Many pupils have now finished their 3 and 6 month activities. However there are some vital administrative tasks that need to be completed before we can send off for the award. Firstly all the students’ details need to be updated on the Online Record Book. Once these have reached 100% participants need to print off the documents to be signed by those who were leading their skill, service and physical recreation tasks. Once we have this then their assessors can sign off their completion and we can look to upload the details to be checked by a group within the International Award. We anticipate that it will take a number of weeks for the London HQ to approve their awards and when this is complete we will receive the certificates. It should be noted that those pupils who joined NAIS later in the year will get their award later than the rest of the group. This also goes for any pupils who have missed weeks of their skill, service or physical recreation. We will of course support any such students and ensure that they can receive their award.

As part of the award the students had been continuing to work in their adventurous journey groups in order to present their findings from the purpose of the journey. Each group had a few weeks to prepare and all produced an impressive array of presentations. It was great to see them collaborate and manage to reflect on their groups strengths and weaknesses. Overall it was clear that they had learnt both practical skills and by having a focus on their journey many learnt some interesting facts to do with plants and other aspects of nature in the Moganshan area!

Many have also been asking about taking part in the Silver Award next year. There will be some information to share about this in the coming month but it is pleasing to see many of the students realise what an opportunity the Award can bring them.

Academic trips

In addition to the learning in the classroom some of our students had the chance to take part in leaning outside the classroom. In Geography there was a day trip around Shanghai to work on collecting data in order to analyse back in the classroom. Luckily enough the Geographers managed to avoid the morning downpour to have a fun day recording around one of the world’s most iconic cities.

Meanwhile some of our keen historians took part in the History Bowl in Shanghai on Sunday 16th April. Mr Guiney led several teams to take part in the event and thanks to Alistair Wong, Niranjan Rajesh and Aaron Yong we were able to have a team of Year 10s. It was great to see the boys take an active part and what was equally pleasing is that the History Bowl CCA began at the start of the year due to the interest of Year 10 pupils. As such it became a popular choice with many of the Year 10 boys choosing it as their skill. 

Exam focus

Recently we had our final ARE of the year. The next two months will be vital for our students to build on the feedback that they have been given. It is worth remembering that we are only a year away from exams so the students should be working on addressing any of their weaknesses. Many have now started arranging extra help sessions in their weaker subjects which can only help them bridge any gaps in their knowledge.

Meanwhile others have already begun their exams early. Tommaso Carnelli and Riccardo Perone began their Italian IGCSE exams last week. Though they were confident that the speaking exam went well they know that the upcoming writing exam may prove slightly more challenging! Good luck to the boys and to others who are taking part in the language exams.

Sporting success

The past two weeks has seen much sporting success for our footballers. Both the boys and girls under 19 teams have won their league, closing Shanghai tournaments and most recently ACAMIS. A number of the year group represented the Tigers in Beijing to complete the unprecedented treble. For the boys we had Thomas Wallace, George Magee, Till Scholten and Martin Marchant. Meanwhile for the girls we had Julia Jobst representing Year 10. According to their coaches all played fantastically well with Thomas Wallace making the tournament team and Julia braving all her injuries to be the star player for the girls. 

It was fitting that the NAIS Sports Awards were on the Monday after their return from Beijing. Here lots of the year group received their prizes for their contribution towards their respective teams. They should be particularly proud when you consider that at most of their events they are competing with sportspeople 3 or more years older than them.

Special mention should go to all those that were represented including:

Thomas Wallace

Till Scholten

George Magee

Martin Marchant Maranon

Riccardo Perone

Aaron Yong

Jarod Lee

Julia Jobst

Abby Cartwright

Vanessa Oyuchi

Nian Er

Cheery Mei

Hannah Scott

Amelia Haynes

Tommaso Carnelli

Aoki Yamada

In particular a number of the students won individual recognition such as Tommaso Carnelli (Volleyball); Aaron Yong, Hannah Scott, Riccardo Perone (all swimming); Julia Jobst, George Magee (both football) and Victoria Deschamps (Netball). Well done for some top performances!

Riccardo Perone was also on the shortlist for the Sportsman of the Year which was a fantastic achievement. Well done Riccardo!

House events

As always there has been regular opportunity for students to earn housepoints. Till Scholten did well in the Humanities photo competition whilst this week there was a real buzz around school for the House Choir event.

Community group

On Sunday 7th May there is an event created by the Community Group for all secondary pupils. The music on the field event runs from 12-4pm and will provide music and the availability to buy food and drinks. Hopefully the great weather can continue to help make it a fun day!

Student Reporters

As part of the end of the International Award I am getting the students to reflect on certain aspects of the Award. This week the students are taking about the physical recreation that they chose.

For the Bronze International Award, I did basketball for the physical recreation section because I liked basketball very much. I mostly wanted to do it to improve my basketball skills. I did basketball both inside of school and classes outside of school. This is a 3 months activity and I did it after school and on weekends. I have finished the activity and I improved my dribbling skills and three points ball skills. I will continue to play basketball since I enjoyed it so much and I want to improve my skills even further. Overall it was successful and I enjoyed being able to take part in one of my favourite sports.

Ken Yu

I choose to do table tennis for physical activity because I am interested on it. It was a CCA so the activity was after school in the sport hall. I finished it with the term of school, it was a three months element. My table tennis was not well before I came to this CCA.  I usually serve the ball by using incorrect power and direct, it was hard to control. Then I can control the ball and let it serve to the right way or hit it back now. I learnt lots of skills and I can play it better by this activity. Although I can play table tennis greater than before, I think I will still doing table tennis to improve my skills.

Carrie Hsu

For my physical activity for the qualification of the International Award I chose to do football as my major doing it for six months every week at school and now after completing the two seasons of football the school football came to a close with a treble to our names. From the constant football sessions I have improved my composure on the ball and developed my ability of defending in difficult situations for example 3vs1. Even though the school football has finished I will continue to play football in my free time whenever the chance as well as make progress with my club outside of school and enhance my skills even more so that I can prepare for the season ahead.

Thomas Wallace

For the international award I chose to join the football school team.  I made this choice because I wanted to improve my football skills and also I thought this way was the best to get to know more friends (since this is my first year in NAIS Pudong).  I developed my physical recreation in school and I started in December.  I chose the physical activity as my three month element.  I have already finished my physical activity and I learnt that one of the most important elements to success is the communication and team work.  I would like to continue the practice of this activity through the following years.  The football season is over now but I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

Martin Marchant

I chose dance for my physical activity. I was interested in dancing since I was 12-years-old. I thought International Awards would be a great opportunity to carry out my dream. To help me I registered at the dance studio in Hong Quan Road. I take part in this on Saturdays and it has been my 3 month element. This has meant that I have now finished my activity. The regular sessions has allowed me to work on my basic steps which are required for advanced dancing. It has allowed me to complete 3 dance songs. I enjoyed it so much that I will continue to do dance lessons every Saturday as it is something that I really enjoy.

Yoona Jeong