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From our Community Group

The Week Ahead: Monday 16th – 21st May


First and foremost, we would like to wish those students preparing for and sitting exams in the coming weeks the best of luck. The school community is behind you and wishing you all well.


In this Issue….

  • Dads and Kids Campout – Saturday 13th May
  • Muffins with Mums – Wednesday 24th May (IMPORTANT: link to online form attached below)
  • Summer Fun Day – Saturday 10th June
  • Leavers Lunch – Tuesday 13th June
  • Lost and Found – Rules


Coming up….

  • Dads and Kids Campout – Saturday 13th May

With only one day to go, we are all excited about this event. If you haven’t sent in a registration form, it’s not too late. You can do it now, or you can just turn up tomorrow and we will register you. Here is a quick run through of the details in case you did not receive any. The campout will be held on school grounds. Registration starts at 3pm. Dads are required to bring tents and any camping equipment needed for the overnight stay. There will be food vendors on site for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Children’s activities have been planned from 4pm onwards. Dads are responsible for the children they bring with them AT ALL TIMES.

We hope you enjoy the event and the children have a lot of fun.

  • Muffins with Mums – Wednesday 24th May – 8:30am in the HUB

Mums…with everything else going on this term, it is easy to forget to register, but please try and do so. It really helps with ordering if we have a good idea how many Mums will come along. Please complete the online form here by 19th May.

  • Summer Fair – Saturday 10th June, 11am-4pm

This year, there will be a small fee per child (100RMB) to attend the Summer Fair. We will be sending out an online order form next week for you to complete so we can send the entry wristbands out to you before the big day.


Important things to remember:

  1. Tombola - a letter was sent out to secondary children and their parents asking for prize donations for the Tombola. Items such as fancy foodstuffs, boxes of chocolates, toiletries or unwanted gifts of any value would be greatly appreciated. Please send into Therese Andrews, Deputy Head of Secondary, Room C204.
  2. Used books collection – any used books, in reasonable condition, which you wish to donate to be sold, should be sent in with your children to drop off at Main Reception as soon as possible.
  3. We would be very grateful if you could help us with volunteering on the day. Even an hour of your time would be much appreciated. Please email Sarah on if you are able to help.


So far, we have secured several amazing sponsors who continually support the school and our Summer Fun Day. We would like to say a big thank you to the following:


Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

  • PureSmile Orthodontics & Dentistry
  • Heineken
  • Marriott Hotel Pudong East
  • JJ-Max Event Planner
  • DTL Furniture
  • Multisport
  • Insight Adventures
  • Naked Retreat
  • Renaud Air
  • St James Place


  • Country Holidays



  • DDI Leisure



  • Shanghai Town and Country Club



  • Kerry Hotel Pudong



  • Leavers Lunch – Tuesday 13th June – 11:30am-2pm

This year we are offering our leavers the chance to have a lovely meal in a restaurant to celebrate their time in Shanghai and look forward to pastures greener. The venue is ‘M on the Bund’.

We will send out a form to complete if you would like to join us in the near future. Payment will be needed in advance, via main reception at the school.Further details will follow shortly, so please keep an eye out for these.


Week in Review…

  • Donuts with Dads...such a lovely morning and such a great turnout from the Dads. Thank you all for making the effort to visit school and have a donut (or three) with your children. I’m not sure the teachers were thanking everyone so much after having to deal with the sugar rush afterwards!

Lost & Found…

  • In the spirit of upcoming STEAM DAY'S topic - Recycling, we are kindly asking parents to inform Lost & Found team about all unwanted clothing items or accessories from the Lost & Found area, they wish to be recycled. It can be done either through NAIS Lost & Found WeChat group or by sending an email at

Please find following the new ‘Rules’ in regard to the Lost and Found area. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who are working super hard to ensure the Lost and Found items find their rightful owners and that the area stays tidy. They give up their time to go to school every week to sort the items out, list them all and send the details out on wechat to us all (please see QR code below to join the group). We ask that you help by making sure you let them know when you or your child has collected an item (there is a list on the wall in the Lost & Found area for items to be marked off when the owner claims them). Please be respectful of the process and try as far as possible to pick-up items that your child has misplaced.



  1. Lost and Found (L&F) is located next to the Main Reception at school. If you cannot find it, please ask the receptionist.
  2. All lost items, including non-uniform articles, are placed in the 3 light blue boxes in the L&F area on a daily basis.
  3. Lost school uniforms and P.E. kits will be listed and updated on Mondays by the L&F Team.
  4. The updated list of lost items will be posted on both the L&F WeChat group and stuck to the wall in the L&F area each Monday.
  5. Photos of non-uniform items will be posted on the L&F WeChat group each Monday.
  6. Only school staff or a member of the L&F Team can return claimed items to a person picking up their lost item.
  7. Anyone can claim their L&F items any day of the week, but must:
    • ask for assistance from the person at Main Reception, a teacher or a member of the L&F Team
    • check the list and cross off any items collected;
    • note the name and class of the person claiming the item on the list
  8. Sorted and listed items will be hung on the rack or placed in boxes which should be searched through only during handover (as per the procedure in point 6 above) in order to keep clear records of all returned items.
  9. All items not claimed within six months of the school year will be sold. Details of these sales will be posted in the school newsletter.
  10. All money collected through the school sales will be given to the Community Group fund for charity.
  11. All items that are not sold in the sale will be donated to charity or recycled.
  12. P.E. kits in the L&F area may be loaned to students who have forgotten or misplaced theirs on any given day. The P.E. kits which are available for borrowing are labeled and kept in a separate box, clearly marked ‘P.E. Kits for Loan’. P.E. kits that are borrowed should be returned to the same box washed and clean.
  13. You can join NAIS Lost & Found WeChat group by scanning the QR Code below.



We very much appreciate your help and look forward to your continued support.


qr ode



All the third term events for your calendar….


  • Dads and Kids Camp Out – Saturday 13th May, 2017
  • FOBISIA Y5 and Y6 – Thursday 17th – Saturday 20th May, 2017
  • Muffins with Mums – Wednesday 24th May, 2017 (organised by school)
  • Summer Fun Day – 10th June, 2017
  • Leavers Lunch – 13th June, 2017


We look forward to seeing you all soon at the planned events.


Leanne Nigro

Community Group Chair


每周通讯 515-21






  • 爸爸和孩子的露营 – 513日周六 (请在下面找到网上注册链接)
  • 和妈妈一起吃麦芬 – 524 周三(请在下面找到网上注册链接)
  • 夏日狂欢节 – 610 周六
  • 欢送午餐 --- 613 周二
  • 失物招领处规则




  • 爸爸和孩子的露营 – 513日周六

只有一天,活动就要开始了!如果你还没有注册,现在还可以注册。如果您想周六直接参加活动,我们也可以帮您在现场注册。 下面是一些注意事项以防您还没有收到我们发出的具体信息。露营活动在学校举行,下午三点开始注册。爸爸们需携带帐篷和露营过夜所需用品。当天的晚上和次日早晨都将有商家提供晚餐,早餐供您选择。各种孩子们的游戏将从下午4点开始。爸爸们将对自己的孩子付完全的责任!


  • 和妈妈一起吃麦芬 – 524日周三 8:30 HUB



  • 夏日狂欢节 – 610日周六 早上11点到下午4




  1. Tombola 中彩机 我们希望得到高年级的同学的捐助,包括食物,巧克力礼盒,日用品,不需要的礼物等,我们可以用作中彩机的礼品。已经有一封相关的信件发送给高年级的家长。请将捐赠送至Therese Andrews, Deputy Head of Secondary, Room C204.
  2. 二手书籍- 任何良好条件的二手书,如果您愿意捐赠,请交至学校接待处
  1. 当天我们还需要志愿者,如果您可以帮忙,请邮件




Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

  • PureSmile Orthodontics & Dentistry
  • Heineken
  • Marriott Hotel Pudong East
  • JJ-Max Event Planner
  • DTL Furniture
  • Multisport
  • Insight Adventures
  • Naked Retreat
  • Renaud Air
  • St James Place


  • Country Holidays



  • DDI Leisure



  • Shanghai Town and Country Club



  • Kerry Hotel Pudong



  • 欢送午餐 – 6月13日周二 上午11:30-下午2:00

M on the Bund”这家可爱的餐厅为我们的一些朋友送行,庆祝他们在上海度过的美好时光。也没有比这里更合适的拍照留念的地方了。





  • 和爸爸一起吃唐纳滋…孩子和爸爸们都度过了一个美好的早上。我们非常感谢您来到学校并和孩子们一起分享唐纳滋,无论你们是吃了一个还是三个。






  1. 失物招领处 (L&F) 位于学校主接待处旁边,如果找不到,请询问接待处人员。
  2. 每日我们都会将收集到的无人物品,包括非校服类的,放置在失物招领处的3个浅蓝色箱子内。
  3. 每周一,失物招领团队都会更新收集到的校服和体育课校服。
  4. 每周一,更新的失物招领列表将公布在失物招领微信群和失物招领处墙上。
  5. 每周一,非校服类物品也将在微信群公布。
  6. 只有学校员工或者失物招领团队成员可以将失物返还。
  7. 您可以在任何一天领取失物,但请:
  • 找到接待处工作人员,老师或失物招领团队成员
  • 请将您领取的衣服在清单上划去
  • 并注明名字及班级
  1. 所有的失物都将悬挂在架子上,或放置在箱子内。为了保证记录的清晰,请在学校员工或者失物招领的团队协助下寻找 (见第6点)。
  2. 三个月还未被领取的失物将被出售,出售信息将公布在学校通讯上。
  3. 所有出售获得款项将被提交家委会用于慈善目的
  4. 未被售出的物品将被捐赠或回收
  5. 部分体育课服装将被用于出借,可以出借的服装将放置于一个分开的箱子,上面会注明“可出借服装”。使用完毕,请清洗,并放回原处。
  6. 请扫二维码加入失物招领群。


qr ode






  • 爸爸孩子露营 --- 2017513日周六
  • FOBISIA Y5 & Y6 – 517日周四至520日周六
  • 妈妈与麦芬蛋糕 --- 524 周三
  • 夏日狂欢节 --- 2017610
  • 欢送午餐 – 2017613日周二




中文联系:Christine HU Liang  胡惠清 (微信号:christine_hu_liang



Leanne Nigro

Community Group Chair