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Year 10 News - 12th May 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 10

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As we are moving towards the end of term the last two weeks have been an ongoing mix of pupils finishing up their International Award submissions and preparing for end of term practice exams. This newsletter is slightly different for me since I have been off the last week recovering from my cruciate knee ligament surgery. I would like to thank all the students for wishing me well via email during this time. As ever it highlights their great empathy skills in addition to their range of other qualities.

Academic Lessons

In most lessons pupils are starting to prepare for their end of year assessments. Once again this process is designed to help the students to feel comfortable with exam regulations so that next summer becomes a more normal situation for them. The students will go over their exam timetables in guidance and in the next few weeks they should be asking their teachers any questions that they may have with regards to the assessments in that subject. With Year 11 and Year 13 now no longer in lessons it also gives the teachers more time to help any Year 10 students with any knowledge gaps that they may have. I will reiterate this to the year group but it really is the best time to approach teachers should they need to start any extra sessions or require help in their IGCSE courses.

However some classes are still doing fun and interesting activities in order to move through further content. In particular in Science in the last few weeks they have been dissecting hearts and other organs. Please check out Class DoJo for further pictures regarding these lessons.  

I would just like to clarify at this point that Year 10 students will not have Study Leave for their end of year assessments. Students are expected to be in school at all times during the Assessment Cycle.

Sporting Success

Despite the sports awards having taken place a couple of weeks ago our sporting teams have still been working hard towards their end of season. Many have been pushing students in their preparation for next season. In particular the swimming team attended their last swim meet of the season recently. This team contains many strong swimmers from Year 10 and it was pleasing to see many of them end the season so well. Jarod Lee, Nian Er Tan, Aaron Yong and Riccardo Perone all won races with PB times created! A fantastic way to end a successful year of swimming and highlights how worthwhile their hard work has paid off.

End of year events

One of the nice features of the end of year is the yearbook. The students have been working on bringing in pictures and working with their form tutor in creating a suitable representation of their Year. I certainly feel that there have been lots of highlights and am sure that the yearbook will reflect this in a fun creative way.

Another fun way to end any academic year at NAIS is the Summer Fun Day. This will be held on June 10th. There will be more information for the students soon as we look to prepare Year 10 stalls to help the smooth running of this fantastic event.

International Award

The first group of students have begun to get their forms signed, uploaded and sent off to the UK. For those students we are now just waiting for the headquarters of the International Award to approve the Awards which our assessors Mr Keenan and Mr Crozier have signed off. Once this is completed we will be sent their certificate to indicate their Bronze Award. For those that haven’t submitted their forms it is important that this is completed as soon as possible in order to give the process enough time to get their certification from the UK before the end of term.

As with the last few newsletters I have been getting students to reflect on the International Award process. This week I have a few pupils who are writing about their service element. However many students have done some fantastic work in the service sector. A range of CCA’s at school were able to run more effectively due to the hard work of our students. Two such CCA’s – French and the Primary Homework Club really benefited and as such the lead teachers have asked to publically thank their helpers.

Primary French CCA

Rianne Arts, Neha Adinamozhi, Katrina Lo and Cherry Mei have supported the Primary French CCA all year. Louise Way also supported the CCA in term 1. In term 1 they were fantastic at working with small groups and motivating them to learn some French. In term 2 the girls decided to take a more active role and planned many of the CCA sessions themselves. It’s now term 3 and they have taken over completely with occasional assistance from me. Rianne, Neha and Katrina have all at some point prepared the games and worksheets for use in the sessions. They enjoy making their own resources and are incredibly confident leading activities. I teach Rianne, Neha and Katrina IGCSE French this year and it has been an absolute joy to get to work with them in the CCA. I taught Cherry French last year and it has been so much fun to work with her again this year and to know that thanks to the CCA she is still keeping her French alive. Louise really enjoyed learning some French whilst helping out too. I am sure all of the primary students from terms 1, 2 and 3 of the CCA will join me in saying a huge

MERCI!!!!!! to all of these girls.

Mrs Malcolm


Primary Homework Club

Victoria Deschamps, Abigail Cartwright and Hannah Scott approached myself to ask about the possibility of running a homework club in Primary as part of the service section of their International Award. There was a definite need for this amongst the primary students. The idea was that one lunchtime a week, students from Years 4 to 6 would go to the Hive with any homework or classwork they did not understand and the Year 10 girls would assist them.  So following on from an assembly presentation the girls did to introduce the club to primary, the homework club began in October 2016.  It was very successful, running for two lunch-times and attended by students from Years 2 and 3 as well as Years 4 to 6 as planned.  Victoria, Abigail and Hannah helped children with maths, writing, spelling, Mandarin and topic work.  The feedback from the primary students who attended was very positive.  They said the girls were very helpful and also made it fun.  Some students went both days, every week, they enjoyed it so much.  I can’t thank Victoria, Abigail and Hannah enough for their help, friendliness and positivity.  They have been great ambassadors, paving the way for Year 6 and Year 7 students who have volunteered to step into the girls’ shoes to continue to run the homework club started by Victoria, Abigail and Hannah.

Miss Snow


Student reporters

For the service of my International Award I have been helping out in the French CCA (learning basic French to primary years 2- 5). I have been doing the French CCA for over 6 month, however, I didn’t include this in my International Award (I only included 3 months). Neha, Cherry and myself prepare French topics and teach the kids with the help needed from Mrs Malcolm, our French teacher. The reason that I chose this service was that I enjoy helping kids as well as I like French and Mrs Malcolm asked us to help her. I really enjoyed doing this CCA as it helped me recap my own French vocabulary as we did topics I had never done before. It also taught me how to communicate with kids and gave me more confidence to stand in front of the class. Some lessons we play games with the kids linked to the topic choses. A special game we played was ‘jeu de boules’ a typical French game linked to sports the kids really enjoyed. Overall it has been a great experience.

Rianne Arts

For the International Award service I was running a homework club with Abby and Vicky. We would help children from years 3-6 with their homework when they needed it. I did this for 3 months as my physical recreation was my major. I did my service on Thursdays and Fridays at lunchtime in the Hive. I chose this service as I thought I would be able to successfully help the younger students. I have helped children with things such as their English homework, mandarin homework, art homework and topic homework. I have enjoyed working with my team and the younger students while doing this service. I have learnt how to be patient when helping the younger children and have learnt how to explain ideas and help students learn and consolidate different ideas.

Hannah Scott


Myself and Katy decided to help out in the library twice a week during lunchtime. We started with easy tasks like covering books or cutting new foil into squares. As we got to know the library better and knew where all the different books belong we started to return books. After the holidays the bookshelves were all messed up and we had to rearrange them. We also learned how to log new books into the computer. Overall it was a great experience and we learned many new things.

Julia Jobst