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Year 7 News - 12th May 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 7

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Year 7 Newsletter – 12th May 2017

We start this newsletter with a report from Phoebe McLuskie, who went to MIT Boston…

My name is Phoebe and I am one of the lucky students who got to go to MIT. In Boston we did lots of really cool things! On the first day we all went to the MIT museum to see some of the amazing things that the students at MIT had created. It was really cool. We were there for around two hours and then we went to lunch at a bakery called Flour. After that we travelled to a music place called MMMMaven were we DJ’d and made music on a computer. Next we went to a questing place called Boda-Borg. Here you had to go into a room with a door colored either red, black, or green; black being the hardest and green the easiest. You then had to figure out how to escape with no instructions. After we did all the questing we had tacos for dinner and went back to the hotel. On Tuesday we had to go to an MIT sports hall. Here we learned about the science of cannons, archery and fencing. In the fencing workshop we made an electronic scoring system using a gadget called a Makey Makey. In the archery workshop we learned about why an arrow fires and then we made bows and arrows and shot some arrows through some hoola-hoops. In the cannon workshop we made vacuum chambers. We then had a science trivia challenge and went back to the hotel. Wednesday was probably my favourite day as we did a MIT workshop called 2.009. We made carnival games in groups of 10-12, so there was 10 groups, and we had to ideate, model, and test our ideas. We did this for the whole day and then there was an award to the best game and the team who worked best together. On Thursday each group had two workshops, for my group the first one was the reality behind VR. We made up a game for our allocated category. Then we had the Gameblox workshop where we had to create a game in 1 hour. After that we had a chemistry 'magic' show. Next we saw a Marie Curie performance and went back to the hotel. On Friday we had a tour of Harvard University and did some shopping. After that we went to BIS Boston and had a glow in the dark party. On Saturday we travelled back to Shanghai. On this trip I learned that working as a team is way more fun than working alone. I learned part of the periodic table song and lots of thing about science such as that halogens react aggressively with alkalis and I learned a lot about things that elements are used for.

Well I am sure you would agree that Phoebe has made us all incredibly envious of her trip – thanks for sharing Phoebe.

Last week saw us all waving goodbye to the Year 11 students as they embark on their IGCSE examination journey, it made me think of how fast this year has gone. Assessment cycle 3 looms starting May 22nd of which the timetable is below. Many teachers now use Moxtra to upload resources directly for the students to use, please try to see this app on their iPads as it’s a really good tool to help them with their studying.

Here is some advice from our Exams Officer ahead of Assessment Cycle 3:

  • General stationery (for example, black / blue pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, geometry instruments, ruler), in clear plastic bag;
  • Other materials, as required for individual examinations: (for example, an electronic calculator).  If required by the invigilators, any item brought into an examination must be available for inspection. This includes electronic calculators;
  • A bottle of water is allowed into the examination room but it must be in a transparent plastic bottle (no glass bottles or cans) and the label must be removed.

The following is not permitted:

  • Correction fluid / “White-out”
  • Food
  • Soft drinks
  • Mascots or luck charms
  • Mobile Phones
  • MP3 players
  • Watches
  • Wearable technology
  • Pencil cases
  • Wallets

The following rules apply to the use of electronic calculators.

  • Students must not use or store data, programs or applications in their calculators that may assist them in an examination by removing the need to recall facts or formulae that are not provided in the examination materials.
  • Examination questions must not be stored or recorded in the memory of a calculator.
  • During an examination, no attempt must be made to conceal information or programs stored in a calculator.
  • If required by the coordinator/invigilator after an examination, a candidate must provide a list of information and programs stored on the calculator.

Year 7 Assessment Cycle 3 | 22nd May to 9th June


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

Period 6


22 May










23 May








24th May








25th May



Maths P2

Maths P2




26th May





7B Geography

7A Drama

7C Geography



Wednesday 31 May


7B History

7C Drama







Thursday 1 June

7A Music

7A History




7C History


Friday 2 June


7B Drama






7B Music


Monday 5 June

7A Geography






Tuesday 6 June




7A – C101

7B – D101

7C – C110


7A – C101

7B – D101

7C – C110



Wednesday 7 June

7C Music






Thursday 8 June







Friday 9 June




7A – C101

7B – D101

7C – C108


7A – C101

7B – D101

7C – C108



Following this assessment cycle we will have a transition day for the Year 6’s so our Year 7’s will shortly be preparing an assembly in which to present to them. I cannot wait to see them present on the big stage – they will be amazing as they have been all year.

Many of you have now joined our ClassDojo which I am sure you will agree that it’s a great forum for you to see how well your child is doing in class. From now on I will post my pictures of the students on there as we progress to this platform. Please can you ensure that you are part of this process and to email me if you need a new log in code? As always, your feedback is valued.

Our Year 7 students were beaming on Wednesday as they started the day eating donuts with their Dads, then they eagerly raced to form for the form challenge has meant that our students have been eagerly awaiting the morning quiz every Wednesday morning and 7B lost their lead this week as 7C ploughed into the lead for 1st place with the “Toothpick Challenge”.

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page as there are so many stories and superb photos on there…

And finally a warm welcome to our new student – Hala Abolayah - who joins us with her 3 sisters. Welcome to the NAIS family Hala.

Message from Parent Committee:

Dads and Kids Campout – Saturday 13th May

There will be Food Vendors on-site both in the evening and the morning for the Dads to purchase food. Multisport will also be joining us to lead some activities and games for the kids. There will be a couple of movies showing as well. And then, of course, there will be lots of time for Dads and Kids to hang out and enjoy camping. Following is a suggested list of items that the Dads might like to bring along to the Campout:

  • Tent
  • Hammer for tent pegs
  • Ground sheet
  • Torch / flashlight


  • Picnic blanket
  • Air mattress / camp bed (plus pump)
  • Cool box
  • Water bottles
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Pillows
  • Camping chairs
  • Additional drinks/snacks


Muffins with Mums – Wednesday 24th May – 8:30am in the HUB

This is a school run initiative to get the Mums into school for a muffin with your kids before school and work start for the day.

Summer Fair – Saturday 10th June, 11am-4pm

This year, there will be a small fee per child (100RMB) to attend the Summer Fair.

Important things to remember:

Tombola - a letter was sent out to secondary children and their parents asking for prize donations for the Tombola. Items such as fancy foodstuffs, boxes of chocolates, toiletries or unwanted gifts of any value would be greatly appreciated. Please send in to Therese Andrews, Deputy Head of Secondary, Room C204.

Used books collection – any used books, in reasonable condition, which you wish to donate to be sold, should be sent in with your children to drop off at Main Reception as soon as possible.

We would be very grateful if you could help us with volunteering on the day. Even an hour of your time is appreciated. Please email Sarah on


Well done to the following students for achieving their milestones in housepoints. This shows just how much work you are doing in class and at home and you should be commended for your efforts.

50 Housepoints [Bronze]

  • Elly Embley
  • Jai Rao

100 Housepoints [Silver]

  • Vaishnavi Ashok
  • Luca Jones

150 Housepoints [Gold]

  • Lindsey Ren

Student Reporters

7C had their turn at writing a student report, thank you for sharing your classroom experiences.

Juliette Le Godec – Maths

In Maths we are learning about Direct Proportion and Inverse Proportion. We have been learning about these for almost a week. What I enjoyed the most was Inverse Proportion in my opinion, but I think most of my class mates preferred Direct Proportion. I like Inverse Proportion because to calculate an answer it's easier and I understand it more than Direct Proportion. Although I like Inverse proportion, Inverse and Direct proportion are quite hard.  For a bit of extra work we also looked at equations of proportion. Equations of proportion are when one is 0 so is the other. Here are some examples of Equations of Proportion:

  • US dollars and RMB
  • Height and shadow
  • cm and inches
  • Weight and mass

These are all direct proportion because when one goes up the other one does too.

Inverse proportion is when one thing gets bigger the other thing gets smaller.

In class we mostly did text book work but we did a lesson where we just used the white boards to see our knowledge of Direct and Inverse Proportion.

Jisu Kim – History

In History this week, we've been preparing a presentation about Marco Polo and we also presented them. Every group presented in a different and creative way. People in our class presented their work on a time line, a giant poster, a power point, a video.

I enjoyed preparing on the presentation because I had fun creating them but also I have learnt a lot of things about Marco Polo that I did not know before. Did you know that Marco Polo only told half of his journey to the people?

I also enjoyed watching the presentations because all of them were presented different and was well prepared.

Louise He – Mandarin

We learnt much in this topic, which is science fiction. We learnt a passage about problems of human cloning in the future, which is called 《门外有敲门声》. Now, we are finishing a passage about a visit to a city in the space. I like this topic, every passage is funny and interesting.

We used our imagination to think in the author's point of view to guess why did he or she write the story like this. We had races on vocabulary. Everything was really fun, I really enjoyed it.

I think I pretty well got all the vocabulary we read through in the passage, and I think I did well reading my reading book, which is homework and class work.

Ryan Long – Geography

We have been learning a lot in geography such as Tsunamis, Volcanoes and volcanic eruptions. Ms Kilpatrick has been a great teacher to learn from and I really think she is a kind person and she is really good at geography. Ms Kilpatrick is telling us new things and helps us bond and get together as a class.

She has answered our questions and loved us as a class.

We watched a video and wrote down where it was? When it was? Why it happened? What did it do? Who did it affect? (We took notes on all of it). We have liked being in her class because she is very helpful.

Kathy Liu – Art

In Art we are creating a sculpture. First we start by drawing our idea down with oils pastels. We use three colours to create the shading. We based our designs on the human body but making it abstract. After creating our drawing we used clay to make our sculpture. It is really fun and at the same time really helpful!

Harry Lin – Science

In Science we have been learning about how to separate mixtures, learning new words like the “sols”. I had lots of fun doing the practical’s for example we separated salt from rock salt, we were allowed to experiment and find out how to do it using the correct method by looking at some equipment and deciding what to do. Then our teacher did a separation of alcohol and water using distillation. But my favourite part was separating the salt as we got to taste it too.

Next time we are back to 7A for their fortnightly classroom update.

Upcoming dates are:

Saturday 13th May – Dads and Kids Campout

Tuesday 23rd May – Stage and Screen Performance; 6.00pm; Auditorium

Wednesday 24th May - Muffins with Mums; The Hub; 8.30am

Friday 26th May – Coffee Morning with Head of Primary and Head of Secondary; Aspretto; 11.00am

Monday 29th May and Tuesday 30th May - School closed

Wednesday 7th June – Coffee Morning with Head of Primary and Head of Secondary; Aspretto; 11.00am

Friday 9th June – CCAs finish today

Saturday 10th June - Summer Fun Day

Friday 23rd June – Last day of School Year; students finish at 12pm

Hope you have a wonderful time camping this weekend Dad’s! Enjoy the relaxation Mums.

Paula Alderson

Year 7 Leader