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Important Information

Nord Anglia Schools response to the current coronavirus outbreak


UPDATED: 29th Feburary 2020 at 6.12pm CST

Once again thank you all for your incredible support during these difficult circumstances.


New survey to complete urgently today for students abroad

We have received an urgent notification from Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) requesting an update of our students’ location if abroad. As you are no doubt aware, the number of countries deemed travel risks are increasing and as such we are required to give an update of the location of each and every member of our community. Please complete this survey with immediate effect and no later than Sunday 1st March 10pm (China time), for each of your children (one form per student).


Ongoing daily survey when changing location

In addition, I want to also take this opportunity to remind you that it is your responsibility to update the survey we sent you on 1st February every time your children change location.


Temperature check once in Shanghai

When in Shanghai, please also ensure you are checking your temperature daily and report (before 9am China time) any instances of fever of 37.3 degrees Celsius or above to Mr. Scrymgeour ( for Primary and to Mrs. Whiteson ( for Secondary students.


Please check your emails to access the links.

Thank you for your support as we work together to ensure the ongoing safety of our community.




UPDATED: 25th Feburary 2020 at 6.12pm CST

Once again thank you all for your incredible support during these difficult circumstances.


As we shared previously the Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) has not yet communicated a confirmed date of return for Shanghai schools. Therefore, we will continue with our current e-Learning provision throughout the month of March. We will inform you as soon as a we have either a tentative or confirmed return date. This may lead to a staggered return of students depending on their age group. As soon as a reopening date is given staff, who are not currently in Shanghai, will be requested to return.


We can confirm that all members of the community must follow a 14-day self-quarantine before returning to school. We will keep you updated as to any changes to quarantine processes as we are mindful that families will return from many locations in and outside Shanghai.


We shared previously the ways in which we will make up lost face-to-face learning time. I wanted to remind you of those plans.


  • Spring Break will be cancelled. This will be scheduled teaching time for all students from Pre-Nursery to Year 13. In recognition that there is a need for balance we will consider extending the May break by one day to allow for a short mid-term break. Confirmation of this will be communicated once a date of return is established.
  • In addition, our plan is to revisit our CCA programme in the first few weeks after we return in order to timetable some P7 teaching alongside our traditional offer.
  • Saturday provision will be put in place. This will be particularly focused on our summer examination groups for whom Saturday intervention will begin as soon as school resumes, and we may factor some other year groups.
  • We do acknowledge that the move to e-Learning has been most challenging for our youngest EYFS students. They require continuous provision in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments as NAIS Pudong offers on a daily basis with its EYFS curriculum, when physically at school. As such we will be offering our EYFS families the ability to engage in a bespoke Early Year’s summer school programme as part of the face-to-face learning make-up provision.


There will of course be additional Summer school opportunities for all other ages covering many of the enrichment areas our students enjoy through the CCA programme, from STEAM to Performing Arts, and Sports. Our own team and outsourced CCA providers are working on an offering you may be interested in.


I also want to reassure parents of students in our summer examination years that we are using all our resources at a local, regional and global levels to establish contingency plans with both the IBO and our GCSE exam boards. The scale of the impact of COVID-19 on thousands of students ensures again that locally, regionally and centrally, we have the ability to make alternative arrangements, which will be communicated in due course. Additionally, our Higher Education Advisor is working through each individual student’s university application ensuring mitigating circumstances are acknowledged.


Once again, I wish to thank you for your continued support. These are truly challenging times, but it is truly inspiring to see the community come together as one to show support. Thank you also to those parents who have been taking time to feedback on ways to enhance our interactions further and additionally for your words of support directly shared with staff.

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


UPDATED: 17th Feburary 2020 at 6.12pm CST

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your incredible support during these difficult circumstances.


Our teachers have been doing a superb job of providing high-quality work and activities for our students to ensure teaching and learning is of the highest standard. Your positive feedback has been very much appreciated. I’d also like to say a big thanks to our administrative and support teams who have been working incredibly hard to offer support and continued communication throughout this whole period.


Working together with our school community, we are looking forward to the time when we will be able to recommence our on-campus learning. As such I wanted to share with you two important updates:


Teachers returning to work – 3 weeks’ notice


Most of our teachers have travelled overseas and need some time to make arrangements to return and to meet self-quarantine requirements directed to school from the local authorities.


I wanted to confirm to you that we will give colleagues three weeks’ notice of any opening date. While we can’t be more specific at this time regarding exactly when this will be, it will allow one week to arrange travel and an additional two weeks to meet the 14-day quarantine which is required for all members of our community.


When the time comes, we will be ready, willing and able to ensure our schools are open and welcome our students back.  Until then, high quality e-learning will continue, and I thank you for your help in making it so successful.


Learning time


I’d also like to set out the ways in which we will look to make up any lost learning time, if required. I want you to know that, while these aren’t confirmed, it will show you the range of options we have at our disposal.


The April holiday will be cancelled, this will be scheduled teaching time for all students from PN-Year 13. In recognition that there needs to be balance we have extended the May break by one day to afford a short mid-term break, therefore school will be closed on both Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May.


In addition, our plan is to revisit our CCA programme in the first few weeks after we return in order to timetable some P7 teaching alongside our traditional offer. We will also look at Saturday provision this will be particularly focused on our summer examination groups where Saturday intervention will begin as soon as school resumes but may factor other year groups in addition.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



UPDATED: 13th Feburary 2020 at 6.28pm CST


I wanted to write to you to keep you apprised of our plans once our schools re-open. 
While virtual classes continue through our e-learning platform, we are also considering a range of options to make up lost learning time when our schools re-open. These options will be partially dependent on the timing of re-opening in the school year but may include a slightly longer school day or year or, in some cases, weekend lessons.
Needless to say, we will continue to keep you informed about school opening dates and provide precise details nearer the time.
For those of our students taking their exams this year we continue to provide as much individualised support as possible in school, and our central education team are liaising closely with the examination boards to make sure that extra consideration can be given to those students across our school network who have been seriously impacted by the Coronavirus situation. We will give the parents concerned full information as and when it becomes available.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


UPDATED: 11th Feburary 2020 at 6.28pm CST

It has been brought to my attention that some messages via email and WeChat purporting to be from myself state that school will not return until May 2020.  Please note that this is not the case and - as per our last official communication - the school remains closed until the end of February under the guidelines of Shanghai Education Commission (SEC).
Please also note that all official school communications will be posted via direct email not through any of our other school platforms.  As always should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Principal.



UPDATED: 7th Feburary 2020 at 6.12pm CST
Given the rapidly changing situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in China, we want to outline our approach to ensuring your child’s education is disrupted as little as possible, while keeping our school communities safe.
Despite a longer duration of school closure than originally anticipated, the provision of e-learning will continue at our school, and our staff and teachers are committed to ensuring this is of the highest quality and matches the normal curriculum as closely as possible. We are also encouraging students to stay connected to their school network through Global Campus.
Our guidance will always follow the recommendations and requirements of all relevant government bodies and health authorities. Please look out for any communications from our school with the latest updates.
Please find here a link to an FAQ document, which we hope provides guidance and reassurances.
Thank you for your support and understanding and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


UPDATE:  1st February 2020 at 6.28pm CST

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have received further requirements from Shanghai Education Council (SEC) requiring parents to inform us of their travel arrangements. Previously we only required notification if your travel or that of your family members was in Hubei Province, however all families must now update.

The information can be captured once but if you then change your travel arrangements it must be updated, and you must continue to do so until your child returns to school.

Please complete this information by clicking the link below or by scanning this QR code.

qr code for travel

Complete the questionnaire here.


It is essential that this information is recorded on receipt of this message



LAST UPDATED: 31st January 2020 at 6.12pm CST

I’d like to thank you all for your continued support during a challenging period for our school community.
As you know we are moving to an environment of e-Learning which takes place remotely when the school was due to open on 3rd February.
As a school leadership team, we are very much committed to providing your child with the highest possible learning experience in the absence of face to face interaction with our teaching staff. Our academic team have sourced a series of online platforms all designed to enhance the curricula we teach in order to provide you with an efficient and high-quality learning experience for your child regardless of age. All resources purchased have been carefully selected by our teachers, who will guide your child through this new way of working until school resumes. Of course, each stage of a child’s learning looks different and you can expect to see a different experience in Primary to Secondary.
To reflect the fact our school community is now working across many different time zones we have reviewed some of our regular communication channels. You will understand that, like many of our parents, many of our staff are not currently in Shanghai but in a variety of different destinations, as such please be assured if you send a member of staff an email they will respond but within a 24 hour period to reflect their location which  may be in a different zone to school.
Key to communication is ensuring we have your correct contact details, please if you are aware you are not getting any emails from school contact Jenson Chu our IT manager on Please also contact Jenson if your child' school email account is not working, they may need this to support the work we set. Often the issue with student emails is an expired password, please then check if you can access with Stu@2020 as the default password
Both Mr. Graham and Mr. Scrymgeour will be in contact on Saturday morning to confirm specific details for Primary and Secondary respectively.
Once again thank you for your support



UPDATE: 28th January 2020 at 6.28pm CST

Following my email yesterday about our plans to provide e-learning opportunities for our students, I am writing to you today about your own travels in January and February.
Many people have asked about a quarantine period if they were to leave Shanghai and return as school is currently scheduled to start, this does not apply unless you have traveled to Hubei province recently.
Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, we have been asked again to submit information to the Local  Education Commission (by the Shanghai Education Committee), for families that have traveled to or from Hubei province recently, or who were in contact with visitors from this region.

Therefore, if you meet these criteria, I would be grateful if you can complete the following questionnaire.  This will help in providing the authorities with the information needed to help to manage the outbreak as effectively as possible. Please do complete even if you have reached out to us already.
You do not need to reply if it does not apply to you, your family, domestic helpers or visitors.

Thank you for your continuing help and support.



LAST UPDATED: 27th January 2020 at 6.12pm CST


I would like to bring you up to date on school plans and the latest information available to us as we respond to the requirements of the Shanghai Education Committee (SEC).

At present, the school is set to re-open to all year groups on Monday 17 February 2020.

From Monday 3rd February until Friday 14 February, staff will be providing E-learning opportunities and work for students to support their continued learning. There will undoubtedly be challenges involved, but we are keen to focus on the learning of students as a priority. We expect students to participate and complete the learning tasks set and welcome your support in helping your child to engage in them.

For primary pupils, Mr. Scrymgeour will communicate how you can access the resources which we will provide your child before the E-Learning experience is due to start. Mr. Graham will communicate all arrangements for our secondary students, which will involve daily work set and careful monitoring of examination groups in Year 11 and 13. It is essential Year 11 and Year 13 complete all work set. Whilst our staff are not required to be in school each day, they will be online to support your child, giving regular feedback and guidance.

We have made contact with the IBO and exam board so they are aware of the circumstances and will work with us should we need to change deadlines. Please be assured our skilled and experienced team will ensure your child is fully prepared and remains on track for their examinations this summer.

We will also need to cancel some trips out of school and some events at the school. We will provide details of these in the weeks ahead, but at this stage, I can confirm that Nord Anglia Regional Events, including our three STEAM Festivals (Beijing & Puxi), Volleyball (Beijing), Global Games (NAIS Pudong); Leadership & Mathematics Festival (Beijing) and the Orchestral & MFL Olympiad (Guangzhou) will all be cancelled. External companies such as BISCAP providers which use school premises will not be able to do so during the week beginning Monday 17 February, so these will not run. The campus will be closed to the school community during this time.

Our operational team will be working to ensure that additional deep cleaning of the school campus takes place so that we are fully prepared to accept students when the school re-opens.



LAST UPDATED: 25th January 2020 at 6.00pm CST

We have received guidance from the SEC that schools within Shanghai should remain closed until the 17th of February due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you updated as frequently as possible.

In the meantime, we will begin to make arrangements regarding continued provision for students, especially those with upcoming examinations.

On Monday we will issue further information regarding all practical arrangements.




LAST UPDATED: 24th January 2020 at 2.00pm CST


You will be aware that China is currently experiencing an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus.

The symptoms of this virus initially resemble the flu. It has been shown to spread from person to person and can be very serious, especially in the very young, very old, or those with weakened immune systems.

I am writing to inform you of the steps we will be taking to minimize the risks to our school communities.

  1. All of our schools are increasing cleaning routines. Since the main mechanism of spread for the virus seems to be through infected surfaces, and transmission via coughing and sneezing (droplets) we will be disinfecting the classrooms twice per day.
  2. UV lamps will be in place in early years’ classrooms overnight to ensure any viruses are destroyed.
  3. We will require children who are ill, for any reason, to remain at home. We cannot quickly distinguish between a fever for other reasons and one that might indicate the virus. Children who arrive at school with a fever will be sent home.
  4. We will be requiring temperature checks for children getting onto the bus. Any child with a fever will not be permitted to board the bus and will be asked to return home. There will be no exceptions to this as the safety of all children must be our chief concern.
  5. During the period of increased risk, we will likely remove some communal play items from playgrounds and prevent children from sharing play equipment. Though this might mean playtimes are somewhat restricted for a time it is an important step.
  6. We will instruct all children on methods to avoid infection, handwashing, not sharing food etc. These instructions will be given by their teachers/tutors at an age-appropriate level.
  7. Some educational visits might be cancelled. This might include sporting fixtures. We would ask for your understanding on this matter.
  8. We will work closely with the Government Health Authorities and will receive daily updates from them.
  9. We would ask parents to refrain from risky travel and behaviour during the holiday period. Although the virus has spread it is still concentrated in the Wuhan area of China. Animal markets and other high-risk areas should be avoided.


Best regards,

Lesley-Ann Wallace