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Primary FOBISIA Codes of Conduct

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Primary FOBISIA Codes of Conduct


Players’ Code of Behaviour

● Be a good sport.

● Play for enjoyment.

● Strive for personal excellence

● Work hard for your team as well as yourself.

● Treat all teammates and opponents as you enjoy being treated yourself.

● Play by the rules.

● Cooperate with team and game officials.

● Control your behaviour on and off the field.

● Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance, and improvement.


Parents’ Code of Behaviour

● Encourage participation by your children.

● Provide a model of good sportsmanship for your child to copy.

● Be courteous in your communication with players, team officials, game officials, and sports 


● Encourage honest effort, skilled performance, and team loyalty.

● Make any new parents feel welcome on all occasions.

● Do not interfere with the conduct of any events.


Spectators’ Code of Behaviour

● Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour.

● Remember children play for enjoyment. Don’t let your behaviour detract from their enjoyment.

● Let game officials conduct events without interference.

● Support skilled performances and team play with generous applause.

● Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters.


Team Members’ Code of Behaviour As a team member

● Compete by the competition conditions and rules.

● Never argue with the Judge’s, Referee’s or Umpire’s decision.

● Control your temper - no criticism by word or gesture.

● Work equally hard for yourself and your team - your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.

● Respect the curfew set by the host school. This will assist your own and your team's performance.

● Be a good sport. Encourage and support your own team members.

● Co-operate with your coach and teammates. Show respect for your opponents and their skills.

● Be friendly to all participants.


As a Guest in Hotels

● Check for any damage to premises on arrival and notify your team official.

● Keep your room tidy - make your own bed, help with chores.

● Do not leave the accommodation area without permission from the team manager.

● Be aware of which teacher is on supervision duty.

● Know where your team officials are staying.


Team Officials’ Code of Behaviour

● Ensure that your behaviour at all times, whether at or away from the playing venue, does not bring the name of "School Sport" into disrepute

● Avoid over-playing the talented players. All players need and deserve appropriate time

● Develop team respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgement of officials and

   opposing coaches

● Compliment participants on their efforts

● Condemn unsporting behaviour

● Ensure that your behaviour is consistent with the principles of good sporting behaviour

● Refrain from criticism of or reaction to the umpire's/referee's judgement and decision

● Maintain a standard of dress appropriate to the presentation of the team

● Refrain from over-zealous coaching from the sideline.

● Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol at any time while in the direct supervision of students.