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Year 9 French Trip

28 March 2017

Today we visited the Shanghai French Concession to learn about the history of the French concession and French culture, also while practising our French language skills.

  • Year 9 French Trip
  • Year 9 French Trip
  • Year 9 French Trip
  • Year 9 French Trip
  • Year 9 French Trip
  • Year 9 French Trip

On the trip, we learnt about the long history of the French concession and the reasons for every little detail of architecture. In this particular photo, there is a ball room that was almost destroyed by the Chinese communists. When it was built, the French actually put springs under the ground to make it softer.
All in all, this trip was amazingly fun and exciting because we got to eat crepes and learnt about the Chinese/French history.
Aujourd'hui, je suis allé au concession Française et on a mangé des crêpes et dès galettes dans la crêperie. C'était chouette!

We walked through the French concession with a French tour guide, who spoke to us about the local history and how it was shaped by the French community who lived there until 1946. We looked closely at the different types of architecture in the area and how it progressed as the needs of the city changed as more people started to live here.
- Thomas Roberts

Today, we all went together, to the French Concession which I must say, was a superb excursion. Arriving at our stop, we met our tour guide who was the most splendid of people. We started making our way throughout the French Concession, learning new things from our tour guide including French architecture in past as well as the history of the French Concession. One thing that I particularly remembered from this trip, was that the doors of the houses in the French Concession all face south. One thing I enjoyed in this trip was probably the lunch where we all ate at ‘La Crêperie’. The food there was absolutely outstanding and made the trip even better than it already was!

- Cian Choo

Today as part of our French trip, we went for a visit to the French Concession where we had a tour with a guide who spoke to us about the history and architecture of the place in French. It was really interesting to learn about the background and history of a place that is now so integrated into our modern daily lives. It was also really cool to hear about it in French as although I didn't fully understand everything the guide said I still learnt a lot. I realized as well that actually listening and speaking to a French person is very different to learning French in a classroom. After the tour, we had lunch at a restaurant called La Crêperie to experience an authentic French meal of galettes and crêpes which were both delicious.

- Natarsha Yan

Today, we spent the morning exploring all around the French Concession as our informative guide told us all about the immensely intriguing history and impressive architecture of the area. I was surprised by the amount of European influence including, French, Russian and, of course, Chinese. I highly recommend this trip as we all learnt a large amount of information that may come into use in the future, plus, lunch at La Crêperie was absolutely delicious.

- Louis Sun

We went to a building that used to be a cinema before the Chinese revolution, but now it has been renovated into a fancy, exclusive restaurant. To get into the restaurant you have to move your hands in a certain pattern over sensors so that the door will open. It looks very interesting!

- Maddison Kennedy

Not only did we learn more about French history, culture and architecture, we also got to experience authentic french food! We ate galettes and crêpes and drink grenadine. It was delicious! We laughed a lot and it was a fun adventure! 
- Munique Tan

For our MFL trip, we went to visit the French concession. This is where the concession was given back to China, in 1946. It's really interesting because we got to learn about the history of the French Concession. 

- Michelle Sim

On our French trip today we had a true French dining experience. Our main dish was a sort of pancake with cheese and salmon alongside an egg in the middle. The desert was honestly the best part of the lunch. It was a fun trip and I learned a lot about the French life in China. C'est fantastique!

- Elliot

Today's trip was very insightful yet fun. We learned all about the french concession as well as the types of houses people lived in at that time. The amount of information I understood was very surprising but it was quite easy to understand when the guide was explaining things, there were also other concessions that were explained too - like the American concession and the English concession. I also enjoyed the crêpes from the crêperie, they were very delicious. I especially liked the one with jambon (ham).

- Silvia



Aujourd'hui, j'ai beacoup appris. C'était génial!

- Thomas Roberts

Aujourd'hui, nous avons visité la Concession Française où on a fait un tour de la Concession. Notre guide de tour a parlé l'histoire et les bâtiments de la Concession en français. Après, nous avons mangé au restaurant qui s'appelle La Crêperie où j'ai mangé une galette et une crêpe. C'était vraiment delicieux! Je voudrais y aller encore.

- Natarsha Yan

On est allés à un bâtiment qui était un cinéma avant la révolution chinoise, mais elle a été rénovée en chic restaurant exclusif. Pour entrer dans le restaurant, on doit mettre les mains dans le bon trou dans le mur. Si c’est bon, la porte s’ouvre. C'est très intéressant!

- Maddison Kennedy

En plus d’apprendre l’histoire, culture et architecture française, on a mangé des galettes et des crêpes et on a bu des grenadines. C'était délicieux! On a bien rigolé et c'était une aventure amusante.

- Munique Tan
Bref, à mon avis, c'était une expérience incroyable et on s’est bien amusés toute la journée. Plus, les crêpes étaient merveilleuses.  

- Louis Sun

Pour notre voyage MFL, nous sommes allés visiter la Concession Français. C’est où la concession a été remises à la Chine, en 1946. C’est vraiment intéressant parce que nous sommes arrivés à en savoir plus sur l’histoire de la Concession Française.

- Michelle Sim

Ma partie préférée de ce voyage était la nourriture et apprenant l'histoire pendant la revolution. J'ai appris qu’on a mis des resorts (springs) sous le plancher au cercle sportif pour faire mieux danser. j'ai remarqué aussi qu'il y avait beaucoup plus de gens qui prenaient des vélo au lieu d'utiliser des motos.

- Audrey Wang

Hier, je suis allée à la Concession Française et c'était super. J'y ai fait un tour et nous avons mangé des crêpes. On a bien rigolé parce que les crêpes étaient délicieux! Nous avons visité beaucoup de choses. Nous avons visité des hôtels, des restaurants... Le guide nous a montré et nous a dit des informations très intéressantes. C'était très amusant et nous avons aussi beaucoup appris.

- Silvia