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Week Beginning 16 May 2016


  • Please ensure your child has a named sunhat to wear at school for the summer term.
  • Year 1 are getting ready to begin an exciting Science/Literacy project. We would therefore be very grateful if you could send in any junk modeling resources which you may have at home. We ask that no glass or sharp objects such as tins be sent into school. Thank you.


In Literacy this week the children will create insect fact files. They will learn to recognise the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and facts and opinion. They will also learn to recognise the different features of a fact file. The children will then write their own fact files containing headings and subheadings, labeled diagrams, an introduction and facts about their chosen insects.


Puffer Fish- Phase 6- The Puffer Fish phonics group will be continuing to focus on the use of suffixes. This week we will focus on adding  ‘ly’ to the end of words. We will focus on the vocabulary- lovely, friendly, bravely, kindly, happily, strangely and honestly.

Starfish – Phase 5 - This week the children will learn the alternative pronunciation of the letter ‘c’. They will learn to read words using alternative pronunciations of ‘c’ such as: success, city, advice, central, December. We will also practise reading polysyllabic words.

Jelly Fish- Phase 4 – We continue to increase the difficulty of our vocabulary. All the sounds within the words have been taught during Phase 3, we must now focus on remembering them when spelling. Within sessions I am encouraging all children to sound their words out loud as they say them and spell them – please encourage this at home also.

Stingray – The Stingrays will consolidate their learning of the split digraphs i_e, o_e and u_e as well as learning the various pronunciations of i, as in milk and mind.  We will practise spelling words such as reminded, sticker, fin and fish.

Octopus - This week in our phonics work, the Octopus group will be looking at reading and writing consonant clusters within words and sentences and reading captions with some of our tricky words.

Sharks – This week Sharks will learn the ‘igh’ sound, in words light, night and sight, and review other sounds covered in phase 3 so far.

In Maths this week we will be working with money and recognising different coins. We will be making amounts, adding different amounts of money together and also trying to work out the change.


In our Themed Learning sessions this week we will be practising a range of skills whilst making clay snails.  We will learn how to manipulate the shape of clay by rolling, kneading, pulling and squashing it, as well as changing the surface of the clay by building a textured tile.


Maths- money, coins, adding, addition, change, shops, amount, total, subtraction.

Literacy-non-fiction, fiction, features, labels, captions, diagrams, headings, subheading, introduction, facts, opinion.

Themed Learning- clay, snail, texture, change, rolling, kneading, pulling, squashing.


Deze week  maken we kennis met verschillende (super) helden.  Pippi Langkous en Wiplala hebben misschien geen gespierde borstkas maar verrichten wel heldendaden.  Misschien zijn  mama of papa wel jouw held?

De kinderen van year 1 bepalen mee de koers van hun eigen leren.  We maken een superheldenbord waarop we samen bedenken hoe een superheldenschool eruit moet zien. 


Year1 Sea Horse

Topic: Snacks

Core Characters: 蛋糕 dangao/ cake,冰淇淋 bingqilin/ice cream,糖果tangguo/ candy,巧克力 qiao keli/chocolate;点心dianxin/ snacks,棒棒糖 bangbangtang/ lollipop

Core Sentences: 我喜欢吃wo xihuan chi……/ I like to eat….

Activities: Sing a song ”Candy And Cake”

Year1 Sea Star

Topic: Lesson 4 Weather - Monkey King 2B-Continued

The children will be learning how to express the weather conditions

Homework: Sing a song

Year1 母语班

本周我们将学习读儿歌识字识拼音11《数小鸡 》。熟读理解儿歌内容,认读汉字:数、毛、的、少、气。