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Week Beginning 25 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake Appeal. It was wonderful to have so much support for this very worthy cause, many thanks to all who supported our bake sale and other fund raising efforts last week.


  • Monday 25 May is 2I’s class assembly. If you are a parent from 2I you are invited to come along and watch. Please come to Stage 1 for 1.40pm.
  • Friday 29 May is Year 2’s school trip to Chenshan Botanical Gardens. Please make sure that your child comes to school wearing comfortable shoes, with a hat, sun cream and plenty of water. They may also wish to have a small nut free snack.
  • Jayia’s Animal Rescue and Bow Meow Coin Collection.  The coin collection continues until early June when the house who collects the most coins will be awarded with a Doggy Trophy to celebrate their support.  Clear your house of 1 yuan coins and support these amazing organisations who help the stray animals in the city.  The funds will then be donated to JAR and Bow Meow to support them with the cost incurred through medicating, taking care of and re-housing these animals in need.  1 yuan coins only please! 
  • The final clothes collection for River of Hearts will begin in the week commencing 1st June.  Please feel free to go through wardrobes and clean out closets, donating any unwanted items to be sent to various parts of China to support those in need.
  • In the Summer Term, please ensure children wear sun hats on hot days to protect them when playing outside.
  • In Art over the next few weeks the children will be learning about the French Artist Henri Rousseau, they will be creating their own art pieces using his work as inspiration. For this, the children will need old magazines. If you have any old magazines at home please could you bring them in for us to use.
  • Please continue to check carefully that your child’s snacks do not contain any nuts and are healthy.
  • Please label all school uniform, snack boxes and water bottles with your child’s name to avoid items getting lost in school. Every child needs to have a water bottle to bring in each day.


This week the children will be learning about adventure stories. The children will learn what an adventure story is as well as the key features of an adventure story. The children will begin to create a setting and villain for their own adventure stories!


This week in phonics the children will be studying the following sounds or phases:

Stingrays: alternative ie and ea sounds

Starfish:  alternative y sounds and ou

Jellyfish: making sentences with CVCC using word substitution and CVCC words.

Octopus: suffixes –er and –est

Sharks: continue to look at suffixes -ment and -ful  

Pufferfish: Grammar – using commas in a list and apostrophes.


This week we will be re-visiting shape and data handling. The children will review the properties of 3D shapes and will apply this information to data handling. They will learn to use Venn and Carroll diagrams to help them record their findings.   

Themed Learning

In Themed Learning we will be continuing our study on nocturnal animals. The children will learn more about the different creatures that come out at night, how they hunt, where they live and describe different features of their body and how they use these features to hunt for prey. We will also be studying rainforests in Art and using various techniques to create exciting rainforest pictures.

In PSHCE the children will learn how to solve problems involving issues on the playground and find different ways of interacting nicely during playtimes.

In Computing Science the children continue to learn how to solve coding problems.


Literacy – adventure stories, fiction, villain, hero, setting, journey, problem, resolution, ending, beginning, build up

Maths – shape, properties, edges, vertices, faces, cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, data, information, sort, group, collect, Carroll diagram, Venn diagram  

Themed Learning – nocturnal animal, habitat, diet, appearance, prey, predator, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, rainforests, environment.

Computing Science- keyboard, input, code, app, instruction, log on, log off, control, enter

PSHCE- problem solving, problem, share, kind, hurt, sad, happy, feelings, emotions


Onze klas is nog steeds in gebruik als kliniek ‘De goede dokter’ waar het mevrouwtje met Rambamboelie naar toe moet omdat het hondje mauwt als een kat, kraait als een haan, sist als een slang en loeit als een koe. Gelukkig is de apotheek van de dokter voldoende uitgerust om Rambamboelie uiteindelijk te genezen. Kinderen spelen het verhaal feilloos na en gebruiken steeds uitgebreidere passende zinnen. De kinderen hebben een patiëntendossier gemaakt voor Ramabamboelie. Het is een ‘tap file’ waarin een map ‘behandelingen’ en een map ‘onderzoeken’ zit. In de map behandelingen stoppen de kinderen het verslag van het doktersbezoek. Ook hebben we uitgevonden dat niet alleen mensen een skelet hebben maar ook honden, dat je het skelet kunt fotograferen met een röntgenapparaat. De kinderen hebben een röntgenfoto nagemaakt van Rambamboelie met wit krijt op zwart papier en deze in de map ‘onderzoeken’ gestopt. Spelling: letterdief, poortwachter, bankletters, koningsletter en vriendjesflat.

Mandarin Y2MNDC1

This week we will continue to learn the strokes and the rules of writing a character by various activities.

Mandarin Y2MNDC2

Topic: Time

Core Characters: 点dian/ o’clock

Core Sentences: 现在几点了Xianzai jidian le?/What time is it now? 现在Xianzai……点了dianle。/ Now it is …o’clock.

Activities: Story telling- ‘Mr. Wolf, what time is it now?’

Extended learning content: Role-play

Mandarin Y2MNDC3

Topic:   Going To the Beach

Key character: 大da/big; 小xiao/small; 船chuan/boat; 伞san/umbrella;鱼yu/fish; 桶tong/bucket

Key sentence: 这是什么zheshi shenme? /What's this?  这是zheshi……。/This is …

Activities:  A song ‘On the Beach’

Mandarin Y2 MNDCN