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Week Beginning 18 May 2015

A reminder that Year 3 are on their trip to the Chocolate Theatre on Tuesday 19 May. Please can you ensure that children come in full school uniform. Many thanks to all the parents that have kindly offered to accompany us on this exciting adventure!


  • 3I would like to invite all parents and friends to their class assembly on Wednesday 20 May at 1.45pm in Stage One. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Nepal Earthquake Appeal.  Badges and bracelets will be on sale on Monday-Wednesday next at a cost of 10 RMB.  On Thursday 21 May, students and teachers will also be selling baked goods. Please bring some baked goods to sell and some money to buy!  Please bring individual cakes/biscuits (or bags of biscuits).  They do not have to be home-made but do need to be nut-free! All goods will be sold for 5 or 10 RMB. This is entirely voluntary, but we do encourage lots of students to participate so that we can raise lots of money for charity.
  • Jayia’s Animal Rescue and Bow Meow Coin Collection.  The coin collection continues until early June when the house who collects the most coins will be awarded with a Doggy Trophy to celebrate their support.  Clear your house of 1 yuan coins and support these amazing organisations who help the stray animals in the city.  The funds will then be donated to JAR and Bow Meow to support them with the cost incurred through medicating, taking care of and re-housing these animals in need.  1 yuan coins only please! 
  • Key Stage 2 book eXchange.  Our wonderful book eXchange is open every Monday and Friday lunch time for your Book Worms to drop by and exchange their latest book eXchange book!  

- Joining is easy: Just donate 2 good quality books suitable for Key Stage 2 readers and your child will receive a Membership Booklet; all languages are welcome. 

- Remember: Loose Change for an eXchange; children are encouraged to donate a few coins each time they exchange a book. All money collected will be used to buy much needed books for the Migrant School.


This week the children will be converting part of their adventure story, which was about a new room in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, into a play script. They will then be working in teams to act out their scene as if they were on stage, with the correct expression and gestures to match their characters.


In Maths the children will be drawing 2D shapes and making 3D shapes using modeling materials. They will be extending their learning by trying to recognise 3D shapes in different orientations and describe them with increasing accuracy. We will also be introducing the concept of horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Themed Learning


The children will be focusing on Science this week. They will be introduced to the idea of variables and run different investigations to find out the effect of changing different variables. Through these experiments the children will be recording and describing their observations, comparing their results and drawing conclusions.


The children will be working as teams, supporting each other’s learning by sharing their opinions, ideas and previous knowledge.


Literacy – play script, cue, stage directions, title, character name, brackets, colon, expression, intonation, gesture

Maths– horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, parallel lines, 3D, 2D, vertices, vertex, edge, face, length, width, corner

Themed Learning – fair test, variable, controlled variable, independent variable, unfair test, change, predict, conclude, justify, investigate, observe


Het nieuwe thema ‘Freek in het wild’ is gestart. De leerlingen van Year 3 t/m 6 zullen in de komende weken gezamenlijk werken aan de SDS hoe-overleef-je-Azië gids; een survivalgids voor iedereen die in Azië reist en op ontdekking gaat, vol tips en weetjes over uitrusting, voeding, flora en fauna, etc.

Bij spelling worden in Year 3 en 4 de volgende categorieën geoefend: -ig, -lijk, eind –d en de prefixen be-, ge-, ver-. verkleinwoorden met –je, -tje, -etje en meervouden op –eren. De regels van de open en gesloten lettergreep (korte klank – lange klank) blijven we oefenen in de les.

Mandarin Y3 Panda

Topic:  Lesson13 My School Bag

Key characters: 书shu/book; 包bao/bag; 里 li/in

Key Sentence: 书包里有shubao li you……/There is/are…in my school bag.

Activities:  Oral sharing - My School Bag

Mandarin Y3 Monkey

Topic: Holiday

Key Characters: 过 guo/to spend, 假 jia/holiday, 期 qi/date

Key Sentences: 我想去 Wo xiang qu…… / I will go to...; 你去过Ni qu guo……吗ma? / Have you been to...? 

Activities: Role- play

Mandarin Y3 MNDCN


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Samsom

We will continue our work on the topic food and drinks.
Homework: to finish the comic ‘Saludos’

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Sutton

Next week pupils will start an end of year project on one of the topics we have covered this year in order to showcase their learning.
Homework this week is to complete the food activity sheet

Year 3 / 4 French – Mrs Rae

This week we will be continuing our unit on food and the café. We will design our own French menus and order food from each other, using role play.
Homework: On mange worksheet. Read the conversation and fill in the correct prices.