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Week Beginning 1 June 2015

The Year Four Showcase afternoon will be held on the 11 June from 2:30-3:30 in your child’s classroom. The children have been very busy researching and planning their adventures to places such as Antarctica and the Amazon Rainforest and are looking forward to showing you their work.


Charity Action – Thanks for your support!

  • Nepal Disaster Fund – Support Nepal bracelets are for sale at the Reception 10rmb.
  • River of Hearts Clothes Donation – Donations of clothing/shoes can be placed in the collection buckets at Reception. These will support children and families in need across rural China.
  • Jayia’s Animal Rescue: 1-4 June - Collection of dog & cat food, treats, toys and bedding. Coin collection continues in the big bottles in the playground.
  • Key Stage 2 book eXchange.  Our wonderful book eXchange is open every Monday and Friday lunch time for your Book Worms to drop by and exchange their latest book eXchange book!

- Joining is easy: Just donate 2 good quality books suitable for Key Stage 2 readers and your child will receive a Membership Booklet; all languages are welcome

- Remember: Loose Change for an eXchange; children are encouraged to donate a few coins each time they exchange a book. All money collected will be used to buy much needed books for the Migrant School.


This week the children will create their own adventure inspired by the expeditions they have been researching.  The children will decide their own setting and characters for their adventure and what dangers they may face. They will continue to focus on how to create suspense using detailed descriptions and imagery.


This week the focus will be on shape and space. The children will complete investigative tasks, designed to consolidate and extend their understanding of all the concepts covered so far in Year 4. They will work with the properties of 2D shapes, review angles, explore symmetry and revisit coordinates, plotting shapes on a grid. A good command of technical vocabulary will be required as the children will be expected to explain their findings.

Themed Learning

Children will be continuing with their projects this week in preparation for their showcase day. They will begin to put together the research and data they have collated over the last couple of weeks. In addition they will also add any useful information that they gathered from their trip to Maritime Museum.

The scientific content will cover the understanding of properties of materials as the children plan and test materials which they will later use to design their outdoor clothing. They will learn about insulation and energy transference. This week they will be asked the question: “If you put a jacket on a snowman, what will happen? “


The children will be learning how to make positive choices. They will be working in small groups to complete a number of challenges that test their ability to work effectively in a team. 


Literacy – adverbs, drama, cliff-hanger, setting

Maths – plot, axis, x, y and coordinates


Alle leerlingen van KS2 zijn keihard aan het werk aan de ‘Hoe-overleef-ik-Azië-gids,’ zodat ook u hem van de zomer mee kunt nemen op uw Aziëavontuur! De oriënterende fase is voorbij en alle leerlingen zijn hard bezig met hun onderzoek. Vooral het opstellen van goede onderzoeksvragen en het vinden van informatie op internet staat deze week centraal. De leerlingen komen er snel achter dat niet alle informatie van internet bruikbaar is.

Spelling ‘Laat Zien’ is rondgemaild aan alle ouders van KS2. De leerlingen kennen het als het kaartjesspel van spelling wat we in de klas spelen. Dit spel is een goede voorbereiding op de aanstaande Cito-toetsen omdat het de leerlingen wijst op de verschillende categorieën en woordproblemen. Het draagt daardoor bij aan het woordbeeld en aan het spellingsbewustwordingsproces.

Mandarin Y4 Panda

Topic: Holiday

Key Characters: 过 guo/to spend, 假 jia/holiday, 期 qi/date

Key Sentences: 我想去 Wo xiang qu…… / I will go to...; 你去过Ni qu guo……吗ma? / Have you been to...? 

Activities: Role- play

Mandarin Y4 Monkey

We will finish the lesson 13 and start to review what we have learnt this term.

Mandarin Y4 Horse

Topic: Lesson 15 Go Travelling

Key Characters: 飞机票 fei ji piao / flight ticket, 假期 jia qi/ holiday

Key Sentences: 做什么zuo shen me? / What will you do? ; 一yi ……就jiu ……/ as soon as; 跟gen……一起yiqi……/ together with

Activities: Talk about their holiday

Mandarin Y4 MNDCN

本周我们将完成课堂习作:假如…… 同时我们将开始复习本学期的学习内容。

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Samsom

Next week,  the children will finish their body and label all the body parts. We will start to work on our tummy tales, where we will describe what our tummies love to eat most.
Homework is to practise our topic vocabulary on foods/drinks.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Sutton

Year 3/4: Next week pupils will be presenting their mini projects. They will start their final topic on clothes.

Year 4 French:  Miss Wood

Next week we shall be starting a new topic where the children will learn about their daily routine. They will talk about things they do at different times of the day and reviewing time vocabulary. They will review and learn new vocabulary connected to meals and they will be introduced to some reflexive verbs structures.
Homework: Linguascope: moi et ma famille. Work on the section on clothing.