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Week Beginning 25 May 2015

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony - Thursday 18 June. This is an event where students are individually recognised for their contributions to life at BISS Puxi Primary School and is an opportunity for students to showcase talents.


  • Nepal Bake Sale – We would like to say a huge thank you to all for your support with the bake sale.  It was extremely successful due to the generosity of all involved.  The children were very engaged in the process and thoroughly enjoyed selling their goods!
  • Jayia’s Animal Rescue and Bow Meow Coin Collection.  The coin collection continues until early June when the house who collects the most coins will be awarded with a Doggy Trophy to celebrate their support.  Clear your house of 1 yuan coins and support these amazing organisations that help the stray animals in the city.  The funds will then be donated to JAR and Bow Meow to support them with the cost incurred through medicating, taking care of and re-housing these animals in need.  1 yuan coins only please! 
  • The final clothes collection for River of Hearts will begin in the week commencing 1st June.  Please feel free to go through wardrobes and clean out closets, donating any unwanted items to be sent to various parts of China to support those in need.
  • Key Stage 2 book eXchange.  Our wonderful book eXchange is open every Monday and Friday lunch time for your Book Worms to drop by and exchange their latest book eXchange book!

- Joining is easy: Just donate 2 good quality books suitable for Key Stage 2 readers and your child will receive a Membership Booklet; all languages are welcome

- Remember: Loose Change for an eXchange; children are encouraged to donate a few coins each time they exchange a book. All money collected will be used to buy much needed books for the Migrant School.


We will continue our revision of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and refine their reading comprehension skills. Students will plan, write and redraft a leaflet appealing to society to take measures to conserve planet earth.


The children will be revisiting their work on calculating percentage and fractional shares of amounts. They will also be looking at different calculations using fractions, as well as finding the simplest form of a fraction using common factors, and their knowledge of multiplication and division. They will finish the week reviewing the ‘Popcorn Picker’ videos from our sister school in Houston, and offering feedback to their fellow mathematicians in the U.S.A.

Themed Learning

‘Healthy Living’

The topic of the term will be ‘Healthy Living’. This will include nutrition, cardiovascular health, hygiene and rest to develop a healthy lifestyle.

This week in Science we will be looking at lungs and the respiratory system. We will explore how the lungs work and make a model lung out of plastic bottles and balloons to demonstrate this. The students will then produce an iMovie for younger children explaining how the lungs work, using their model as a visual aid. Please can your child bring to school a 1 or 2 litre clear plastic bottle for this activity next week? 


We will discuss the effects of smoking on the lungs and the dangers of false advertising.  


Literacy –  main clause, subordinate clause, phrase, active/passive voice, I/me

Maths –  numerator, denominator, common factor, shares,

Themed Learning – respiratory system, lung, trachea, larynx, bronchioles, alveoli, breathe, oxygen, carbon dioxide, vein


Alle leerlingen van KS2 zijn keihard aan het werk aan de ‘Hoe-overleef-ik-Azië-gids’ zodat ook u hem van de zomer mee kunt nemen op uw Aziëavontuur!

Year 3 focust zich op het culinaire gedeelte, waarbij recepten worden geschreven, maar ook eetweetjes met u gedeeld zullen worden. Year 4 richt de aandacht vooral op het dierenrijk en de landenkennis. Year 5 neemt u mee op reis in uw fantasie: ze schrijven een fantasieverhaal om de uurtjes in het vliegtuig te doden. Ook delen ze al hun survivaltips met u. Year 6 interviewt Aziëexperts (zit u ertussen?) en onderzoekt de AziëTops (topplekken, tophotels, topeten, etc.). Ook zullen zij u vermaken met hun mooiste reisverhalen.

Mandarin Y6 Panda

Topic:  Lesson 14 ‘What time is it now?’-Continued

Key Characters: 早zao/early;点dian/o’clock;半ban/half;回hui/return;学xue/school; learn

Key Sentences: 现在几点了xianzai jidian le? /What time is it? 现在……点了Xianzai…dian le。/It is …o’clock.

Activities: Guess-What I’m doing now?

Mandarin Y6 Monkey

Topic: Holiday-Continued

Key Characters: 过 guo/ to spend, 假 jia/ holiday, 期 qi/ date

Key Sentences: 我想去 wo xiang qu…… / I will go to...; 你去过Ni qu guo……吗ma? / Have you been to...? 

Activities: Role- play

Mandarin Y6 Horse

Topic: Lesson 14 ‘We love reading’-Continued

Key Characters:  回家hui jia / go home, 看 kan / look, 没 mei / no, none

Key Sentences: 常常 changchang / often; ……以后 yi hou /after; ……有you / There is … at … + (location).

Activities: Talk about their leisure time after class

Mandarin Y6 Tiger  

Topic: Lesson 14 ‘It Snows’

Key Characters: 正zheng; 对dui; 别bie; 道dao

Key sentences: 正在zhengzai/do something in progress; 别bie……了le/stop doing something; 快kuai……吧ba/hurry up

Activities:  Story telling

Mandarin Y6 Dragon

Topic: Lesson 11 Chinese Tea-Continued

Key words:  东西dongxi/thing;好处haochu/benefit;开水kaishui/boiling water;茶叶chaye/tea leaves;生活中shenghuo zhong/in people’s life

Key Sentences: 因为yinwei……所以suoyi…… /because…so…

Activities: Poster of Chinese Tea

Mandarin Y6 MNDCN


Year 6  Spanish –  Ms Sutton

Pupils will be completing their projects next week in order to present to the class. Homework is to complete any outstanding project work (if not on the computer) If the project is all computer based then consolidation on Linguascope of topics covered this term.

Year 6 French – Miss Chareyron

This week students continued their revisions to get ready for the end of the year exam. Homework is to complete revision booklet.