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Week Beginning 19 March 2018


  • International week: On Thursday 29 March at 9:00am the International Parade will take place in the Primary front playground. Students are invited to wear clothing that represents their cultural heritage. If you are able, please come dressed in your national costume and cheer on. Our Chatterbox coffee shop will be open for parents to enjoy a beverage or snack.
  • School begins at 8.20am, please do not drop your child to class before this time as the teachers need time to prepare for the day. We can also have meetings before school so cannot supervise children.
  • After consultation with staff, parents and importantly pupils we have developed a series of new polices of BISS Puxi Primary. These policies include, Assessment Reporting & Recording, Behaviour, Pastoral Care (Ethos & Values), Bullying Prevention, BISS House System and Pupil VoiceLeadership. The policies are recorded on the parent portal.


This week we will continue to listen to the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children will be exposed to this story in English and Mandarin so that they can deepen their understanding of the story.

After our trip last week to the flower shop and supermarket, we will be creating a ‘Garden Shop’ in the outdoor area. The children will help to set this area up and then they can act out buying and selling flowers.

We will be asking every child to bring in a vegetable on Tuesday. We will discuss the names of the vegetables and how they grow. We will teach the children how to carefully cut the vegetables and make soup with them.

In phonics, we will be identifying the initial sounds of the different fruits and vegetable and thinking of other words that start with that sound.

In maths we will be comparing the weight of different vegetables. We will be using balance scales to see which is the heaviest and lightest.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Fruit and Vegetable Song


Vegetable, soup, chop, heavy, light, weigh, scales, flowers, plant


In Mandarin, the children will also be learning the names of different vegetables. They will also listen to the story of ‘The Carrot Seed’. They will then be chopping the vegetables to make a picture with them. The children will use the iPad to take a photo of their picture. 


The Carrot Seed story


Vegetable, chop, carrot, broccoli, onion, cauliflour, potato


What a busy week we have had and it is going to be even busier next week. Our outing was a huge success and the positive behaviour was a credit the children. It was a big walk which allowed the children to gain more knowledge of our local community. Prior to going on the trip all of the children had two coins to spend on fruit and a plant. We extended the children’s interest in pets by visiting Love Pet’s in the Fashion Mall. It was a lot of fun to have a picnic snack in the outdoor area at Fashion Mall where the children gathered a lot of interest!

Shopping for fruit at Jeffries Supermarket was a real treat for the children as they got to push shopping trollies and pull baskets and gather fruit from our shopping lists. Some of the children found it a little challenging handing over their beloved coins at the counter but we got there in the end and this was good first hand learning about how money works.

 All of the children selected a plant to buy which were then delivered to school. Thank you to all of the parents who were able to support this trip and to the staff at Love Pets and Jefferies for their time and patience with the children.

The children have had a great time developing their fine motor skills while cutting the fruit to make fruit salad and smoothies. We have all been impressed with their enthusiasm towards this. Involving children in food preparation and cooking is a great way to get them to try new foods and a way of supporting fussy eaters to be more interested in a wider range of foods.

In the coming week we will be continuing our focus on healthy eating by making soup. On Monday the children from the Meerkats’ and Wolf classes need to bring a vegetable. They will use these to support phonics learning and learn the names of each vegetable. They will make soup on Tuesday. Suggested vegetables that are easy for the children to cut, give a wide range of vocabulary and textures for talking about are:

Corgettes/zucchinis, yellow peppers, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, kale, potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions.

Thank you for your support with this.

Our outdoor experiences will be developed from our exciting trip. We will be creating a role play garden center where the children will be using number names and writing numbers as they buy and sell plants. Literacy skills will also be supported in this area with the addition of written labels and lists.

The children were very involved with planting their plants last week. They will be continuing to water these. As our hose is a long way from the tap they will have to do a lot of problem solving to do with how they can transport water to the plants.

Growing Vegetable Soup by Louis Ehlert

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl

The Shopping Basket by John Burningham

Vegetabele Songs and Poems


Names of vegetables: descriptive words tastes and textures, soil, water, growing, tall, taller, smaller


This week in Mandarin we will read children a story called “The Carrot’s Seed”, we will talk about how a seed grows to a food. What does it need to make it grow and how long? Children will grow a carrot top and make some arts and crafts related to the learning theme.


Carrot’s Seed胡萝卜的种子 (hu luo bo de zhong zi)


Pull out the Turnip 拔萝卜 (ba luo bo)  


Seed 种子(zhong zi),  sprout发芽(fa ya), blossm开花(kai hua), fruit果实(guo shi), water浇水(jiao shui)


Deze week gaan we van start met ons nieuw thema `Wetenschap & Techniek` naar aanleiding van de Vlaamse Jeugdboekenmaand  `Eureka` .   We reizen  met onze teletijdmachine 200 miljoen jaar terug naar het tijdperk van de dinosauriërs.    Welke soorten dinosaurussen ken jij?  Wat aten dinosaurussen?  Hoe groot waren ze?  We steken onze neus in de boeken en vinden een antwoord op al onze vragen.


de dinosaurus, de bek, de tanden, de klauwen, de veren, de poten