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Week Beginning 25 September 2017


  • Please encourage your child to come up to their classroom with their teacher and class in the mornings. We kindly ask that parents stay in the playground.
  • Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.


It is the Year 3 STEAM week in the Da Vinci Centre – please see the STEAM THEME section of the newsletter for more information.


This week we are excited to be going into our Da Vinci Centre. The children will firstly be taught how to use the various areas of the space: Fab Lab, Robotics, Presentation Area, Green Screen Room, Science Area and so much more! We will then work in groups to explore and challenge ourselves in creating an electromagnetic roller-coaster for Disney. Within this challenge the children will learn to be curious and understand Da Vinci’s idea that “Questions create answers, and answers create more questions.” They will incorporate their learning of magnets and magnetic forces to power their roller-coaster, which will travel in a straight line, around a bend as well as a loop the loop or figure of eight. As the children work through the design and prototype process they will encounter many of our Growth Mindset principles and work on: being curious, collaboration, creativity and communication. Our week will be recorded using paper based design portfolios, as well as digitally through apps such as Evernote, Piccollage and Seesaw to create opportunities for the children as a group to present their final pitch to Disney for their roller-coaster!


Protoype, design, ipad, green screen, EV3, magnets, electro magnetism, suspension bridge, tunnel, collaborate, communicate, creativity, curiosity


The children will be exploring a range of apps on the iPads as they document their learning journey in the Da Vinci Centre this week.


Keynote, Green Screen, PicCollage, Explain Everything


Next week the children will be able to apply and fully embed their work on Being Ambitious! During our Da Vinci Centre residency, the children will be using the skills they have been developing including curiosity, creativity, collaboration and communication.


Curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, core skills, ambitious


Klaar voor de start

In KS2 wordt nu hard gewerkt aan een spel.De leerlingen hebben verschillende spellen en handleidingen bekeken om inspiratie op te doen. Nu ontwerpen ze  zelf een spel met als thema “de klas”.  Ze ontwerpen zelf het bord, de handleiding, vragen- en opdrachtkaartjes.

Spelling werken we verder in Blok2. Ik zie dat er thuis ook goed geoefend wordt met BlOON. Heel erg goed, ga zo door!


Mandarin Y3 C1

Homework for this weekend: complete sentence writing and review dictation words from this week’s learning.

Next week we will continue learning text 2 from Lesson 1.

Mandarin Y3 C2/C3

Homework for this weekend: complete worksheet on Chinese number writing.

Next week we will learn Lesson 3 Greetings.

Mandarin Y3 MND03CN



HSK registration

Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.


Year 3 / 4 French – Ms Caldwell

This weekend’s homework will be to choose an activity from the shared-learning homework grid.
Next week, the children will be investigating different colours and will be able to state their opinions on them.  For example, what their favourite colour is, what colours they like or don’t like.

Year 3 / 4 French – Ms De Borger

This week’s homework will be practising our poem ‘ Une souris verte’ at home.

Next week we will read the story `La sortie de Monsieur Gentil`.  Monsieur Gentil wants to go on a boat ride and all the animals want to come along.  Let`s hope the boat stays afloat!  We will act out the story, repeating simple phrases out of the story and using different props to make an iMovies video.

Key vocabulary: gentil, le bateau, la maison, le promenade

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Watson

This weekend’s homework will be to complete a task on the homework grid.
Next week, the children will learn numbers, days of the week and months of the year.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish - Ms Martinez

Homework this weekend:  To draw a picture of an invented animal to use as a description in class.
Next week we will begin to learn descriptive adjectives, and use them to describe animals.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Lara

This weekend’s homework will be to complete a hand out about the months and the seasons.
Next week, the children will learn how to name clothes we wear in different seasons.

Year  3/ 4 Native German – Ms Welz

Die Hausaufgabe für diese Woche ist im Booklet auf S.7 Nr. 3. Die Kinder sollen den Text überarbeiten und passende Wörter einsetzten. Außerdem sollen sie einen Eintrag in ihr Lesetagebuch machen.
Nächste Woche werden wir uns weiter mit Fantasietexten beschäftigen.

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MND04L1 - Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Complete worksheet of wordsearch on adjective words.
Next week we will continue the topic “Is this your panda?” and focus on sentence pattern “comparison”

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MAND04L2 - Ms Liu

This weekend’s homework  will to be copy  the sentence “ I also want ……”(我也要……) and practise the key words without pinyin.
Next week the children will read an interesting story of YCT2 about two students who meet a bird, and they are surprised that the bird can talk. They ask the question with each other! We will focus on learning how to use pattern “ what is your name?” and “my name is ……”

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MND04L3 - Ms  Zhou

Homework for this week: worksheet about practising characters beyond 10.
Next week we will learn how to say personal pronouns.

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MND04LN - Ms Bai


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