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Week Beginning 5 March 2018


  • ECAs cancelled Tuesday 6 and Thursday 8 March due to Parent Teacher Consultations after school (please double check your appointment times).
  • International Week – Week beginning 26 March. Please join us on:
  • Monday 26 March 8:25am in the Primary Playground as we begin our International Week with a song.
  • Thursday 29 March 9:00am for our International Parade, we encourage all children (and adults) to come dressed in special clothing from their home country. Our Chatterbox café will be open for refreshments during this time.


The children have started their new four-week story writing unit since returning from Spring break. The focus of the writing is building suspense and they have also been learning about different sentence structures. This week we will continue that work and also start looking at using paragraphs as well as the appropriate use of ‘a’ and ‘an’. The children were given a copy of the story this work is based on as well as a story map to help them learn it with actions. Please take the time to go through this with your child as it will help them greatly in class!


Phrase, main clause, subordinate clause, simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, coordinating conjunctions, adverb, vowel, consonant


This week we will be covering fractions. This will start by recognising, reading and writing simple fractions and fractions of shapes before moving onto fractions of numbers (i.e ½ of 24 = 12 or 3/5 of 15 = 9).  We will also be ordering and comparing fractions, before moving on to problem-solving tasks. Some children will be ordering and comparing fractions, including non-unit fractions (5/5, 2/5, 4/5) and unit fractions (1/2, 1/4., 1/6 and 1/3). The children will also investigate equivalents 4/12 = 2/6 and fractions of quantities, i.e ½ of 24 = 12 or 3/5 of 15 = 9


Fraction, denominator, numerator, equal part, whole, equivalent, compare, simplified,  part, whole, equal, non-unit (3/6), unit fraction (1/3, 1/5), equivalent, compare, contrast


A World Wonder – Egypt. This week we will be learning about hieroglyphics, scribes and the ancient Egyptian language. There will be opportunity to enter ‘Scribe School’ and become an apprentice scribe writing their names in hieroglyphs.  Afterwards we will look at Egyptian Art and create profile portraits of ourselves and use these skills to produce Copper tooling artwork.


Hieroglyphics, scribe, profile, portrait, copper tooling


Over the course of this half-term, children will be improving their Microsoft Word and Publisher skills. First they will learn how to open a Word document and ‘Save as’ in order to make changes to it. They will progress on to changing the font, text colour and size, as well as underline and bold in order to change the appearance of the information in a document.


Software, hardware, Microsoft, Word, Publisher, document, publish, template, font, text, underline, bold


Our PSHE theme this week is COMPASSION. Children will be learning what compassion means and about mindfulness and empathy.  Children will be exploring what empathy means and in what situations we feel empathy and how we can help in those situations.


Collaboration, groups, teamwork, skills, cooperation


De Cito is afgerond. We werken aan de nieuwe tekst van Nieuwsbegrip, lezen in Estafette en werken in de werkboeken van Staal.

Verder staat het volgende op het programma:

We gaan in alle groepen de dichtbundels afmaken!

In Year 3 zijn we begonnen met het maken van een gedicht over een fantasiedier! We hebben al een mindmap gemaakt en gaan deze week verder met het zoeken naar de mooiste woorden om ons fantasiedier te omschrijven in een gedicht. Ook gaan we een afbeelding van ons dier maken.

In Year 5 staat de limerick centraal. Het rijmschema van de limerick en het bijbehorende ritme waarin een limerick ook op muziek te gebruiken is, geven we veel aandacht en we maken zelf ook meerdere limericken op muziek.

In Year 4 werken we met elkaar aan een rap.  Daar gaan we deze week mee verder.

En in Year 6 maken we een portretgedicht van onszelf of de ander.


 Mandarin Y3 MNDC1 -Ms He

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson.5-Seasons

Next week we will continue studying Lesson. 5 Seasons and focus on text comprehension.

Mandarin Y3 MND C2 /C3-Ms Zhang and Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson. 10-Time.

Next week we will continue studying Lesson. 10        

Mandarin Y3 MNDCN-Ms Dai and Ms Zhou




Year 3 / 4 French – Ms Caldwell

Next week, we will be learning about spring and the vocabulary and festivals associated with this.
Homework this week is to choose an activity from the homework grid.           

Year 3 / 4 French – Ms De Borger

This week`s homework will be to write your own personal description. You can use the prompts in your work book for support. 

y: les cheveux, les yeux, j’ai, je suis, marron, noir, blond, roux, raide, bouclé, en brosse, long, court, grand, petit

Next week we will write the descriptions for our own version of the board game `Qui est-ce? ` or `Who is it?` .  Can you describe all your class mates and…your teachers?

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Argent Watson

This weekend’s homework is to continue to complete the tasks on the homework grid.

Next week in class, we continue studying the countries around the world that speak Spanish. We will explore how they became Spanish speaking countries.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish - Mrs Jolly

Homework: Students take a picture of her/his favourite outfit and describe it.

Next week in class, we will focus on the sound I , on learning to use ‘mi and mis’ and clothes vocabulary.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Lara

This week homework is to practise vocabulary related to Spring

 Next week we will continue to learn new words related to Spring and the use of the verb ESTAR

Year  3/ 4 Native German – Ms Welz

Als Hausaufgabe sollen die Kinder diese Woche einen Eintrag in ihrem Lesetagebuch machen.

Nächste Woche werden die Kinder kleine Geschichten schreiben über Dinge, die sie selbst erlebt haben.

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MND04L1- Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Finish the vocabulary worksheet

Next week we will continue studying book 5 “ Xiao Ming’s hobby” and focus on “whether/if” sentence patterns.

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MAND04L2 -Ms Liu

This weekend’s homework is to colour the pictures according to the instructions and write characters.

Next week in class, we will continue to read book 10“Going to the hospital 去医院”. The students will learn what to do when an emergency occurs, and discuss the question ” 你来哪里做什么?what are you doing +the place?”.

Year 3/ 4MND04L3 -Ms Zhou

Next week we will learn more animals and learn how to introduce the food chain between them in Chinese.

Homework for this week:Write the sentence of the food chain for the four animals we learnt. 

Year 3/ 4 Mandarin MND04LN- Ms Bai