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Week Beginning 5 September 2016

Monday 5 Sept 08.45-09.30 ‘iPads Questions and Answers’ – your questions answered. Tuesday 6 Sept 08.45-09.30 ‘Literacy and Maths’ workshop – find out about the school’s approach in Key Stage 2. Designed for new parents, but all welcome.


  • It was great to see so many of you on Monday evening at the Meet & Greet session and we look forward to establisihing realtionships to ensure your children thirve throughout the year.
  • Homework will be given out on Wednesdays and expected in on Mondays. 
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy at
  • Please remember to send in and label your child’s snack box and water bottle, as well as a hat during the hot weather.
  • ECA and BISCAP confirmation letters will be sent out this week. Both programmes will begin on Monday 12 September.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to take part in PE, please send a signed message in your child’s communication book.  Your child still needs to bring in their PE kit to enable them to participate as a coach, an official or to give feedback.  If your child would be swimming, they should bring their normal PE kit.
  • Tuesday 6 September 14:45 - 16:30, Second Hand Uniform Sale - The Gallery


This week we will be continuing to learn about the features of non-chronological reports. The children will recap what they learned from last week and will begin to plan and write an information text about a topic of their choice. They will need to research information and then sort it into groups under appropriate headings. The children will learn to select key information and summarise it in their own words.


Heading, third person, present tense, generalisers, proper nouns.


This week pupls will be learning to add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits. They will learn efficient written methods for addition and subtraction using the column method. In order to do this effieciently we will practise mental recall of addition and subtraction facts.


Add, subtract, column method, carrying over, units, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, hundred thousand.


This week, the children will continue to experience using maps in a variety of ways. They will compare maps of different settlements and describe how they are different. The children will also explore how different climates can affect land use. The children will continue to look at the features of maps and apply what they have learned by creating a detailed map of their own.


Co-ordinates, ordance survey map, orientation, physical and human features


This week the children will learn how to combine start events and click events to make a simple game.


Coding, start eevent, click event


In PSHCE this term we will be looking at teamwork and collaborative working.  We will focus further on fostering new relationships, creating rules and expectations for the group and how to work together successfully.  


Sharing, collaboration, support, helping others, perseverance, team building


Mandarin Y5 C1

Topic: Lesson. 1 Relatives-Text 1

Homework: Worksheets of Text 1.

Mandarin Y5 C2

Topic:Lesson. 10 Vegetables and Fruits

This week we will learn how to name different vegetables and fruits.

Homework: Students will go to market to record the vegetables and fruits they learnt in class.

Mandarin Y5 C3

Topic:  Lesson 1. Countries, Languages

This week students will talk about the countries they have been to and what languages they can speak.

Homework: Worksheets

Mandarin Y5 C4

Topic:  Lesson 1

This week students will learn Pinyin and Basic Strokes.

Homework: Copy the Chinese characters you have learned.

Mandarin Y5 MND05CN              

本周我们将学习课文《刮脸》,学习课文中的汉字和词语。能找到课文中描写人物外貌的句子。能结合上下文理解四字词语:悠闲自得、大摇大摆、容光焕发 。

作业: 抄写14个生词,用“大摇大摆”、“悠闲自得“造句。


Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Watson

Next week we will be revising numbers, days of the week and months of the year. They will be learning how to ask someone’s age and tell someone their age and birthday. These will need to be revised for homework as well as daily practise on Duolingo.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

Next week we will continue learning about different greetings and conversation openers.
Homework this weekend is to revise all the greetings covered in class.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

The year 5 children will revise expressing an opinion looking back at last summer`s  European Football Cup and the Olympics.  What sports do you like?  What sports do you dislike?  We will practise the vocabulary we need to pack our French sports kit.   Que les jeux commencent!  Let the games begin!

There is no homework this week.

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

The children will be revising numbers to 10 and will be learning to introduce themselves and to greet others.

Homework will be to practise an ‘Introduction’ song at home.

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, nous allons travailler sur les premiers niveaux du Projet Voltaire. Pour les devoirs, les élèves doivent apporter une photo de leur famille ; nous travaillerons sur une présentation.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

Im Deutschunterricht diese Woche haben wir uns näher kennengelernt und das Spiel „Mein Stern“ gespielt, wobei die Kinder über einander viel herausfinden konnten. Anschliessend übten wir das Vorlesen mit Betonung und der Markierung wichtiger Wörter im Text. Die Kinder haben ihre Booklets und Hefte bekommen.
Die Hausaufgabe ist es, einen (oder beide/ optional) Texte zu Hause laut und mit Betonung vorlesen üben.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

La semana que viene vamos a seguir trabajando la escritura de vocabulario básico (las asignaturas y la ropa) y normas ortográficas (z-c y c-qu). Para deberes hay que escribir un pequeño párrafo sobre nosotros mismos y nuestra familia (mencionando nombre, edad, país de origen, países donde se ha vivido y miembros de la familia.


Welkom bij Reisbureau SDS!

De medewerkers van KS2 van Reisbureau SDS blijken zeer ervaren reizigers die fantastisch kunnen putten uit eigen ervaringen bij het oriënteren, plannen en beschrijven van hun reis voor de reisbeurs van donderdag 29 september a.s. . De leerlingen werken de komende week verder aan hun flyer, die ze ontwerpen aan de hand van de antwoorden op de W/H-vragen. Ook starten we met het schrijven van het reisprogramma.

We herhalen bij spelling de klankgroepen, hakwoorden en woorden met –nk. Year 5 oefent de verleden tijd van het werkwoord. Year 6 werkt aan het herkennen en spellen van het hulpwerkwoord en voltooid deelwoord.

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