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Week Beginning 9 October 2017


  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.
  • Please remember to send in and label your child’s snack box and water bottle, as well as a hat during the hot weather.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to take part in PE, please send a signed message in your child’s communication book.  Your child still needs to bring in their PE kit to enable them to participate as a coach, an official or to give feedback.  If your child would be swimming, they should bring their normal PE kit.
  • Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.


This week in Literacy we will become real-life authors and learn all about the editing and publishing process. After editing and uplevelling our African fable style stories to produce our best work, we will then begin to publish and illustrate them. Inspired during our STEAM Theme topic of water, the children have been working extremely hard to produce a  collection of stories all set in Africa and with a water element running through them. The stories will be bound into a book and available to share with you very soon.


Fable, moral, speech, dialogue, openers, connectives, imagery, editing, illustrations, publishing


This week in Maths the children will use with their division skills, making sure they can complete short written methods. The skills of being able to round your remainders within a given contect will also be explored.


Written methods, short division, remainders, rounding


We will begin our investigation into different types of materials this week. We will look at how some materials dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and also investigate how to recover a substance from a solution.


Materials, solution, dissolve, recover, substance


This week we will continue to practise our computer programming skills and discover more about Python coding, using the website Code For Life. The children will continue to learn how to code with real language that is used in industry today.


Python, commands, program, code, debug


In PSHCE this term we will be looking at teamwork and collaborative working.  We will focus further on fostering new relationships, creating rules and expectations for the group and how to work together successfully.  


Trust, bravery, commitment


Gruwelijk Eng!

In Nederland gaat op 4 oktober de Kinderboekenweek van start. Dit betekent dat ook wij in Shanghai  weer gaan lezen! De Shanghai Dutch School leesmarathon begint dit jaar op vrijdag 29 September. De leerlingen hebben allemaal een brief meegekregen waarin staat  hoe de leerlingen geld kunnen verdienen met behulp van de Kinderboekenbingo. Het thema van de kinderboekenweek is dit jaar ‘Gruwelijk Eng.` In de klas werken we met griezelverhalen en spannende boeken die geselecteerd zijn voor de Kinderboekenweek.

Vrijdag de 13e gaan we dan ook allemaal griezelen op school tijdens het Gruwelijk Eng Griezelfeest.  Alle kinderen worden verwacht in hun griezeligste (boeken)outfit.   Graag inschrijven voor 11 oktober bij

Wij  wensen jullie allemaal een hele fijne vakantie  toe.


Mandarin Y5 C1

Next week we will learn the key words about appearance, and do the practice to describe what people look like.

Mandarin Y5 C2

Next week we will start lesson 11. Three Meals a Day.

Key vocabulary: 早餐、午餐、晚餐、中餐、西餐

Mandarin Y5 C3

No homework for this week dues to holiday.

Next week we will start Lesson. 2 Subjects of Study.

Key vocabulary: 科目、上、体育、美术、中文、音乐、电脑、课

Mandarin Y5 C4

No homework for this week due to holiday.

Next week we will learn Lesson. 4 Dates

Key Vocabulary: 月、星期、日

Mandarin Y5 MND05CN


我们将复习学习过的课文和知识点。 并且根据课文《海底世界》,选择感兴趣的海洋生物, 写一篇有趣的作文。


Year 5/6 French – Mr. Bailie

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

We did not have class today because of the football day. So after the holidays, the children will continue practising greetings and class instructions, with the introduction to a Pet Shop scenario and Numbers.
Key Vocabulary:  bonjour, salut, ca va,  écoutez, répétez, mais, il est, voici, un, deux, trois

Year 5/6 French - Ms Caldwell

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will continue to investigate pets and animals.  The class will be able to voice their opinions and describe these animals using a range of adjectives including colour.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays we will start our housing topic. We will look at celebrity houses and will tell which houses we like.  We will be French architects and we will design our own dream houses, labelling the different parts of our dream house.

Key Vocabulary: j`aime, je n` aime pas, j`adore, je déteste,  élégant(e), joli(e), laid(e), petit(e), grand(e), élégant(e), la maison, la salle de bains, la cuisine, la salle à manger, le jardin, la piscine, la chambre

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Watson

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will be looking at how students spend their free time. Naming sports, clothing, days and times and how often the activities take place.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will continue with the verb ‘tener’

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will review and extend our vocabulary on the theme of sport,  the phoneme i and the verb tener.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Diese Woche fiel für die Kinder aus Year 5 der Deutschunterricht wegen des Football Fun Days und des Ferienbeginns aus. Es gibt keine Hausaufgabe, aber die Kinder können über die Ferien weiter lesen und auch einen Eintrag im Lesetagebuch machen.

Nach den Ferien werden wird das Gruselgedicht lesen und Wortfelder erarbeiten.

Year 5/ 6 MND06L1 - Ms Wang

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will continue  the topic “Helping others” and focus on script writing of  different scenes based on “helping others make me happy”

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will read an interesting YCT2 book about  Mark’s sister buying a fish at the “ one two three” store.  The students will practise the sentence pattern “这是什么?”(who is it)  and “ 这是……”(it is) , and learn how to say the colours +的+ noun in Chinese.

Year 5/ 6 Mandarin MND06L3 - Ms Wong

There is no homework this week due to the holiday break.

After the holidays, we will will continue with YCT1 book3 learning new vocabulary 是,的, 老,师.

Year 5/ 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang

本周作业: 无 (国庆节)