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Week Beginning 12 March 2018


  • Year 6 Natural History Museum trip – Friday 16 March.
  • Year 6 Residential Trip to Lin’An.  This is taking place on the week of the 16 to 20 April.  There will be a parent Q&A on Thursday 15 March at 3:45 to 4:15 in Stage One.
  • International week:  On Monday 26 March at 8.25am you are invited to join us for International Week singing in the Primary playground.  On Thursday 29 March at 9:00am the International Parade will take place in the Primary front playground. Students are invited to wear clothing that represents their cultural heritage. If you are able, please come dressed in your national costume and cheer on. Our Chatterbox coffee shop will be open for parents to enjoy a beverage or snack.


This week we will be continuing learning about the story of Macbeth.  The children will explore the fifth and sixth chapters and do more drama and sequencing exercises.  A key learning point is the focus on characterisation – particularly how the children’s opinions of Macbeth / Lady Macbeth might have changed as the story has progressed.


Shakespeare, language, character, characterisation, drama, feelings, emotions, old English


This week children will use the BODMAS rule to solve complex calculations. BODMAS is a useful acronym that lets you know which order to solve mathematical problems (or sums). The BODMAS acronym is for:

Brackets (parts of a calculation inside brackets always come first).

Orders (numbers involving powers or square roots).





There will also be some revision on number facts and skills.  Finally, the children will consolidate the week by solving number problems and practical problems that involve all elements of the above.


Brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, hundredths, thousandths, order, negative, minus


This week we will continue learning about evolution.  The children will continue a timeline of how the human has changed historically, and also continue to prepare for our upcoming trip to the Natural History Museum (this coming Friday).


Evolution, change, animal, human, science, anatomy, growth, adaption, survival of the fittest


This week, we will start some work on touch typing skills.


Touch-type, typing, keys, keyboard


This term our new PSHCE / well-being program will continue.  The value covered will be compassion.  This is the ability to empathise with others, and learn about love, integrity, friendship and forgiveness. This week will have a key focus on changes that happen in our lives.


Compassion, empathy, love, integrity, friends, changes


Wat hebben we enorm hard gewerkt in de klas. De showcase komt eraan en dat is te merken. Er wordt gedicht, gerijmd, gedanst, geoefend en gezongen. Volgende week sluiten we ons thema af met een wervelend straattheater. U komt toch ook op 14 maart om kwart voor 5?

Nieuwsbegrip (begrijpend lezen)

Afgelopen week hadden we allemaal een tekst op eigen niveau over “ De week zonder vlees”.

We oefenen komende week met het voordragen van onze eigen gemaakte gedichten en doen een generale repetitie. Met Nieuwsbegrip kijken we eerst naar de tekst en proberen te voorspellen waar de tekst over zal gaan. Na het lezen gaan we na of onze voorspelling correct was. We gaan aan de hand van de tekst dieper in op moeilijke woorden die we tegenkomen en maken de vragen.

Spelling tijdens de komende drie weken

Year 3 : extra aandacht voor de ei-plaat (ei-woorden)

Year 4: extra aandacht voor centwoorden (klinkt als een s maar schrijf je als een c) en komma-s-meervoud (komma’s)

Year 5: extra aandacht voor cadeauwoorden (met eau) en verkleinwoorden (boompje)

Year 6: extra aandacht voor leenwoorden en voor het meewerkend voorwerp


Mandarin Y6 MNDC1 -Mr Li

Homework for this week: Copy the Chinese characters; Rearrange the words to form a sentence; Match the picture with the answer;  Complete the sentences; Reading comprehension.

Topic: Lesson 13 Neighbourhood.

Next week we will  continue to learn Text 2 of Lesson 13. Students can learn and review the Lesson from Big Li’s e-Class (   

Mandarin Y6 MNDC2 -Ms Ma

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson.5---Seasons

Next week we will study Lesson. 6 Sickness.

Mandarin Y6 C3-Ms Zhang

Homework for this weekend: Finish worksheet on Lesson. 10---Time.

Next week we will study Lesson. 11 Daily Routine.

Mandarin Y6 MNDCN-Ms Zhou and Ms He




Year 6 French – Ms. Donacien

This weekend’s homework is  to revise vocabulary which provide physical descriptions of members of our family. Review the activities on the Linguscope app. Next week in class, we will continue to focus on the theme of Family and Friends. We will continue to explore descriptions focusing on parts of the body.


grand, petit, gros, mince, moche, beau, vieux, jeune, chauve, musclé

Year 6 French - Ms Caldwell

Next week, we will be researching different spring festivals around the world and will create a comparison between one of them and how spring is celebrated in France.  
The homework this week is to choose an activity from the homework grid.   

Year  6 French – Ms De Borger

Next week we will go to the French café.  We will look at some typical food and drinks and learn how to ask for the bill.  

This week`s homework will be reacting to the Café Menu in the Seesaw app.  Please write your order in French under the picture of the menu. This week`s homework will be finishing your menu for you bakery shop and upload a picture on your Seesaw account.  What would you like to order in your class mates` bakery?


je voudrais..., du chocolat, un pain au chocolat, une baguette, du pain, des bonbons, un croissant, le menu, euro, cent

Year 6  Spanish -  Ms Argent Watson

This weekend’s homework is to complete a task of their choice on the Homework grid.

Next week in class, we will complete our study of Barcelona and students will present their City guides with comments and pictures of the places to visit and with suggested day trips.

Year 6  Spanish -  Dr Cattel

Homework: Design a cartoon strip about the tortoise’s birthday

Next week: We will learn to name different forms of transport.

Year 6  Spanish -  Mrs Jolly

We have been learning about “las tiendas”. We have practised asking for items in a shop.

Homework: Practise the role play using the vocabulary learnt in class.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Welz

Als Hausaufgabe sollen die Kinder diese Woche ihr Rodell beenden und ein Schmuckblatt gestalten.

Nächste Woche werden wir beginnen, zusammengesetzte Nomen zu behandeln.

Year 6 MND06L1 - Ms Wang

Homework for this weekend: Read your story on  “Xiao Long is Sick”.

Next week we will continue studying printed version of book “Xiao Long is Sick”.

Year 6 Mandarin MND06L2 - Ms He

Homework: translate the key words from English to Chinese and write the sentences about each picture according to book10.

Next week in class, we will start to read book 11”吃了什么?what did you eat”. The students will discuss their favorite food and which food is the healthiest.

Year 6 Mandarin MND06L3 - Ms Wong

Homework: label the diagram using characters

Next week in class we will begin YCT book 10: naming body parts

Year 6  Mandarin MND06LN - Ms Zhang

本周作业: 朗读《三打白骨精》剧本中对话


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