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06 May, 2020

ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand

ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-IMG_0674
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Our strong community becomes even stronger when we joined in solidarity to help those in need. During the unusual situation we are living through in Madrid, we have been monitoring where our charities need our help and many parents, students and staff are donating and helping in amazing ways, despite the difficulties we may all be facing. It is thanks to their generosity and kindness that the Care Committee can continue to support these good local causes and I feel very proud of the ICS community for their contributions, however big or small.
Mónica Otero
Chairperson and Founder of the ICS Care Committee
ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand The ICS Care Committee leads fundraising activities in our community, and have recently had the unique opportunity to help several Madrid-based organisations.

Compassionate. Supportive. Open-hearted.

These words describe the ICS Care Committee at any time of year, but this spring they are particularly appropriate. Discover how this special group has been lending a helping hand during these trying times!


ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-care committee

The Care Committee leads ICS Parents, Students and Staff together in fundraising activities that benefit our local and global communities. One NGO they have been collaborating with is El Campito – Salvando Peludos, a safe haven for at-risk and abandoned animals. With the number of people being hospitalised, many furry friends have been left behind. As a result, countless pets are being acquired by animal shelters and the demand for adoptions have gone up. Several ICS families have adopted pets during this time and we are thrilled that they have welcomed new family members!

ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-IMG20200504WA0002

Grade 10 Student Theresia shares how her family came to adopt a dog:

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The Care Committee also helps by collecting and donating furniture to Proyecto Gloria. This association helps marginalised individuals by giving them the job of collecting, restoring and selling used furniture. Sales of the furniture then help to finance the NGO, improving the quality of life for each member.


In addition, the Care Committee has been donating to the Madrid Food Bank, an entity which helps families at risk of social exclusion. Families who would like to help are encouraged to contribute a food basket directly to the organization.

ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-care committee 6

Other charities supported by the Care Committee include:


ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-IMG_7729

ICS Students have also been getting creative when it comes to supporting others during this time! Grade 5 Student Felix organised a fundraiser for El Campito - Salvando Peludos. He agreed to let his sister Amelie chop off his long locks as a live Zoom fundraiser.

Felix donated some of his pocket money, and with the help of his family and friends at ICS, he raised a total of €776. He is delighted with his new punk hairstyle and would like to thank everyone who donated to the refuge.

ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-Felix_hairchop ICS Care Committee Lends a Helping Hand-ics-care-committee-lends-a-helping-hand-Felix_after

We thank the Care Committee and all of the compassionate members of our community for volunteering and promoting positive partnerships, especially during this challenging time.