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24 June, 2020

Integrating Current Events Into Our Virtual School Experience

Integrating Current Events Into Our Virtual School Experience-integrating-current-events-into-our-virtual-school-experience-9b968990883c4ce6940f75308b278169
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Spoof of "My Sharona" by Ms. Donna and Ms. Ramirez
Spoof of "My Sharona" by Ms. Donna and Ms. Ramirez
Integrating Current Events Into Our Virtual School Experience Discover how our fantastic staff have been weaving current events into the curriculum!

This unique moment in history has created new ways to relate our studies to real-world events. Discover how our school has been weaving current events into the curriculum!

When we brought our backpacks and iPads home in mid-March, we couldn’t have imagined how long we would be away from campus. During this time, we adapted to an entirely new way of working and studying. Experiencing this unique moment in history has also presented new opportunities to relate our studies to current events.

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Music (Primary)

Since we started working from home, our Primary music teachers, Ms. Donna and Ms. Ramirez, have put a modern, light-hearted spin on several classic tunes. They updated the lyrics to songs such as “A Whole New World” to relate them to the current moment and provide a bit of comic relief during an uncertain time. Take a look at the new lyrics they penned for “My Sharona”!

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Spanish Language Acquisition (Primary)

Ms. Marta and Ms. Laura in the Spanish department found a particularly relevant way of tying current events into the curriculum in Grades 4 and 5. After discussing the qualities that leaders have, they asked students to think of leaders during this moment in time. The inquiry related to their unit on “How We Organize Ourselves,” in which students study leaders.

After discussing how health care workers were leaders and frontliners, students set to work creating questions for a group interview. These questions were sent to doctors and nurses, who provided illuminating insights into how they work – and how they were tackling current issues on the job. After receiving answers from these medical professionals, students wrote thank-you messages to them. Check out some of their work below!

Integrating Current Events Into Our Virtual School Experience-integrating-current-events-into-our-virtual-school-experience-Entrevisa a los sanitarios_screenshot

Listen to a full interview here, and find examples of thank-you cards to medical workers in the photo gallery below.

Español (Secondary)

The head of the Secondary Spanish Department, Ms. Mary Carmen Caballero, explains how her team integrated current events into the curriculum :

El Departamento de Español ha mantenido el ritmo de trabajo y las directrices de aprendizaje tanto en los cursos de MYP como en los de DP, y en las asignaturas de Español Lengua y Literatura y de Español Lengua de Adquisición adaptando la metodología al desafío que ha planteado una situación tan excepcional como la que hemos vivido en este curso.

Se han explorado aspectos técnicos y formales de la lengua a través de ejercicios analíticos y de comprensión, se ha fomentado el hábito de la lectura, mediante textos de diferente tipología, se ha animado a la escritura creativa con concursos de micros y cuentos o con certámenes de poesía, y se ha consolidado el conocimiento de nuestra cultura. Hemos querido compartir una pequeña muestra, a modo de ejemplo, de las numerosas actividades que nuestros estudiantes han realizado en este periodo de confinamiento: Viajes virtuales, Revista Yo me quedo en casa, Poesía para la cuarentena, Recetas en Familia, Canciones con Tilde, Campaña Publicitaria: Aprenda Español en ICS, y mucho más.

Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de su trabajo, de su ánimo y entereza ante una situación tan complicada, de la adaptabilidad a una realidad distinta, pero, sobre todo, de las ganas de seguir aprendiendo español, de mantenerse unidos como clase y sentirse parte de la comunidad de ICS. Juntos, profesores y alumnos, hemos superado el desafío de un virus cruel que ha hecho tambalearse al mundo.


Check out the photo gallery below for examples of the posters, poems and games our Spanish students have created this term.


Grade 8 Science students, who have been working on their Service As Action projects, studied pollution and plastic use during this specific moment in history. They have used different mediums - from infographics to poetry to songs - to raise awareness of the growing issues related to pollution and single-use plastics. 

In addition to the activities below, make sure to check out the entire brochure on air pollution.

Digital Design

Grade 10 Digital Design students were tasked to build on their existing 3D-modelling skills and Design and adapt them to current events. Ideas ranged from ventilator machines, masks, face shields and other products. These designs could easily be transferred to Computer-Aided Manufacturing machines and the Design Department intends to manufacture some of these for display as a reminder of this time in all of our lives. 

Individuals and Societies

Grade 10 Students in Individuals & Societies worked on activities where they envisioned life after the health crisis. After researching a braod range of topics, they put their knowledge on display with newspaper articles and podcasts. Check out a few of their answers to questions such as "What will the world look like after the health crisis?"

Listen to Tereza's podcast  and find Hugo's entire newspaper here.

Integrating Current Events Into Our Virtual School Experience-integrating-current-events-into-our-virtual-school-experience-Newspaper_article


Economics students in Grade 12 took a deep dive into the economic factors that relate to the current health crisis. As a starting point, they were asked to brainstorm a list of various economic concepts. After researching and considering how these specific concepts related to the crisis, students had to list several things that different governments have done and explain what impact each action will have on their economy. Finally, students were asked to recommend a policy which a government could introduce to address these pressing economic issues.


Check out two examples from our students below!