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26 October, 2023

Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on the future of education


The new publication offers a comprehensive look into hot-topic aspects of global education, tackling topics from emotional health in young people to the role of technology, artificial intelligence in learning, and what the future of education and wellbeing could look like.


Lord David Puttnam, Chairman, Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board said: “We're proud to unveil the first edition of INSIGHTS, which is filled with informative articles and expert opinions. Our mission is to shed light on the complexities of modern education as we all strive to prepare the next generation for a rapidly changing world’.



A message from our Principal, Chris Bromham | Introducing INSIGHTS from Nord Anglia Education


Dear parents,


I wanted to write to you to draw your attention to a brand-new publication from Nord Anglia Education called INSIGHTS that looks at the subjects that matter most to young people and their parents when it comes to education.


INSIGHTS On The Latest Education Trends


I first became aware of this magazine back in late September at our global Senior Leadership Conference and was hugely impressed by the thought-provoking content and opinions offered by the contributors.


The articles cover topics such as: Can children learn how to be happy? And if they can, will it make a difference? Do children need knowledge anymore when everything’s a click or a swipe away with AI? Does learning about ‘making a difference’ (as in social impact) actually make any difference?


I found the ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ article particularly interesting, especially this quote from Professor Lord Richard Layard, author of The Origins of Happiness;


“We showed that if you want to predict whether a person is going to have a happy adult life, whether they're happy as a child is a better predictor than how well they do in their exams”.


Of course, at ICS we believe that both good exam results and happiness can be achieved simultaneously. However, it is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to be happy in school. At ICS, our IB curriculum and the strong relationships within our community, do make for a truly happy environment where our young people thrive. I was also reminded of our two recent Alumni events where students who graduated in 2012 and 2013 brought back to school such wonderful memories of their time at ICS and stories of successful, happy adult life.


I invite you to read, reflect, and share INSIGHTS by clicking on the link here.



Kind regards,


Chris Bromham

Principal - International College Spain, a Nord Anglia Education school