Student health and student wellbeing are our utmost concerns at ICS. By ensuring that your child is healthy, safe and well, we have the best foundation on which to build an excellent and happy learning experience.
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We are a happy school committed to student wellbeing and safety of each child. Student health is also important: a healthy child will be more attentive in class and achieve more.

We offer your child a disciplined and stable environment. This helps our students to feel happy and secure at all times, and allows them to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, maturity, stability and a genuine appreciation and respect for others.

Our formal support for student wellbeing includes guidance relevant to the different development phases of childhood and adolescence. Because our teachers follow a personalised approach to teaching, they know every child extremely well, so can identify any issues and talk them through with your child, other teachers or you, their parents.

We also offer counselling services in both Primary and Secondary school in order to provide high quality guidance for students. Our school counsellors not only meet with students but also give presentations to parents on issues such as transitions and bullying.

In addition, we have two qualified nurses on staff. Their schedules are posted on the door of the infirmary and they can be contacted either at the school infirmary or via mobile phone.


Our school cafeteria cooks fresh and nutritious food that will give your child the energy needed to learn, grow and develop. 

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