The MET provides a comprehensive counseling service to the student body. These services are aimed at meeting the needs of students in the following areas: academic, learning, social, emotional, college, and career. We provide information to our students through individual and group guidance.
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College Counseling

We offer College Counseling to our High School students. It's a comprehensive and individualized process that involves students and their parents, as our aim is to provide collaborative support for the student between their home and school.

Our College Counselors work closely with our students to explore opportunities beyond school, taking into account the students’ academics, their extracurricular activities, personal preferences, the family’s budget, and prospective career paths. Based on these factors, our Counselors help each student find their “best fit” school and guides them through the  application process. Our Counselors also provide assistance to students seeking financial aid, gap year programs, university testing preparation courses, and summer program options.


College Visits and Tours

Besides individual sessions and observations, our College Counselors host regular university visits and college admissions fairs to expose our students to a wide range of post-secondary and higher education options, representing colleges and universities around the world. Students are exposed to more than 300 top universities yearly, providing unique opportunities to meet admissions officers in person and refine their application selections.