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News image Picture13 News | visualperformingarts | Global Campus | Juilliard | Visual and Performing Arts
Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Music
The performing arts are creative keys that can unlock your child’s imagination and significantly transform their education.
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News image Culminating ProjQ  A News | Juilliard | Global Campus | Highlights | Visual and Performing Arts
Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Drama
Being a participant of the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Drama P.D. for the Performing Arts was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
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News image NaisMLINK Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Global Campus | Highlights
Voting for a brighter future
Nord Anglia International School Manila has developed a voters’ education program for school students that has the potential to impact the country’s youth.
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News image EricLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
The reward of well-rounded study
Nearing the end of his first year of University, Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong graduate Eric Chen shares his thoughts on how the rigor and well-rounded approach to academic study in his senior years at school prepared him well for his degree.
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News image NAESADLINK Blog | servicelearning | Global Campus | Service Learning
The impact of a shared dream
A powerful online tool is spurring students into building more robust charity and social service programs designed to create a greater, positive impact in their local communities.
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News image MUNLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Young, mighty and globally-minded
Exposing younger students to the complexities of global issues will not only enable them to thrive in an inter-connected and multi-cultural society in the future but empower them to want to make greater positive change in the world.
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News image TTLINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Teacher Talk
NAIS Dublin’s head of primary Lisa Cannell shares how it’s a daily privilege to watch a child learn and why it’s important for young people to have an education that enriches both the mind and soul.
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News image CreativityLINK Blog | mit | Elementary School | Global Campus | Highlights
Unleash your creativity
Creativity isn’t a trait unique to those who pursue the arts. Educators say it’s a way of thinking that leads to imaginative and unique solutions to all types of real-world problems.
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News image Camp_LINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Taking the lead
It’s not just about fun for students at our summer camps. Through different activities they learn valuable life skills such as leadership, greater self-confidence, teamwork and time management
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News image Curiosity_LINK Blog | mit | Global Campus
Curious minds in high demand
Promoting curiosity and exploration is crucial to help achieve more effective problem solving. Schools can play a part in developing these qualities in young people through inquiry-based learning
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News image GC Page Link Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Students learn better when they learn together
Teamwork and collaboration are key skills that students must develop to thrive in the future.
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News image STEAM_LINK Blog | mit | Extracurricular Activities | Global Campus | Highlights
What’s the problem?
Employers want schools to equip students with complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills from a young age to better prepare them for work in the future.
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News image Page Link Blog | servicelearning | Global Campus | Service Learning
Step up and take action!
Inspiring students to move from awareness to action in their communities.
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News image LINK Blog | athletics | Extracurricular Activities | Global Campus | Highlights | MET Life | Secondary School
The Goal of Playing the Game
Playing competitive sports can teach students many positive social behaviours and life skills, but above all they realise that true competition is about working on themselves.
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News image Global Awareness LINK Blog | globalcampus | Global Campus
Nurturing global awareness and an international mindset
Nord Anglia Education (NAE) schools inspire confident, creative global citizens who have a thirst for knowledge and a vision to change the world for the better. We also believe that students with a global worldview will have competitive advantages in our increasingly interconnected world. Our education offer provides unique learning opportunities to enable our students to become truly globally-minded and globally-active citizens.
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News image Breadwinner  LINK Blog | library | Global Campus
Start the year on the right page with our Global Library recommendations!
Whether it’s about teaching children to find the magic all around them or telling of courageous young heroes who overcame profound hardships, the Global Library features inspiring titles that every Nord Anglia Education student will love to read this year. Read on to learn more out the three recommended books in the 2018/19 reading list.
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News image EpicIdentity_LINK Blog | globalcampus | Elementary School | Global Campus | mit
Astro boots inventor Professor Leia Stirling challenges students to create their own wearable technologies
Known for inventing boots for astronauts to walk on Mars, Professor Leia Stirling at MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics wants students to explore the world of wearable technology in the Epic Identity challenge and discover how gadgets are used to measure and enhance or help human performance.
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News image StudyPA_LINK Blog | visualperformingarts | Global Campus | Highlights | Juilliard | Visual and Performing Arts
Can studying the performing arts create successful students?
If you want your child to excel academically, socially and personally, can studying the performing arts be a key to success? Laura Rea, Music Teacher and Southeast Asia Regional Lead for the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme at the British International School, Hanoi (BIS Hanoi) says studying the performing arts can help students gain key skills and qualities to prepare them for their future.
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