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28 September, 2019

Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Music

Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Music The performing arts are creative keys that can unlock your child’s imagination and significantly transform their education.

Five years ago, in 2015, Nord Anglia and the Juilliard School initiated a collaborative program involving a Performing Arts Education curriculum from K-12. One of those pioneer schools was The British International School of Washington where, along with my colleagues Génesis Padilla and César Castillo, I had the opportunity to attend our first training on the Julliard Performing Arts Curriculum.

We learned about the essential elements of the Juilliard learning model: creative exploration, inquiry, reflection and personal connection, in a parallel process that musicians experience. Through scaffolding or incremental building steps, the students will develop the perceptual skills necessary to finally “encounter”, that is, listening and appreciating, the Core Works, a set of important musical works from different periods and styles.

The workshop included class observations with students from The British International School of Washington, where we had an opportunity to observe in action the application of some principles and lesson plans. We also used this workshop as an opportunity to network and initiate meaningful connections with Nord Anglia colleagues and Julliard School faculty in order to integrate our school in a collaborative and artistic learning community.


I think that the future implementation of the Julliard curriculum will be an enriching opportunity for our Met students. We are eager and enthusiastic about this new path. Julliard will add a broader dimension and resources to those values and principles that have always been the essence of our Music program: contribute holistically to our students’ personal and artistic development by advocating the uniqueness of the Performing Arts to support the development of essential life skills.