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15 October, 2019

Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Music

Professional Development: The Juilliard Experience in Music It is a dream for artists to train in one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world. After a long wait, this dream came true for me at Julliard.

It is a dream for artists to train in one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world. After a long wait, this dream came true for me at Julliard. In the hours leading to the workshop, I was full of energy and with a deep enthusiasm to absorb all of the knowledge possible. Once the workshop began, I was refreshed by the speakers - their honesty, their sincerity, their respect for all of us as educators (and students). More than anything I was inspired by the love and passion the workshop leaders have for their art form and teaching their discipline. What I found at Juilliard far exceeded my expectations.


Having concluded a great week of training, I now bring with me to the MET the responsibility of paving the way towards the MET's future music program. In the next months, as we prepare for our move to Green Valley, our music department, in collaboration with our academic leadership team, will begin tracing an implementation plan to incorporate the Juilliard curriculum to our music program.

The Juilliard collaboration is unique to Nord Anglia Education schools and includes the following components:

  • MET teachers will have access to the Juilliard Creative Classroom, an extraordinary online collection of educational resources that have been designed to enhance and supplement our performing arts curricula. Juilliard designed teaching materials, creative activities, historical information, rehearsal strategies, and professional development resources to lead students through explorations of core works of music, dance, and drama and emphasize building students’ personal artistry through their own creativity.
  • The keyboard will act as an entry point for music theory learning. It will be used as a tool to teach the fundamentals of music and notation such as reading, music notation and understanding harmony. 
  • Being an NAE school, the MET will have access to The Core Works, a music repertoire of great works of art hand-selected by Juilliard, which centers on 12 categories from different genres, cultures and historical periods. The works have been carefully chosen based on their iconic quality, teachable moments and to give breadth to your child's musical learning. 
  • Juilliard curriculum specialists and artists visit NAE schools around the world to bring excellence into the classroom and ignite the love of the arts in our students. 
  • Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard is an immersive experience available to our students to engage deeply in the performing arts, and make connections with other like-minded students across the world. 

Next year we will not only inaugurate and celebrate a new campus but start taking the steps to progressively launch the Juilliard-Nord Anglia program at the school. This program will inspire and develop in our students the skills, curiosity, and cultural literacy to interact with the performing arts throughout their lives.