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29 November, 2023

Celebrating Panama's Traditions: MET's Panamanian Cultural Week

Celebrating Panama's Traditions: MET's Panamanian Cultural Week  - Panamanian Cultural Week

November is a special month in Panama, known as the "Month of Fiestas Patrias" and the national holidays of Panama. Many activities occur throughout the country, in recognition of various momentous events that are part of its history.

It is a time when the country celebrates its history and independence. The most important dates that were decisive in the consolidation of this land that obtained full sovereignty on December 31, 1999, when the US troops withdrew from the Panama territory. These November dates represent important events in which men and women participated and are remembered for their patriotism and marked as role models for future generations. The streets are filled with the colors of the Panamanian flag, red, white, and blue, and there are many opportunities to hear typical music and participate in dancing. The Metropolitan School of Panama joins in the festivities by hosting a Panamanian Cultural Week, to celebrate our host nation.

The Panamanian Cultural Week at the MET stands out as one of the most distinguished annual projects since our school's opening in 2011. Every November, the MET family immerse themselves in celebrations, dedicating a week to celebrate the customs and traditions of Panama. The whole school community actively participates in workshops and a folkloric gala, paying tribute to the rich culture of our host country.

This year, MET's Panamanian Cultural Week focus, and theme was on the Panama Canal and titled "Footprints of the Canal". Students from Early Childhood to Elementary showcased their learning experiences through an exhibition, highlighting the historical journey of the Panama Canal.

Celebrating Panama's Traditions: MET's Panamanian Cultural Week  - Panamanian Cultural Week

Celebrating Panama's Traditions: MET's Panamanian Cultural Week  - Panamanian Cultural Week

A musical show, "From Panama to the World, Ready to Welcome You", added a vibrant touch to the celebrations. Students dressed in typical costumes and incorporated elements representing Panamanian culture. Various events, including a Folkloric Percussion workshop, an expert panel for IBDP students on the environmental impact of the canal, and a parent workshop on the colorful world of Afropanameños, took place throughout the week.

The week also featured two special guest speakers. Mrs. Ilya Marotta, Sub-Administrator of the Panama Canal, addressed the audience and shared her amazing insights on the importance of the canal and its impact on Panama's history. Captain Gabriel Alemán, President of the Panama Canal Pilot's Union, also shared his thrilling personal experiences and insights on the canal's significance.

Throughout this year’sPanamanian Cultural Week, students had the opportunity to engage in various activities and projects related to the Panama Canal. They learned about its history, significance, and impact on the Panamanian people. They explored various aspects of the canal, including its significance as a shipping route and its impact on the environment.

The Panamanian Cultural Week was a memorable event that brought the entire MET school community together to celebrate our host nation’s culture and history. It provided students with a deeper understanding of the Panama Canal and its enduring significance – not only locally, but also globally. The event not only enriched their academic learning but also fostered a sense of pride and identity within the Panamanian community at MET.

¡Que Viva Panamá! Click here to watch a video roundup of this celebration.