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30 August, 2023

Celebrating 12 Years: Inspiring Excellence in Education

Celebrating 12 Years: Inspiring Excellence in Education   - MET 12 Birthday
On Monday, August 28, 2023, we celebrated our 12th anniversary. The MET family came together in the lobby to commemorate the date with a grand flag-raising ceremony. Special guests included Ricardo Ramírez, the talented composer of the MET School Anthem, and vocal performers Gretel Garibaldi and Thays Puga, who joined us on campus to perform the MET Anthem live.

The MET Anthem

Ricardo Ramírez, the creative responsible for the MET Anthem when the school opened, took center stage at the piano. He was accompanied by the voices of Gretel Garibaldi and Thays Puga. As the MET Anthem came to life, our audience felt a sense of pride and achievement.

Our Head of School’s Perspective

Dr. Mark Starbuck, Head of School, emphasized the MET's commitment to excellence in education and its dedication to nurturing the potential of every student. Dr. Starbuck's words reinforced the MET's mission to provide a world-class education that prepares students for success in a rapidly evolving world.

Founders' Insights

Hugo Ramírez, a founder of our school, shared a heartfelt speech reflecting on the history and growth of our school. He recounted the early days when the MET was just a dream and how it has grown into a world-class educational institution today.

Recognizing Long-Standing Staff and Students

One of the most touching moments of the celebration was the recognition of individuals who have been at the MET since the beginning. Several students and staff members were honored for their dedication and commitment, having been a part of the MET family for over a decade.

The MET's 12th-anniversary celebration was not only a commemoration of the past but also a celebration of what lies ahead. As our MET Family continues to grow, evolve, and adapt to the changing educational landscape, one thing remains constant - Passion and Excellence in All We Do! Our commitment to excellence and the values that have defined us for the past 12 years remain firm.

Happy 12th anniversary, MET! Watch our celebration here.