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22 December, 2023

Building a World of Inclusion: MET Students Champion Children's Rights During World Children's Day

Building a World of Inclusion: MET Students Champion Children's Rights During World Children's Day  - World Children Day 2023

On World Children’s Day we make space for children and young people to raise their voices on the issues that matter to them. By prioritizing children's rights and participation, we can help to build a better future for all.

The week leading up to World Children’s Day at the MET was a vibrant celebration teeming with valuable lessons and engaging activities centered around the theme of inclusion.

This year’s celebration revolved around the exploration and advocacy of Children’s Rights, delving into the United Nations Convention of the Right of the Child (UNCRC). At the MET, we firmly believe in introducing children to these fundamental rights from an early age, embedding this crucial content and language in their learning journey.

For our youngest learners in Early Childhood and the early Elementary grades, the spotlight was on two pivotal children’s rights: The right to a family (UNCRC 9) and the right to have a voice (UNCRC 12). Collaborating with our dedicated CAS student volunteers, our students learned about these two pivotal rights and had a chance to showcase their families and raise their voices by expressing their preferences.

Moving up the ladder, older elementary students embarked on a deeper exploration of UNCRC by formulating class charters focusing on five specific rights. In a display of inclusivity, they brainstormed the shared responsibilities of both children and adults in upholding these rights within the school and the broader community. The signing of these charters symbolized their commitment to actively safeguard the rights of all children in their surroundings.

The middle and high school students seized the opportunity to immerse themselves in the UNCRC lessons via Nord Anglia’s Global Campus. This platform sparked meaningful discussions among students, enabling them to understand the meaning of children’s rights at their respective ages. Groups focused on select rights, discussing strategies to ensure the fulfillment of these rights within their circles of influence.

Furthering their voices, students across all grades took over our school’s social media, addressing the critical question: "What can you do to reduce inequalities?" Their insightful videos, published on our Instagram page, serve as reminders of the power each individual holds in combating disparities. You can watch the mentioned videos via the links below:
Secondary video
Middle school video
Elementary video

As a symbol of the MET’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and supporting children's rights, all students and staff wore a blue shirt on Friday, November 17th. The MET also formed part of the first Nord Anglia Education region to turn blue in commemoration of World Children’s Day! The color blue represents the solidarity we share with children around the world and our dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment at our school.

Here is the photo album!

This celebratory week was a culmination of not just learning, but also of engagement. It provided a platform for our students to cultivate empathy and compassion. These are traits essential for creating responsible global citizens who are committed to advocating for inclusivity and strive to make the world a better and fairer place for all children!