Through the performing arts, the Metropolitan School of Panama promotes a love and respect for drama and dance.
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Drama and Theater

Through drama, students further their communication skills, practice how to work collaboratively, and build self-awareness and confidence, as they take center stage as actors, script writers, set designers, light technicians, sound engineers, and directors! 

Drama enables all students to communicate in powerful ways. Through the dramatic arts, children develop creative skills, verbal and non-verbal forms of expression, an awareness of the perspectives of others, and aesthetic appreciation.

Connected with the IB's framework of inquiry, our performing arts program links themes explored across other subjects, through which students contextualize their learning. Students research, apply theories, create, present, and reflect upon their work.



Dance is a unique medium for learning about the self and our environment. Through dance, performers have the power to affect others through expressive movement, and in turn, be affected by the audience's response. Through the study of dance, an individual can explore the nuances of traditions, histories, cultures, and personal identity in the past, present, and future.

At the MET, dance is incorporated into the core curriculum in Middle School and is optional in High School. The course offers students an exploration of identity through personal, community, and global contexts through a creative, self-expressive, and physical medium.