At the Metropolitan School of Panama, we believe that creative exploration and imaginative thinking are a fundamental part of education, as they give children a unique means of communicating what they see, think, and feel.
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The integration of the visual arts into our curriculum stimulates children from an early age, nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and artistic development. Through the visual arts, our students examine and respond to the work of a vast spectrum of artists throughout history and acquire a range of skills and techniques. Children have the freedom to bring their imagination to life, creating and producing their own work through different media.

A core part of the MET’s curriculum, the visual arts program is interwoven with the IB’s Units of Inquiry in Elementary School and the Global Contexts in Secondary School. The visual arts program provides a framework for exploring art history, the use and applications of different materials, and the exploration of old and new techniques.

Students create visual forms of expression that are both meaningful to them and reflective of the world. As a result, the MET’s art program deepens their understanding of the role that the visual arts play in self- and collective-expression, in society and across cultures.