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11 October, 2018

STEAM Week/MIT Challenge "Street Smarts" September 6-13, 2018

STEAM Week/MIT Challenge "Street Smarts" September 6-13, 2018 STEAM Week/MIT Challenge September 6-13, 2018 IMG3371_crop

During the innaugural week of school at NAIS Dublin, students across all year groups participated in a school-wide STEAM Week/MIT Challenge called "Street Smarts". Built around the theme of 'navigating tomorrow' the challenge put to our students was to tackle the opportunities and problems inherent in driverless car technology. 


Students were divided into teams incorporating multiple year groups, and were first tasked with constructing a model of the South County Business Park, where the school is located. Each team then had to work collaboratively to build and program a model of an autonomous vehicle that could navigate the track and arrive at the school independently. 

The lessons and value of the project incorporated a range of disciplines that helped the students understand how their classroom studies translate into solutions for real-life challenges and future developments. Students combined knowledge from a variety of subjects to reach their unique team-based solutions.

The project also took on a wholistic IB learning approach, helping the students develop their social and collaborative skills as well as meta cognitive learning and problem-solving.

In the end students enjoyed a highly collaborative project with their new classmates and friends and participated in a spirited final competition to see which team's vehicle was best able to navigate the roads, roundabouts, trees and buildings to arrive at the final destination--Nord Anglia International School, Dublin!

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