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13 May, 2020

How to be Successful with Virtual School: Tips for Students

How to be Successful with Virtual School: Tips for Students Looking to switch it up? Need some new and fresh ideas on how to approach virtual school?Grade 3 student, Pola, offers some tips that have helped make her virtual school experience a positive one. Hero Image  blog

Hi, my name is Pola. It has been 2 months of my Nord Anglia Virtual School Experience. This change taught me a lot about how I can learn at home. Since I feel I found my way, I would love to share my experience with you!

  1. Make your own rituals around virtual school.

Prepare your learning space first. I really like my desk, notebooks and a quiet space to learn. When I log in to virtual school, I always start with the most difficult task or activity. You always learn and think better when you are energized in the morning. The other important thing is to take regular breaks to move your body once in a while. I dance and do gymnastics in my room or I go outside to have some fresh air or to play in the garden.


  1. Value your time, focus!

Make sure you are focused on what is important to learn. When you have several activities, just do them. Don’t spend too much time on perfecting the details, playing with colors, backgrounds or shapes. Remember that you learn something new everyday. Those little pieces of material are going to build your knowledge. This is how you master the topics.


  1. Be active in your virtual school.

I try to accomplish not only regular tasks. I love to participate in additional activities and after school challenges. There are so many opportunities to be active online. Remember that you are visible to your teachers and classmates with your comments and feedback. You are at home but still can communicate with others. You can also connect with your friends and work together on a certain activity.


  1. Be curious.

Knowledge is out there waiting for you. So many exciting things, facts and topics to discover. Learn it and use it. Don’t be afraid to try new things. I always try and push myself to discover new things that I didn’t know about before. Develop a passion/skill that has always fascinated you and you would like to be a part of, like dancing or acting. I was also able to get my math skills to a higher level by doing extra worksheets and getting help from my parents to understand the details.


  1. Have fun.

Play with the activities and tasks. All activities can be fun. The tasks you get are always interesting and enjoyable if you look at them in a positive way. After hard work during school time we get an afternoon challenge. This gives me an opportunity to explore new topics in a playful and relaxing way.


I hope these tips will help you enjoy virtual school even more. See you online and later on at school!