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18 May, 2020

What Makes My School Special

What Makes My School Special NAIS Dublin Grade 9 student, Agustina, shares with us what makes NAIS Dublin special to her. agustina

If two years ago, you’d have told me that I would truly enjoy going to school, that I’d experience more cultures and learn interesting subjects with teachers that are truly interested in helping their students learn, I would have told you that you were out of your mind!

But that was two years ago. During those two years, I realised that it was possible - NAIS Dublin is a school that has students –and teachers – from all around the globe. They all bring with them their different languages, cultures and stories.

The classes we have are interactive as we participate a lot, which I must admit was rather weird at first because I wasn’t used to so much interaction between students in a class. We learn languages, which we can choose ourselves and have all three of the arts as subjects. Also, if we want, we can pursue the performing arts in musical theatre and private music lessons after school, or in the annual school production which is always a blast to be a part of.

The IB curriculum is like nothing I’ve been in before. It has all the basic classes, there’s maths, english (otherwise referred to as language and literature), science, history and geography, the arts and languages. In additon to all of that, there is also design, which is a class I didn’t know existed before coming to this school! But above all, our classes are interconnected; what we are learning in maths can be transferred to help us with visual art. What we are learning in science can also be touched on in INS. As students we realise this, but we are shown that they are connected by our teachers, and it is something that I hadn’t realised in my previous schools. I knew maths and science had to be connected, but science and history? Wouldn’t have imagined it!

Academics aside, what I really enjoy about our school is that they care about us, not just the academic us, but also the out-of-school us. We are all made to feel welcome, and it doesn’t matter if you get good grades or not, because we are all part of a community and a school where grades do not define us. 

NAIS Dublin is a community that cares about our well-being and is understanding, helping those who need help instead of penalizing them for not understanding. It’s a school that understands that grades aren't the only thing we should focus on. Learning is important as it broadens our perspective and our understanding. All of which help us continue to grow into the people we want to be. I enjoy going to NAIS Dublin. It’s a school that cares, and a place where one can enjoy learning, growing, and making friends. 

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Written by Agustina, Grade 9 Student