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13 July, 2020

My Education and Infinite Possibilities

My Education and Infinite Possibilities - my-education
My Education and Infinite Possibilities Grade 6 student, Tazkia, shares with us her experience at NAIS Dublin and the many opportunities she has been presented with. Main_Image1270X450_4

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom”. This quote, from Ms. Oprah Winfrey, would never have resonated with me before last autumn,  when I joined the wonderful NAIS Dublin community. 

Prior to joining NAIS Dublin, I attended schools that followed conventional curricula which made me realise I was ready for change. What I expected was change, but only to the extent of a reform in the syllabus. How was I to know, when I entered past the large glass double doors of the school for the first time, that this experience would shape me to become a more confident, social, intelligent, and open-minded person? I embraced a new world of learning with fun challenges, remarkable teachers and a diverse community of peers. NAIS Dublin combined with the IB curriculum, encourages students to pursue their passion, and to achieve their desires through the infinite opportunities that they provide. You are pushed out of your comfort zone in a caring way – which is exactly what your world needs! It gives you new perspectives on problems and provides you with modern tools and initiatives to solve them on your own. Most importantly, NAIS Dublin teaches you to do what some schools cannot; it teaches you to think and work independently. NAIS Dublin encouraged all of these healthy alterations to my lifestyle, and opened new doors of opportunities to me, where otherwise I was feeling trapped within. So now, I can proudly say that the curriculum, the school, and it’s community, did indeed unlock this world for me, but most importantly, it presented me with a passport to my freedom. 


Written by: Tazkia, NAIS Dublin Grade 6 Student