We’re the only international school in Dublin, Ireland accredited to deliver the world-renowned IB curriculum to students from 3 to 18 years old. 
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Nord Anglia International School Dublin offers a world-class education in a vibrant international community. With a kaleidoscope of cultures and talent, we all learn and grow together each day.
Paul Crute
Principal, Nord Anglia International School Dublin
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The IB is taught in over 5,000 schools around the world and globally renowned for giving students a lifelong love of learning. Through the IB, our students achieve top academic results that open the door to the world’s finest universities.


The IB curriculum also encourages independence and critical thinking in our students unlike any other programme. An education at Nord Anglia International School Dublin takes students beyond the course content – to a place where curiosity and learning become a way of life.

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Created by world-leading education experts, our internationally recognised curriculum reimagines education through six key educational pillars:
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Academic excellence
We teach the IB curriculum because it delivers the best of both worlds – meaning your child gets the best academic results, while also making friends, having fun and growing their personal interests.
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Academic excellence

Our IB curriculum develops students’ ability to think for themselves – not just to take facts at face value, but to interpret and analyse them through the IB’s multidisciplinary framework. Our teachers are proactive in supporting every student, allowing them to grow into their talents and achieve beyond their own expectations. This approach to personalised learning is bolstered by our small class sizes, nuanced method of target-setting and ongoing academic attention.

NAIS Dublin is a friendly and supportive community of learners. Our personalised learning experience means teachers get to know each student’s strengths and learning style, then adapt their learning with tailored goals to help them be their best. Our aim is to create a nurturing environment where every student does well and is proud of their achievements.

We employ a unique pastoral model to make sure students aren’t just blossoming academically, but are happy and settled during their formative school years. The result? Happy, well-rounded students who can thrive academically and personally.

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Exceptional learning experiences

At Nord Anglia International School Dublin, we know that learning isn’t restricted to classrooms. Our students are encouraged to pursue their interests and strengths in every area, be it performing arts, languages, athletics or STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths), or beyond.

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Exceptional learning experiences

Every student is given the chance to experience a multitude of adventures and trips outside of their academic spheres. They are offered the chance to set out on expeditions – global, regional and local – designed to broaden their perspectives and expose them to different cultures, people and ideas. These enriching learning opportunities ensure that our students are equipped with the skills to flourish in and shape the world they inherit.

We challenge our students to take charge of their own learning and demonstrate the IB Learner Profile attributes. Working together and taking the initiative, students research real-life local and global issues and then explore and identify solutions, a type of learning that is key to developing the skills and international-mindedness needed for them to make a difference to our world.  

Physical activity is an important part of an education at NAIS Dublin and our experienced coaches ensure that every student can discover a sport or physical activity that they enjoy. 

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Advanced learning environment
Our Leopardstown campus is a dynamic, vibrant space, where every classroom is equipped with advanced learning technology that brings education to life. In this exciting environment of modern, purpose-built learning spaces, our teachers can unlock every student’s talents, whether in STEAM, music, drama or sport.
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Advanced learning environment

At NAIS Dublin, our classrooms are packed with cutting-edge learning technologies and many have been specially designed in collaboration with MIT and Juilliard. The array of technologies on offer, including iPads, drones, Spheros, 3D printers and interactive whiteboards, facilitates high-quality STEAM learning experiences. Our stimulating, immersive environments foster student innovation, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. Students also benefit from state-of-the-art science labs, equipped with sophisticated equipment for terrific experiments and intriguing investigations.

Our younger students (3 to 6 years old) enjoy bright and spacious learning environments and benefit from the presence of an additional teacher. Their classrooms have been specially designed to encourage exploration and discovery, so little ones are motivated to take supervised risks and apply their learning across a range of contexts.

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World's best teachers
Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. That’s why we select only the most passionate, experienced educators and give them unparalleled professional development opportunities. This ensures our teachers can give 100 per cent when it comes to inspiring the young minds in their care, motivating them to go on to academic and personal success.
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World's best teachers

At NAIS Dublin, we’re dedicated to learning at every level of our school. With a specialist Education Team and our contemporary approach to professional development, we ensure our teachers have what they need to continue their own learning. They collaborate with their peers across the global Nord Anglia family of schools to share best practices and the latest innovations in education.

Students also benefit from the teachers who are accredited IB external examiners, whose profound knowledge of the programme and qualification requirements is second to none.

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Our social purpose
The IB philosophy on international mindedness is ever-present in our curriculum as we strive to expand every student’s world-view, and give them unforgettable experiences with the power to shape their roles as future leaders.
 Our social purpose

Through our IB curriculum, students endeavour to find creative ways to make an impact on the world, both locally and globally. We inspire them to take ownership of their service learning, which helps them develop an understanding of why these activities are important for them and their communities. For example, our annual Tanzania Expedition, part of Nord Anglia’s Global Campus programme, sees students gain a deep appreciation for a new culture through hands-on projects improving the lives of others.

We know our students are driven to make their mark, so we work hard to help them do just that. Our global partnership with UNICEF opens their eyes to the world around them, inspiring them to identify and develop their own sense of purpose. NAIS Dublin has many local causes in which students can participate, including initiatives run in partnership with UNICEF and activities centring around the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nord Anglia Education family 
When you join our vibrant international community, you become part of the Nord Anglia network of students, parents and alumni, opening a world of opportunities and forging friendships for life.
The Nord Anglia Education family 

Our students have access to more than 25,000 other Nord Anglia students from across our global family of schools, gaining incredible insight into what childhood and school life are like in different parts of the world. Students also benefit from an active global alumni network who are happy to share their experiences to inspire those who come after them. As they transition from school to university or the start of their career, students can draw on the connections they’ve made with these alumni for advice and look to them for inspiration on what path might be right for them.

Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), elected every school year to serve as a link between our parents and the school, is instrumental in welcoming new families and helping them to settle into life in Dublin and our school, resulting in a strong home-school partnership. Student life at NAIS Dublin is enriched by the many cultures and traditions that make up our warm, friendly community, comprising almost 50 nationalities.

Nord Anglia’s Global Campus platform gives students the opportunity to connect, collaborate and learn with their peers across the world through exciting global projects. Through Global Campus, every student truly feels part of a unique worldwide family of avid learners. 

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We personalise our admissions process to meet your family’s needs and we’re delighted to help you every step of the way. Once you join us, you’re a member of the international Nord Anglia family, benefitting from global and regional events, trips, festivals, sporting competitions and, most importantly, the lifelong friends you’ll make in the process.
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NAIS Dublin offers a truly global experience with outstanding learning opportunities and world-class teachers. Every one of our students has the opportunity to shine, to realise their talents and make a real difference in a world beyond the classroom.