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Our Early Years Programme, hosted on our extraordinary Sai Kung Early Years Campus, covers Nursery and Reception stages of your child's education. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage from the English National Curriculum for our youngest learners’ advancement, and we tailor it to our international environment, here in Hong Kong. Led by highly qualified, UK-trained Early Years experts in our colourful, stimulating learning spaces, our programme has been designed to nurture every aspect of your child’s growth and to build their love for learning. 

NAIS Hong Kong early years


This early stage in introducing children to school life helps them become confident, well-rounded individuals who love to learn. We want your child to have fun and to always be happy, safe, and secure. During Nursery and Reception at NAIS Hong Kong, we inspire them to become lifelong learners.



At NAIS Hong Kong, we give our students many opportunities to play and actively engage with their learning. Our littlest learners learn in a variety of ways: watching others, talking, asking questions, listening, exploring, and investigating. We make play important to the foundation of their growth, taking your child through many indoor and outdoor experiences that make their activities memorable and fun.



Our expert teachers take a personalised approach to learning at NAIS Hong Kong. A happy child leads to a confident, engaged, and successful student. That’s why we cater to each child’s learning style and recognise their interests and needs. We want our students to know they are valued and listened to, from a young age.

Our teachers help your child develop their unique personality, talents, and abilities. They shape a strong sense of self and help each child feel positive about their abilities as a learner. This helps them form good relationships and become confident in their communication.



We integrate technology into all areas of learning, using it to enhance various learning opportunities. Our students will use tech to explore, to play with what they know, or to try something new. It may help them to become involved, to concentrate, to keep trying, to collaborate, to have their own ideas, or to make connections.

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum

During the Early Years, our teachers follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum from the English National Curriculum, adapted to our international environment in Hong Kong. The EYFS curriculum focuses on seven areas of growth that allow every day at school to be full of new, exciting activities for your child.
EYFS Personal Social and Emotional Development - NAIS Hong Kong
Personal, social, and emotional development
Through varied experiences and support from our teachers, your child will build a positive sense of themselves and of others. They’ll discover how to socialise and respect others. 
EYFS Communication and Language - NAIS Hong Kong
Communication and language
We’ll encourage your child to communicate well through many speaking and active listening exercises.
EYFS Mathematical Development - NAIS Hong Kong
Mathematical development
We’ll develop your child’s understanding of maths in a broad range of contexts. They can explore, enjoy, learn, practise, and talk about what they understand.
EYFS Understand the World - NAIS Hong Kong
Understanding the world
Your child will make sense of the world through hands-on experiences. They might learn about tools and materials, encounter animals and plants, or do practical experiments.
EYFS Physical Development - NAIS Hong Kong
Physical development
Your child will be active at school, enhancing their coordination, control, manipulation, and movement through exciting exercises. They’ll also learn about a healthy diet.
EYFS Expressive Arts and Design - NAIS Hong Kong
Expressive arts and design (EAD)
We’ll encourage your child to share their thoughts and feelings through a variety of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities, design, and technology. They’ll take specialist lessons in music.
EYFS Literacy Development - NAIS Hong Kong
Literacy development
We’ll guide your child to begin to read and write through storytelling.


Every day is different at NAIS Hong Kong. That’s down to our variety of learning experiences, exceptional teachers, and exclusive Nord Anglia collaborations with world-leading organisations.
A typical day at NAIS Hong Kong
Warming up together
Our littlest learners start their day with warm greetings and hands-on activities that encourage them to work together and be creative. Thanks to our experienced teachers, learning in our nurturing environment is always playful and fun!
Early Years | Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong - Visual Time Line Tabs-dot arch Early Years | Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong - Visual Time Line Tabs-dot arch
Warming up together
EYFS Learning Through Play - NAIS Hong Kong
Learning through play
Every lesson is packed with purposeful play. Curious minds discover more about the wonders around us in the world, listen to and tell stories, and get an early introduction maths – all while building their physical motor skills through hands-on experiences. 
Learning through play
EYFS Resting and Refuelling - NAIS Hong Kong
Resting and refuelling
During snack times and at lunch, we encourage healthy habits. Our children relax after a busy morning, reenergise over nutritious choices, and connect with their peers. After this renewing pause in our day, we’re ready for more playful learning in the afternoon!  
Resting and refuelling
EYFS A Wolrd of Exploration - NAIS Hong Kong
A world of exploration
Our students dive into different discoveries as we introduce them to science experiments powered by MIT or as they unleash their imaginations in our Juilliard-inspired performing arts activities. With these hands-on experiences, every day is full of stimulating thinking.
A world of exploration
EYFS Story Time - NAIS Hong Kong
Story time
It’s time to gather ‘round! A calming time of the day – for our teachers, too – story time winds our children down as they journey into the unknown, exploring fantastical worlds within the comfort of our cosy atmosphere. Here, we’ll reflect and share thoughts with the group, too. 
Story time
EYFS The Fun Continues - NAIS Hong Kong
The fun continues
From music and dance to sports and computing, our after-school activities give exciting opportunities to our little ones to take their learning beyond class time. Tailored to each child’s interests, our enrichment programmes boost their skills.
The fun continues


Our international curricula allow our students to learn at the best standards in the world. What’s more, we enrich the curricula with opportunities to uncover unique interests, so every child can follow their passion and create their path to their top-pick university.

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