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At our school, we’ve cultivated a thriving parent community from over 40 countries, offering families a place to build friendships, connect, and experience a true sense of belonging.

Whether you are considering joining us or already have a child enrolled, here is some valuable information and resources to assist you.



Keep track of key term, holiday, and special event dates at NAIS Hong Kong with our 2023–24 calendar.




Everything you need for day-to-day school life. 
School day
We structure our school day around routine that builds strong habits, while also offering a great range of variety in our learning experiences to help our students explore their interests and discover their passion. The school day's structure varies appropriately to your child’s year group.
School Bus - NAIS Hong Kong
School buses
Our school buses serve key locations around Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. Our routes are based on the current locations of our enrolled students and have been designed to be as convenient as possible for as many families as possible. 
School lunch
We aim to give our parents flexibility with lunch options. Students may bring their own snack and lunch. Students on our Lam Tin and Kwun Tong Campuses may also take advantage of our school cafeteria, where they can buy a hot lunch that’s been freshly prepared on campus. 
NAIS Hong Kong’s smart school uniform is an important part of our identity and allows all our students to feel proud of being part of Nord Anglia Education. It creates a sense of belonging and removes barriers. Our parents and students do not need to worry about the stresses of appropriate school wear, and students can focus on important aspects of school life.
We work together with parents in partnership at NAIS Hong Kong, expanding the curriculum through homework and other assignments our students complete from home. Homework builds upon their experiences at school, extends learning into the world, and encourages our students to talk about what they've been learning with others.


Everything you need – in one place.
Firefly is our Parent Portal, designed to give you insights into your child’s learning in the classroom, with homework and interactive activities all in one place. Log in to view your child’s progress and messages or updates from their teacher.
Absences or early dismissal
If your child is sick or needs to request a leave of absence for medical reasons, we have contacts at school that you should get in touch with.
Other school policies
All our policies in once place for you to download and reference – including policies on anti-bullying, additional support, admissions, behaviour, complaints, emergencies, heath and safety, and beyond. 
ISI inspection report
See NAIS Hong Kong’s thorough inspection report from the UK's Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection, which covers the ISI’s nine essential standards of school life. We're delighted that we’ve achieved the highest possible ranking of 'excellent' across all categories of independent review.


Everything you need to know about what we do for your child’s health and safety.
General health and safety
We have 24-hour security at school for your child’s safety, and for their health, we have an experienced school nurse who works very actively with our teachers to understand the medical needs of our students. If your child is ever unwell at school, our nurse is here to help.
Air quality
During times of the year when we experience poor air quality in Hong Kong, we follow closely the latest recommendations on limiting outdoor activities provided by the Hong Kong Government’s Education Bureau. We’ll especially look after students with asthma and other health conditions.
Typhoons and rainstorms
If there's an approaching typhoon or rainstorm in Hong Kong, we'll share different class dismissal times or campus closures with parents on the front page of our school website and on Facebook. Please review and be familiar with the actions we'll take depending on the situation, summarised here.
Wellbeing and pastoral care
Our teachers and staff support every student to feel valued, excited about learning, and guided by a sense of purpose and belonging within our community. We use different ways to support student wellbeing and have a wealth of resources, through Nord Anglia Education.


Our mix of extracurricular activities (ECAs) for all ages vary each term and encourage your child to take on new challenges. By building each child’s independence and confidence, our ECAs encourage collaborations across peers and the exchange of skills. ECAs also help them discover their unique talents and passion.
Thinkers, puzzlers, and debaters
Looking for the next academic challenge? Students can boost their English or Mandarin skills, join a STEAM club to tackle stimulating challenges, learn to code, or lead a debate that stretches their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Every term, we offer a variety of clubs and activities that get students’ minds ticking well beyond class time.
Science, tech, and engineering
Ready to build solutions to the challenges of the 21st century? As our mentors and experts at MIT show us at NAIS Hong Kong, so many global innovations begin with experiments in the lab. Our ECAs in varied areas of science, tech, and engineering have been designed to inspire each child to apply their curiosity in new and useful ways.
Creative and performing arts
There’s nothing like bringing your work of art into the spotlight or allowing your creative expression to truly shine on stage! Boosted by our Juilliard performing arts curriculum, every term, our students can delve into their passions for music, choir, drawing, painting, drama, and beyond to tell stories that captivate audiences.
Sport and health
Whether your child excels individually in the swimming pool or among our spirited team on the football pitch, we offer an array of sports and athletics that strengthen their wellbeing alongside their physical strength, resilience, and confidence. Your child can also enjoy competing at regional and international levels, within the Nord Anglia family.
NAIS Hong Kong
Leadership and service
At NAIS Hong Kong, we’re shaping young leaders who will make a difference. Our students get involved in local and international Model United Nations conferences or create change in different areas of our community as Portfolio Leads. They can also initiate their own projects as part of the ‘CAS’ component of the IB Diploma.


Are you and your family joining us in Hong Kong for the first time? There’s a lot for you to learn! We’ll help you prepare for your time and adjust to life in our great city. We’ve also prepared key information about the history, culture, and geography of Hong Kong, as well as core facts and statistics.
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Want to help your child have a wonderful time at school? Or looking for a way to connect with other parents and families in our vibrant community? Our Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) is always delighted to bring on more parents!

Our PTA is a group of parents, teachers, and staff members committed to enhancing the spirit of our community by connecting our students, parents, and teachers through fun events and interesting activities. We also have Class Coordinators in every year group, who support our community by assisting the communication between school staff, the PTA, and other parents.


  • Is there a school bus that my child can use?
    Yes. Our school buses serve key locations around Hong Kong and are available direct to our Early Years Campus in Sai Kung and Primary campus in Lam Tin.  We have a shuttle bus between Lam Tin and the Secondary Campus at Kwun Tong to allow secondary students to also use this service.

    Our buses are operated by an external company, Jacksons. All have a bus monitor responsible for safety on the bus, who will contact parents if the bus is delayed for any length of time.

    If you have further questions, please email our Student Services Team at 
  • Is a school lunch provided? Where is the food sourced from and how is it made?
    Our school canteens (Lam Tin Primary campus and Kwun Tong Secondary campus) are run by Chartwells, a leading educational food and support services provider with the highest standards of food preparation and hygiene. 

    Students may choose from a variety of foods, and we have a healthy food policy which ensures that options are highly nutritious and freshly prepared. Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch to school.
  • Will my child be able to take part in extracurricular activities (ECAs) after school?
    At NAIS Hong Kong, we offer a wide variety of ECAs in Early Years, Primary, and Secondary. ECAs run across three afternoons per week. In addition, for Primary and Secondary, some specialised activities also run before school and during lunchtimes (e.g. Music and Sport teams). 

    To ensure a balance of activities and to match the individual interests of each child, we theme our activities under different ‘umbrellas’: Thinkers, Debaters, and Puzzlers; Science, Technology, and Engineering; Creative and Performance Arts; and Sport and Health. We believe that this breadth of activities across each term gives your child the chance to explore and develop new skills and interests to become well-rounded individuals. 

    These activities may comprise a mixture of free, paid, and by-invitation-only activities. Learn more about our students’ outstanding experiences during ECAs.
  • How does the school communicate with parents?

    We communicate with families in a variety of ways that reflect modern life and communication:

    • Face-to-face conversations, either formally at planned Parent Evenings, or informally at parent or teacher request.
    • Emails and phone calls to and from teachers and parents.
    • We use Firefly as a platform to send messages and for teachers to post pictures and information about what’s been happening in your child’s class.
    • Social media including our school Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.
    • Students use Microsoft Teams to access their work and keep track of homework.
    • Weekly parent updates, which summarise the week’s highlights and give important notices of upcoming events and activities.
  • As a parent, how can I get involved?
    We encourage all parents to take an active role in school life, and our active Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) is a great place to start. This group of parent volunteers holds regular meetings and coffee mornings to plan and executes our major school events, raise money, and provide support to our school charities. The PTA is a great way for parents to make friends. 

    The PTA also organises our class representatives, who work directly with class teachers and parents to help with school outings and events and to bring parents together for fun activities. You can contact the PTA at


We combine world-class teaching and globally recognised curricula with cutting-edge technology and facilities. Our educators are passionate about inspiring young minds – and through our exceptional training opportunities, they never stop learning.

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