We offer a wide-ranging programme of extracurricular activities, including arts and sport, for your child to participate in and thus enhance their learning and development.
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NAISHK Parents can find a full list of ECAs here for Primary and here for Secondary.

Our teaching philosophy ensures that your child will shine in and outside of the classroom. Our school features excellent facilities for arts and sport, both during and after the school day.

Clubs and activities offer the chance for children to take on new challenges, to work with different people, and to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Our extracurricular activities (ECAs) encourage independence, perseverance and commitment.
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At Nord Anglia International School in Hong Kong, we offer a broad mix of ECAs, including a range of sports (both individual and team) and arts (from music and choir to drawing, drama and debating). If children want a more academic challenge, they can develop their language skills, join a science club or participate in Mandarin Club. The precise mix of activities varies from term to term, but there is always plenty to broaden children’s minds and develop their skills. 

For primary school students, ECAs run Monday to Wednesday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. These are teacher-run ECAs (free of charge). On Thursdays, we have ECAs run by external providers where a fee applies. 

For secondary school students, we will be offering a combination of free lunchtime clubs and predominately fee-based after-school ECAs. We feel this is more suitable at secondary level, when we like to offer students more specialist activities. In addition, some students from Year 4 upwards will have squad training for different sports if they are selected for teams.

All ECAs are optional. There are normally no ECAs in the first and last weeks of term. 
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There’s always a world of learning beyond the classroom at NAIS Hong Kong. No matter what your child’s personal interests may be, we’ll nourish their curiosity with hands-on activities and inspiring adventures. And at every step of the journey, they’ll build their confidence.

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