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Spanning Years 1 to 6, Primary School focuses on helping each child become an active participant in their learning, as they increase their independence and become an inquisitive thinker. Structured into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the English National Curriculum, our students build their core academic skills in English and maths, while exploring a variety of other subjects, from music to science. 
NAIS Hong Kong primary school student


In Primary School at NAIS Hong Kong, we focus on rigorous academic development in English and maths, and we take a thematic approach to learning a variety of other subjects. This combination helps each child build their core skills as well as a range of knowledge in connection with the world.

Our specialist teachers teach art, music, drama, physical education (PE), Mandarin, and more to our Primary students. We also offer other languages: French from Year 5 onwards and Spanish from Year 6 onwards, as students get ready to enter Secondary School.



Our expert teachers take a personalised approach to learning at NAIS Hong Kong. Throughout Primary School, they tailor the instruction to the interests, needs, goals, and aspirations of each child. With a child-centred approach, they can encourage each to be curious, ask questions, explore, and begin to do research to build their understanding. This helps make the class interactive, where every child participates and is engaged.

Our teachers also help each child build a positive mindset in and beyond the classroom, boosting their confidence and encouraging their overall academic success.

As part of a holistic approach to each child’s education, we help them become a well-rounded and responsible citizen, who wants to help our communities and make our world better. We have a PSCHE unit at the start of each year that focuses on the emotional wellbeing of our students. We also offer a pastoral care and many learning experiences that help each child build their own sense of purpose.



Used by over 30,000 international schools in the UK and overseas, the English National Curriculum brings reassurance to parents and stability to students – important factors when moving between countries.

Our Primary School teachers take the best aspects of the rigorous English National Curriculum and adapt it to our international context in Hong Kong, shaping learning experiences that give our students the highest quality of education.

The English National Curriculum has stages of advancement, known as the ‘Key Stages’. Primary school spans Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2, from ages 5 to 7) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6, from ages 7 to 11). Students study English, Mandarin, mathematics, science, music, history, geography, STEAM subjects, and more.



Primary Key Stage 1 - NAIS Hong Kong
Key Stage 1
Years 1 and 2
At Key Stage 1, we emphasise core skills in numeracy and literacy by focusing on guided reading, phonics, and mental maths. Students also study a variety of other subjects, grouped around themes and topics: science; history; geography; art; music; design technology; personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE); information and communication technologies (ICT); and physical education (PE). 
Primary Key Stage 2 - NAIS Hong Kong
Key Stage 2
Years 3–6
At Key Stage 2, in addition to English and maths, we teach variety of subjects, grouped around themes and topics: science; history; geography; art; music; design technology; personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE); information and communication technologies (ICT); and physical education (PE). Through every lesson, each child learns to take an active approach of owning their advancement.


Every day is different at NAIS Hong Kong. That’s down to our variety of learning experiences, exceptional teachers, and exclusive Nord Anglia collaborations with world-leading organisations.
Good morning!
Every day begins delving into class or a vibrant morning assembly, where we foster an upbeat spirit and sense of community. We’ll might celebrate achievements, share announcements, or jump into inspiring hands-on activities.
Good morning!
Primary Interactive Classroom - NAIS Hong Kong
An interactive classroom
No matter the subject – English, mathematics, science, or social studies – our students are actively participating, sharing their solutions and asking questions. Thanks to our expert teachers, the classroom becomes abundant with critical thinking and collaboration.
An interactive classroom
Primary Pause and Rest - NAIS Hong Kong
Pause and reset
Over a delicious meal prepared by our talented kitchen staff or a packed meal from home, our students tend to their nutrition at lunchtime. They also catch up with friends and refuel for continued learning into the afternoon.
Pause and reset
Primary Discover the World - NAIS Hong Kong
Understanding the world
Afternoon classes in subjects like languages, computer literacy, and environmental studies stimulate every child’s curiosity, encouraging them to think on their own. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, learning comes to life in the world.
Understanding the world
Primary Follow Your Interest - NAIS Hong Kong
Follow your interests
Our ECAs have something for everyone – robotics, drama, sports, coding, and music, to name just a few! We encourage everyone to try new opportunities, and students have fun building their skills while fostering friendships over common interests. 
Follow your interests


Our international curricula allow our students to learn at the best standards in the world. What’s more, we enrich the curricula with opportunities to uncover unique interests, so every child can follow their passion and create their path to their top-pick university.

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