At NAIS Hong Kong, our teachers are experts at personalising their teaching to our students' individual interests, needs, and aspirations – all the way from Early Years through to graduation. Thanks to our small class sizes and close-knit student-to-teacher ratio of 11:1, our students receive in-depth, personalised attention that helps them flourish in their talents.
Principal Kenny Duncan - NAIS Hong Kong
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Our positive education nurtures resilience, empathy, and communication skills. Our students achieve outstanding academic results, sporting success, artistic recognition, and secure places at the world’s top universities. We ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to succeed in our rapidly changing world.
Kenny Duncan
Principal, Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong
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Our students excel because our teachers adapt to the individual needs of each student. Each child is treated as an individual, and supported and challenged in just the right way to follow their interests and discover their passions.


We build the foundation your child needs to grow into a confident, ambitious, kind, and independent learner. They get the best of all worlds with the strong backbone of the English National Curriculum, which leads them through IGCSEs. They then become ready to pursue the rigorous and world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a gold standard honoured by top universities.

Each academic programme offers a range of subject choices – Spanish, French, and Chinese at IGCSE and IBDP levels, plus our extensive Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme – which help your child develop all they need to thrive academically, personally, and socially. 

Our comprehensive, holistic approach within an international context makes all the difference. At NAIS Hong Kong, we’ll help your child prepare for their first-choice university in the world with confidence.

Academic Excellence - NAIS Hong Kong
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We expose our students to a range of opportunities, so they can uncover and follow their interests, discover their passion, and create their own success story.
Academic excellence
At Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong, our students learn using the world's most respected curricula. Each child builds a life-long love of learning as they pursue their interests. And this leads them to achieve outstanding academic results that open pathways to the world's best universities.
Academic excellence
In 2022 and 2023, 100% of our graduates received offers from their first-choice university in the world, allowing them to pursue their passions at globally leading institutions – Imperial College London, UCL, King's College London, Edinburgh University, Melbourne University, National University of Singapore, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and HKUST, to name a few. But that's not all. No matter what they wanted to do or be in life, at NAIS Hong Kong, we prepared them to succeed in the world.

That’s because our fantastic teachers get to know each child in-depth at NAIS Hong Kong, helping them flourish by supporting and challenging them exactly where they need it within our small-sized classes. With some flexibility and world-class teaching tools at their disposal, our teachers create a good relationship with every child and encourage them find creative ways to overcome challenges. Students take active approaches and build their problem-solving skills through stimulating, hands-on experiences that make learning memorable and lead our students to reach their full potential.  

Our world-renowned curricula get your child ready to succeed on international exams and give them a competitive edge by encouraging all their interests beyond the classroom, too. The English National Curriculum goes in depth in core subjects, yet still exposes each child to a range of fields, so that by the time they’re taking their IGCSEs and pursuing their IB Diploma, they're ready to take on more subjects and to dive into our extensive 'Creativity, Activity, Service' (CAS) programme. 

Boosted by our Nord Anglia collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, Apple, and UNICEF, we give each child unparalleled learning experiences that develop their talents under top experts in the world. These experiences have been designed to inspire their ambition and lifelong love for learning.
The world's best teachers
Our fantastic teachers bring a wealth of international experience to NAIS Hong Kong. They lead in their expertise in our curricula, and they know exactly how to personalise learning to the child – guiding each on their unique journey to their full academic potential. 
The world's best teachers
How do teachers inspire their students to go beyond what they ever imagined possible? It begins with building a strong relationship of trust and continues with sparks of excitement at each academic milestone, showing our students how far they can really go. Our teachers at NAIS Hong Kong are not only passionate about watching each child lead in their own growth and academic development; they're always there to give personalised advice and guidance at any falter, too. It's their forte to help each child bring their full potential into realisation, and in the way that's most meaningful to their unique interests, goals, and aspirations. 

All our teachers have a wealth of experience, both from teaching in the UK and overseas. Coming from schools in other countries or from other Nord Anglia schools, they're experts in the English National Curriculum and very knowledgeable and experienced in our secondary exams, IGCSEs, and the IBDP. All hold UK Qualified Teacher Status or the equivalent and many have specialised master's degrees. They’re also continually upgrading their practices with world-class trainings and resources from Nord Anglia University, Nord Anglia's online training platform with hundreds of professional development opportunities. This means your child's teacher is not only highly qualified in how to personalise learning to the ability of your child; they’re also always staying at the forefront of best practice in global education with Nord Anglia.

And because our teachers are so well supported, they're happy at our school. They remain on our team for an average of five years, and many stay with us for much longer. This continuity strengthens us with a robust base of expertise, allowing many to be promoted to senior positions within NAIS Hong Kong. What's more, happy teachers foster an environment of happy students. 97% of our parents confirm their child is happy at our school.
Outstanding Learning Experiences - NAIS Hong Kong
Outstanding learning experiences
Our Nord Anglia collaborations with MIT, Apple, The Juilliard School, and UNICEF give your child unparalleled opportunities to learn from world leaders in STEAM, the arts, and beyond. And with exciting extracurricular activities and trips beyond the classroom, our students are always diving into new discoveries.
Outstanding learning experiences
At NAIS Hong Kong, we take learning beyond the classroom. Whether it's during our extensive extracurricular activities (ECAs), a regional or international trip, or a hands-on challenge through our Nord Anglia collaborations with MIT, Juilliard, or UNICEF, we bring learning to life. And through these memorable experiences in the world, our students do more than just enhance their academic understanding. They strengthen their social and collaboration skills, bond with peers, exchange skills, and create lifelong friendships with students from around the world.

Our collaborations with world-leading organisations have been especially designed to go beyond our curricula and give our students the tools and skills to succeed. Each activity boosts our students' personal qualities, such as their creativity and resilience. With MIT, they learn how to apply 'design thinking’ to many kinds of problems, creating their own solutions. With Juilliard, they learn how to innovate in their creative expression, while appreciating different cultures and backgrounds. UNICEF shows them how they can make a difference locally and globally through the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. And Apple them the technical tools to boost their digital skills at the forefront of the industry, including ways of doing excellent research or creating something new.

By exposing our students to a range of opportunities, they can discover their passion and create their own success story. Thanks to Nord Anglia, we're always going above and beyond at NAIS Hong Kong. Every year, our students join 25,000 of their Nord Anglia peers to participate in large-scale Nord Anglia events focused on sports, music, or STEAM. There are even Model United Nations conferences, which can lead our students to the High-level Political Forum at United Nations in New York, where they can share their ideas to create positive change in our world. On Nord Anglia's online platform Global Campus, our students also have unique global projects, challenges, and activities.
The Nord Anglia Education family
As part of the Nord Anglia family, we have a worldwide learning community. Nord Anglia’s Global Campus and other events and festivals create many rich opportunities to make friends around the world, as students connect over their common interests and passions.
The Nord Anglia Education family
Through the Nord Anglia Education family, our students expand their global awareness during many opportunities to connect with our global network of over 80 schools across more than 30 countries  . Our students participate in annual regional festivals and events in sport, music, STEAM, and Model United Nations – alongside over 25,000 Nord Anglia peers from across the globe. They exchange ideas and learn how others tackle the same challenges at these exciting events. Nord Anglia's online platform, Global Campus, even gives our students other global projects and resources, where they can learn alongside their peers. Whether they're virtually climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or participating in a STEAM competition on Global Campus, they get to collaborate with classmates worldwide.

Closer to home, on our campuses, all our students participate in our House system, which connects them across year groups and encourages a spirited approach to school life. The House system is a traditional and important part of the British education system, designed to bring all year groups together as one. Each student belongs to one of four Houses, which gives them a sense of shared identity and belonging. Regular House competitions and sports days encourage their social skills and confidence, while also encouraging healthy competition.

Throughout NAIS Hong Kong and the Nord Anglia family, parents also play an important role in bringing everyone together. They welcome new families from across the world, as they adjust to life in Hong Kong. They also organise several educational and social activities that build friendships and strengthen the home-school partnership.
Our social purpose
How can our students help or improve communities, locally and globally? At NAIS Hong Kong, they not only discover their passion, but also consider how to apply it in the world around them. As young leaders, they can drive change through their social entrepreneurship. 
Our social purpose
From a young age at NAIS Hong Kong, our students build their social consciousness by considering how they can improve the environment, participate in communities, and create a better future for all children. They learn about the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child through Global Campus' Social Impact programme. We challenge them to create solutions, participating in UNICEF's Global Challenge and supporting hundreds of local causes that open their eyes to the world and help them build their own sense of purpose.

Our Student Council creates change local to our campuses, with young leaders in both Primary and Secondary who serve as the voice for their year groups. Trusted and empowered by their classmates, Student Council members listen to their peers' needs, concerns, and desires. They share this information with their teachers and school leadership, proposing exciting ideas or solutions to challenges. In addition to boosting their sense of purpose within our school community, Student Council members learn how to apply their critical thinking and leadership skills in ways that help others. 

Our Secondary students learn how to actively drive change through social entrepreneurship opportunities. One of the core elements of the IB Diploma Programme, CAS or 'Creativity, Activity, Service', puts social entrepreneurship into the heart of our curriculum, as students apply their passion to help others. To build up their experience for the IBDP, our Secondary students collaborate among Student Portfolios – devoted to areas like wellbeing, the environment, charity partnerships, communications, social connections, and more – to make positive changes. Building onto experience with our Student Portfolios, our students can even participate on the NAE Student Advisory Board, working with Nord Anglia students across the globe to decide how to fund and deliver incredible social impact projects through the annual Nord Anglia Social Impact Award. This award respects and celebrates children's rights and the UN’s SDGs, while supporting student-run social impact initiatives that drive change in their communities.
Advanced learning environments
With a dedicated Early Years, Primary, and Secondary campus for each stage of your child's growth, NAIS Hong Kong has been purposefully designed with the very best learning environments. We give your child great range between our interactive classrooms and specialist spaces. 
Advanced learning environments
At NAIS Hong Kong, we're delighted to have three custom-designed campuses and age-appropriate learning environments across Early Years, Primary, and Secondary. Each has been designed to target the learning goals of your child’s year group and is well prepared to host hands-on experiences that complement classroom learning. Our students shift between their classrooms and a variety of state-of-the-art specialist spaces.

The Sai Kung Early Years Campus is an extraordinary learning environment unique to Hong Kong. It features numerous age-appropriate, colourfully designed spaces and play stations that create a calm and secure environment for our littlest to explore. With open-ended resources, they can learn across different stations with a variety of materials and tools. Interactive playing becomes their favourite way to learn, as it stimulates their imagination and curiosity and connects them with their peers in fun ways.

The Lam Tin Primary Campus has a welcoming, modern design with light and bright classrooms and a great range of stimulating specialist spaces. Because this campus was formerly designed to include Secondary school, many of our classrooms are advanced with features that inspire our Primary students with the highest level of learning. For example, we have advanced STEAM spaces and science labs for hands-on experiments as well as a richly stocked library. We also have a grand rock-climbing wall and 25-metre swimming pool, keeping our students' bodies and minds active!

Our newest campus, the Kwun Tong Secondary Campus, was designed by world-leading architects to give our Secondary students a university-like setting with modern, open construction and a clean, minimal design. Filled with natural light, its spaces are integrated, encouraging students to shift between subject-specific classrooms, interactive specialist spaces, and collaborative workspaces. This campus also stands out for its one-of-a-kind Innovation Centre, impeccable Juilliard Performing Arts Centre, inspiring Resource Centre, and mixed-study IB Suite – all to encourage your child's individual talents and opportunities to exchange with peers.



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We’ll give your child the best of all worlds at NAIS Hong Kong. Thanks to our incredible teachers and English and international curricula, your child will go beyond the norm and dive into a range of opportunities.

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