These subjects are not just a study of scientific facts, but also the opportunity to learn about how science works. Strong scientific theory, combined with the reality of how science investigations are conducted, form the basis of these courses.
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If you have a love of science then Group 4 subjects will appeal to you. The main skills which you’ll acquire from your Group 4 subject(s) will be the ability to analyse data in all its forms, answer technical questions and justify your answers. This will usually involve selecting the correct information to use from the large amount you are presented with. This is what making decisions in real life is like and so is a vital skill to have in any career.

You will learn how scientists work, share ideas, use the scientific method and about the very nature of science itself. For all the experimental sciences, there is a considerable amount of practical work to undertake and some of this will count towards your final grade.

The Group 4 subjects emphasise experimental work and a practical approach to learning, which complement the different ways of learning in other parts of the DP.

Biology HL

Biology SL

Chemistry HL

Chemistry SL

Physics HL

Physics SL

Sports Exercise and Health Science HL-SL

Computer Science HL

Computer Science SL

Environmental Systems and Societies SL


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is widely recognised throughout the world for its rigorous academic programme that prepares global citizens for the best universities in the world.

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