Language and communication is at the heart of what it means to be a human being. If students can use language accurately and with confidence then a world of opportunity is opened up to them.
NAIS Hong Kong secondary english

We have developed an English curriculum that we hope students will find exciting, challenging and liberating.  Our curriculum will develop students who are well read and knowledgeable about language but also skilled in debate and discussion about their ideas and attitudes. We aim to achieve a balance of structure and skills to give support while offering opportunities for developing creativity and individuality.

Preparation is key to our curriculum with students doing the groundwork for success at IGCSE, the IB diploma and higher education while opening up pathways leading to lifelong learning by developing a love of language and literature. We will also be adopting a cross-curricular approach linking themes and activities with History, Drama. Art and other subjects.

Key Stage Three English uses three lesson formats a week:


We build our students’ skills and knowledge in a range of subject areas at the high standards of the English National Curriculum, taking a broad and balanced approach to the fostering students’ core skills in critical thinking, reasoning, and communication.

Our academic excellence
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