Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is unique as it provides the bridge between the social sciences (Human Geography) and the natural sciences (Physical Geography).
NAIS Hong Kong secondary geography

Human Geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and physical geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of physical landscapes and the environment.

Everything that has ever existed (or ever will) is in some way related to Geography. Over the course of their geographical studies, students will study the broadest range of topics. Topics as diverse and as destructive as volcanoes and earthquakes and as fundamental as the evolution of life on earth!

In Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils will be equipped with all the necessary tools with which to be highly successful in IGCSE and IB examinations later in their school career. The core geographical principles including locational and place based knowledge and understanding as well as the application of skills and developing an understanding of the route to geographical enquiry.

Students will contextualize their studies during Key Stage Three in a wide range of locations ranging from the study of tourism in the French Alps in Year 7 to the causes of desertification in the Horn of Africa in Year 8 and the impact of the fashion industry on Myanmar in Year 9.

In Geography, we believe that it is critically important to expose pupils to the rapidly changing tools that technology has to offer. Whilst exploring our diverse and detailed curriculum pupils will develop their presentation, evaluation and analysis skills using everyday software such as Google Maps but also more specialized applications such as the latest school based Geographical Information Systems (GIS software). Students will also learn how to select and process relevant information from the Internet, often using real time data to inform their studies.


We build our students’ skills and knowledge in a range of subject areas at the high standards of the English National Curriculum, taking a broad and balanced approach to the fostering students’ core skills in critical thinking, reasoning, and communication.

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