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29 January, 2015

The COBIS Team

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The COBIS Team
The COBIS Team

We are delighted to announce we have selected a team for the COBIS Games.  

As you know, our PE staff have been busy with trials over the last few weeks to chose the best team for the COBIS Games taking place in Athens, Greece on 14 – 16 May 2015. Head of PE, Mr Martin Pate said the competition for places was very fierce and it was a challenge for them to choose the best team to represent NAIS. When he announced the results, Mr Pate added that although some pupils were unsuccessful this time, he praised each and every pupil on their brilliant efforts and talent. 

The team is limited to 7 boys and 7 girls and the chosen team were:

Boys: Vic Jiwattanakul, Zan Thompson, Jotaro Kunitomo, Reza Bayat, Kenan Little, Brendan Wang, Justin Suo 

Reserves: Charlie Dier, Aaron Hallworth, Bobby Li, Henrique Bastos

Girls: Simone Skovgaard, Amber Khaira, Polina Evdokimova, Janice Ooi, Nina Finch, Megu Tanaka, Crystal Deng 

Reserves: Amaya Berrisford, Nicole Chan, Tina Ma, Jessica Wong

A huge congratulations to all! This will be a superb opportunity for our pupils to compete at an international event and will be an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives!