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15 October, 2015

Stars of the Week - Primary

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Stars of the Week - Primary
Stars of the Week - Primary

Similar to last week, we celebrated the children that have been the "most ambitious in their learning" this week. Congratulations to our Stars of the Week in Primary who are:

Year 1: Maya Altintas, Alex Gao, Shekston Lee, Claire Forbes, Jules Prin

Year 2: Imogen Harley, Keira Lister, Ardi Tse, Yahya Saad, Markos Vourloumis

Year 3: Ethan Lau, Julian Zhu, Maximus Woodrow, Oliver Walpole, Theo Lam

Year 4: Oliver Merrill, Ian Cho, Ceren Sener, Cayden Lock

Year 5: Jack Parsons, Justin Wong, Eason Ying, Rayyan Saad

Year 6: Kenan Little, Clarice Kwok, Aaron Hallworth

Thanks goes to Class 6B (Mrs. Charlier's class)! They told us more about World War II, Anne Frank and Jesse Owen. A great lesson in history for everyone!