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16 January, 2016

Great team work from Basketball Knights!

Team  680
Great team work from Basketball Knights!
Great team work from Basketball Knights! Read the report from one of our parents. Fantastic team work from the Knights. Good luck with next week's game!

A brilliant match report direct from our Knights Basketball match at HKIS today - thanks to our parents for sending over this report and the photo: 

"The first game against HKIS was 8-9 at full-time, with the win snatched from NAIS in the final minutes. Great team work and spirit by the Knights. The second games was against VSA. They were a far stronger and more experienced team, which showed as they pulled away to 3-11 in the first period. But the Knights defense was brilliant in the second half. The lads shut down VSA leaving them scoreless for the second half. The parents of VSA actually congratulated us on our boys effort. In both games, the boys played with great sportsmanship. Mr. Malone  (PE Teacher) is doing a great job!"

Cheer on the Knights in next week's Saturday game at NAIS!