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24 June, 2016

Parent Update - 24 June 2016

Parent Update - 24 June 2016
Parent Update - 24 June 2016 We are fast approaching the end of term, and our students are all looking forward to their class parties next week. Please click here to find the links to The Juilliard concert, PTA news and events for next week.

Dear Parents,

We are fast approaching the end of term, and our students are all looking forward to their class parties next week.

Please remember that we'll be finishing early on Thursday, so you'll need to take this into account if you are picking up from school or from the bus stops.


29 June

Year 6 Production (9.30am)

Year 6 Graduation (1.30pm)

Class Parties - Primary (1.15pm - 2.15pm)

Class Parties - Secondary (2.45pm - 3.30pm)


30 June, 8.30am

Prize Giving Ceremony

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we have had to limit invitations to parents of children receiving awards. We will, however, share a lovely end-of-term video with you all.


Parents may take children home after the Prize Giving, but please remember to let your class teacher know - and the bus team (if you use it).


30 June, 1.00pm

Term ends. Buses leave at 1.00pm. 

Please remember to be at your bus pick-up stop two hours earlier than usual.





We had a wonderful evening last Friday with our first Juilliard - Nord Anglia concert. While our Juilliard performers, Anderson & Roe, were incredible, we were all so impressed and moved by the number of new NAIS musicians who got involved and performed. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and play in front of a full audience of parents!


Please take time to click here to see more photos and an overview of what our enriched Juilliard curriculum will mean for your child.



The PTA is delighted to introduce and welcome the newly elected PTA Committee:

Chair: Gemma Simmonds

Vice Chair: Maria Martinez

Secretary: vacant

Treasurer: Heath Zarin

Committee Members: Jessica Bruser, Patrick Chan, Tien Nguyen, Ira Noor, David Seto, David Thomas and Irene Wong.


Gemma would like to take this opportunity to say a big 'Thank you' to Heath Zarin and the outgoing PTA Committee for all their hard work and dedication in creating, from scratch, a PTA for NAIS over these past 18 months.


Gemma and the Committee are very much looking forward to organising more PTA events, and to supporting school events during the course of the next year. A huge amount of work goes into every event, so Gemma would like to encourage parents to volunteer, as much or as little as they can. "Everything helps us to do more for our school community," explained Gemma. Please email:


2nd PTA NAIS GALA DINNER - Click here for photos

Speaking of PTA events, the much-awaited photos of the evening are now available. Please click here to enjoy this overview of a wondeful evening.



There are still more than 600 library books that have not made their way back to our Miss Richardson. Could you please double check at home and return them asap.


PLEASE RETURN SPORTS KIT - Netball and Football

Mr Pate asks that, if you've not aleady done so, could you please return any remaining sports kit to the PE department.  There are still a few football and netball kits to be returned. 



If you're ordering food for the next academic year, please remember that 22 August is for our new Year 1s only. For other years, please order - and pay - from 23 August onwards. Thanks.



Huge piles of our 2nd Year Book have appeared in my office. It looks fabulous. What a year! A huge thank you to Carol Wong, who has pulled together this wonderul reminder of the year. We'll be giving a free copy to every student on Monday. If you would like extra copies, please put $150 in an envelope marked with your child's name and pass it to Miss Flora at our Reception.




END OF TERM ASSEMBLIES - PRIMARY & SECONDARY - Please click here for photos


Thank you to Isabelle (Year 4) for playing the piano so beautifully as we all came into the Hall this morning.


This week we celebrated achievement and effort in Drama this week. Please join me in congratulating:


Year 1: Gaia Poltronieri, Philippa Marwood, Adam Chan, Luke Fisher, Rebecca Deasy

Year 2: Hugo Cardonnel, Sarah Bai, Noah Reid, Audrey Todd, Isaac Fung

Year 3: Naomi Khaira, Tawfiq Kamhawi, Ian Boschini, Hubert Lau, Lucas Vandeweghe

Year 4: Tom Incledon, Baron Wong, Anthony Tjia, Soleil Chan, Kaniya Shiu

Year 5: Frida Bratsberg, Carrie Stevenson, Martha Surgenor, Sam Hellyer

Year 6: Sydney Peters, Johnson Zhang, Sunny Donat

Year 7: Isaac Voon, Savannah Berry

Year 8: Sebastian Mak, Kayci Qi


In Primary assembly, Mr Ford's IB class shared with their fellow Primary students the history of the Olympic Games, including how they started and an introduction to some famous Olympiad sportsmen and women.  Thank you to Mr. Ford, Ms. Kaur and all of 1B! 



In both the Primary and Secondary assemblies, Global Campus Lead Mr. Robinson reminded everyone that Global Campus activities continue throughout the summer holidays. One project is the Global Campus Photographer of the Year, which, this year, has "Nature" as its theme. There are four age groups: Lower Primary (5-7 yrs old), Upper Primary (7-11 yrs old), Lower Secondary (11-14 yrs old) and Upper Secondary (14-16 yrs old).


The competition is open now and closes on Monday 19 September. Find out more details by going onto Global Campus and get clicking! 


In addition, our Year 9s will have the Global Campus Worldwide trip to Tanzania to look forward to next year. The NAE Tanzania Expedition combines a highly rewarding programme of charitable work, together with a two day educational Safari through the Tarangire National Park. Find out more by logging into Global Campus. 


A final reminder that, if you are leaving before the end of term, please let your class teacher and bus team know.